(Part: 17) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage

Part : 17 The Hot Rain Romance

Musu didn’t let Sid kiss his wife in the party and while coming back home too, she was with them in their car. She was making Sid crazy and angry for the first time.

As they stepped inside their room, Sid pinned Sana’s hand against the wall and captured her lips after locking the door. He didn’t waste a single second because he was afraid that Muskan could come again to disturb their romance. He cupped her face after leaving her hands which he was holding above her head. As he left her hands, they went into his hair. He was tasting each and every corner of her mouth and kissing her lips like there was no tomorrow. It was completely a dominating kiss. He was kissing her and she was letting him kiss her. She was completely lost in him. His hands started going down and stopped on her favourite assets which were her twins. He squeezed them together making her moan in his mouth.

“You drive me crazy, angel.” He whispered after breaking the kiss. She was breathing heavily and her twins were raising up and down. Both were looking into each other eyes passionately.

“So, finally you got what you wanted?” She asked, wrapping her arms around his neck after catching her breath back.

“Not yet angel.” He pulled her closer to himself after grabbing her bare waist. Their front body collided with each other making their body burn with the desires.

“Can you feel it ?” He asked pressing her waist and she looked down shyly because she knew what he was asking. He was asking about his hard junior which was against her waist.

“You are doing this to me, angel. I need you very badly. Do I have permission?” He pulled her chin up, holding it with his thumb and index finger. She looked at him shyly, she was blushing hard.

“You never have to ask, Sid? I am all yours. You can kiss me whenever you want and you can love me whenever you want. This shehnaaz is completely of Sidharth.” Sid smiled listening to her reply and both were looking in each other eyes intensely.

It suddenly started raining and the voice of rain brought them back on the earth.

“Come, let’s get wet in the rain!” She exclaimed like an excited kid and he was shocked seeing her excited for the rain. A month back, she was the girl who didn’t want to go out because it was raining, the girl who hated rain so much.

“You don’t hate rain ?” He asked in utter shock.

“I love rain from childhood, Sid. I started hating rain because of Arjun, but now he doesn’t matter to me and not even his memories. I want to make new memories with the rain which will be beautiful because you will be in those memories.” She said happily entwining her hand with him. He was smiling seeing the changed Sana.

“I am so happy to see you like this, angel. I can see that you have completely come out of your past. I am so happy.” Sid said joyfully hugging her tightly. She hugged him back, having a smile on her face.

“All credits goes to you, Sid. It was impossible without you. You gave me the hope of happiness and a beautiful life. You took me out from the darkness and made me again introduce with the light. You filled my life with the colours. I love you so much.” She kissed his hand after confession the love. He was smiling looking at her.

“I love you more, Angel.” He said after kissing her forehead.

“Now, it’s time to create new memories.” She led him outside of the room holding his hand. They reached to the swimming pool area. The rain started making them wet. Sana stood in front of him opening her arms and closing her eyes. She was letting go all of her worst memories and pain of the past with the rain.

Sid was gazing at her without blinking his eyes. She was looking super hot. First, she was wearing the saree and second that saree got completely wet which was making her look hotter. All the curves of her body became clearly visible. His body was burning with the desire.

He went closer to her and pulled her toward himself grabbing her bare waist. Sana instantly opened her eyes. They looked into each other eyes passionately.

“I want to suck each and every droplet of water from your body.” He whispered huskily pressing their bodies. Sana was breathing heavily because of their proximity.

“Who is stopping you, go ahead.” She permitted him, encircling her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to herself. He chuckled softly seeing the bold move of his shy baby.

He leaned down and attacked toward her neck. He started kissing, sucking and nibbling her neck making her moan in pleasure. His hands were moving all over her body shamelessly and her hands were in his hairs.

He was kissing her collar bone and his hand unpinned the saree pallu making it fall down on the floor. He pulled down the blouse from her shoulder and started kissing and sucking water droplets from her shoulder. She was clenching and pulling his hair while moaning with the pleasure. He was driving her crazy. His hands went at her back. He opened the Dori and hook of her blouse. He caressed her bareback while kissing her shoulder.

He moved away from her to remove her blouse. Sana was blushing when he was looking at her twins having desires in his eyes. He was making her crazy with his looks only and she was making her crazy with her hotness. He was becoming hard with each passing second. Her twins were already attractive and the water droplets of rain falling on them making them more attractive.

“You are really beautiful, angel.” He spoke looking at her and then again looked back at her twins. She blushed more looking down.

“Can I eat them, angel?” He asked before grabbing them and squeezing them together.

“Yes,” she moaned closing her eyes.

“Look into my eyes and ask me nicely to eat them, angel,” He commanded, removing his hands. He was smirking looking at her. He was showing his naughty side to her. She instantly opened her eyes to look at him.

“Say, it angel, what do you want ?” He asked raising his eyebrows and stood wrapping his arms around his chest. He was having a smirk on his face.

“I want you to suck them, Sid.” She stammered and after completing the sentence, she hid her face with her palms shyly. He chuckled seeing her.

“I just can’t wait more to take them in my mouth.” He leaned down and started sucking the water droplet from one of her twins while playing with another one. Sana was moaning and getting weak on her knees. She was standing straight putting her hands on his shoulder. She was digging her nails into his shoulder. He was taking her in heaven with pleasure.

“I just need you right now, Angel.” He suddenly spoke looking at her and put her hand on his hard junior telling her indirectly that what she was doing to him.

“ I also need you, Sid. I want to feel you inside me.” She whispered while opening the button of his trousers. Both were looking at each other having desires in their eyes.

Next moment, he picked her up in his arms and strolled into the room. They both were looking into each other eyes deeply. Their eyes were filled with love and desires. He laid her down on the bed comfortably.

“Give me a minute, angel.” He said after kissing her forehead and she nodded her head in response.

He took out a packet of condom from the drawer and kept on the bed. Standing in front of her, he started removing his clothes one by one. She was blushing hard, looking at him. Her eyes widened seeing her long and hard junior. After wearing the condom over it, he came above her.

He started pulling the petticoat of her saree down her legs with her inner-wear while gazing at her passionately. She was blushing looking at him. After removing it, he threw it in the corner of the room. He rubbed his junior on the inner thigh to make her ready. She closed her eyes, flexed her hips and herself moved up in response. He smirked seeing her desperation.

“Angel, I love you.” He entwined his hand with her and confessed after pinning them against the mattress.

“I love you more, Sid .” She also confessed after opening her eyes.

“Open your legs, Angel.” She followed his order and opened her legs wider. He was easing into her slowly making her scream loudly, completing her and stretching her. She was digging her nails in his hands. He entered inside her completely and gave her time to adjust his size. He started moving inside her slowly first then quickened the speed.

After a few minutes, he was thrusting her hard and fast. Her legs were wrapped around hips, hands around his neck and her nails were scratching her back. The room was filled with their moans and groans. They went in heaven. At last, they climax together confessing love to each other. He lay down beside her and pulled her into his warm arms. He covered their bodies with the white duvet.

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Love Mehak

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