Our Angel (Part : 13)

The next morning, Manan woke in each other arms. Nandini was in her hubby’s shirt like always. Manik was bare-chested. Angel was sleeping peacefully in the crib wrapped in the pink soft sheet and wearing the cute cap, on which it was written, Angel.

Manik kissed his baby’s lips softly, pouring all his love.

“Good morning, my baby.” He wished her after breaking the kiss.

“Good morning, hubby.” She wished him back, smiling at him cheerfully.

They sat up, leaning against the backrest. She checked Angel’s nappy and picked her up. She kissed her forehead before giving her to him.

He cradled her tenderly in his arms and smiled blissfully, gazing at his angel. “Haye, my Angel, I feel like to keep staring at you all day.”

“Last night, Angel didn’t disturb us. I just wake up to feed her two times and to change her nappy.” She told him, caressing Angel’s forehead.

“You know, sometimes I still feel so guilty wondering about the day when I had asked you to abort her. If you hadn’t fought for her, I, we would have,” he paused, he experienced a sharp pang of guilt. “lost her.” He swept his eyes from Angel to his baby, his lips were drawn down. He was feeling guilty for thinking about killing her daughter in past and the guilt was clearly visible in his eyes.

“Hubby, you were thinking about me at that time. Now everything is fine, Angel is with us. Please, don’t feel guilty or else Angel and I, we both will become sad.” She made a cute sad pout. “Do you want this?” As she asked, he instantly nodded his head.

“I’m just blessed to have you, baby. I’m sorry, but I didn’t think that you would handle our daughter so perfectly.”

“Don’t be sorry, hubby. I can understand why you doubted me because I still behave like baby, but you know Angel is making me mature. The way you take care of me, I want to take care of our angel like that. I want to protect her, pamper her and give my all love to her.” He was just smiling, gazing at her. He knew Angel was making his baby mature and responsible. He was a bit upset too because he would miss his old baby, but that what life is, responsibility and time make people mature.

“But I’ll miss my baby Nandu.” He uttered sadly.

She chuckled. “Don’t worry, I will always remain your baby.” She kissed his cheek, he smiled broadly.

“Only my baby.” he tucked her hairs behind her ears nicely and kissed her forehead.

Angel started crying, moving her hands and legs in her father’s arms. She was trying to get milk from her father chest and sucking her hands, making the sound. She was looking so adorable. She didn’t know that she would get milk from her mother only, but still, she was trying to get it. They both smiled at her.

“Oh, our chotu baby is so hungry. Hubby, give her to me, I’ll feed her.” She held out her hands in front of him, asking for Angel.

“I wish, I could also feed my angel.” He pouted sadly, giving angel to her mother.

“Hubby, you’re becoming cuter.” She chuckled softly, cradling her Princess.

It was getting difficult for her to open her shirt buttons, holding angel, Manik noticed this. “Wait, let me help you.” He opened first few buttons from the top, she smiled at him. Angel was now busy sucking her thumb. She was moving her legs, getting restless to get the milk.

She widened her eyes in shock as suddenly he slid his hands into her shirt from the top. She moaned as he pressed her twins. “Very naughty, hubby. Angel is hungry here and you’re turning me on.” She complained, he chuckled, taking out his hands.

She started feeding angel, glaring at her hubby. “Oh so cute, my baby.” He pulled her cheeks. She pouted angrily at him.

“You know, today I’m going to show you Angel’s room.” As he uttered, her eyes shimmed with the excitement and her lips curved up into a smile. Within a second, her hubby changed her mood and brought a huge smile on her face.

“Is it ready?” She asked in excitement.

He smiled broadly, seeing his baby who is going crazy with the excitement. “Yes, and you gonna love it.”

“I want to see the room now.”

“You feed angel first, then we’ll go.” She nodded her head.

“Angel, are you excited to see your room? Mumma is so much excited.” She leaned down and kissed her hair. He smiled at them.

He held her ankle gently and placed a soft kiss over the ball of her tiny foot.

After feeding Angel, Manik took Nandini to the angel’s room which was attached with their room. Angel was in her mother’s arms. She was making sounds, moving her legs while staring around with her tiny eyes like she was also excited to see her room.

As they stepped into the room, Nandini widened her eyes in amazement, seeing the beautiful room. Everything was pink and white in the room from wall to the flooring. In the middle, there was a Princess Crib, on the wall, it was written Angel with her solo photos and with manan too. There was a baby rocking chair, play-mat, her cupboard with so many clothes and accessories, a big shelf of her toys and small bed so that Manan could lie down with their angel in her room only. There was everything available in the room for Angel.

“Wow, hubby, the room is so beautiful. I like it a lot!” She exclaimed excitedly, turning her face to him. Her eyes were shimmering with happiness. He was just smiling seeing his baby.

“Look, angel, your room. Do you like it? Mumma loves it. You daddy is best.” She made angel also look at the room. She gave a cute smile all of sudden, her parents were overwhelmed after seeing her pretty smile.

“Hubby, she smiled.” She squealed with excitement, looking at him. “Her smile is so cute. Mumma loves your smile a lot, Angel. You’re the happiness of our life.” She kissed her forehead and angel slept peacefully, resting her hands over her chest.

“Papa also loves your smile a lot, Angel.” He caressed her hair gently, gazing at her cute face.

“Now let me make her sleep in her new crib.” She placed her in the crib gently and carefully, keeping the teddy with her.

“Hubby, give me the phone. I want to click her photos.” She excitedly asked for the phone.

“You stand with her. I’ll click both of your photos.” He said, taking out the phone from his pocket.

“Great Idea, but who would click your photos with us?” She asked.

“I’ve called a photograph for our shoot tomorrow and don’t worry we’ll click selfies today.”

“Wow,” she clapped her hands and then posed for the perfect photo. She stood with the crib and gaze at her Princess, he clicked the photo. Then she asked him to click selfies of all of them. After the photo session, they were gazing at their Princess, their eyes were filled with immense love. She was sleeping with O shape mouth, touching her face with both hands like she was giving the pose for the photo, she was looking super cute. Manan were feeling like to eat her up. They were so blessed to have her. She completed them and brought lots of happiness in their life. She is a precious gift of god for them.

“Hubby, when do you have to go to the office?” She asked her hubby when they were strolling out of Angel’s room. She was in her father’s arms, sleeping peacefully.

He looked at her confusingly with her sudden question. “I have a meeting after four hours. I’ll leave in three hours.” He answered her. “Why are you asking?”

“I just want to spend more time with you.” As she answered, both chuckled.

“My all-time is yours.” As he kissed Nandini’s forehead, Angel cried like she was asking her father what about her.

“Correction, my all-time is yours and Angel.” He uttered, rocking Angel gently in his arms. He leaned down and kissed her forehead. She calmed down and smiled. Manan laughed, seeing her cute antics.

After having bath and breakfast, Manik left for the meeting. In the evening, Mukti and Nandini were sitting in the hall with Angel and Arjun. Mukti’s friends came up to her son. They were playing with Arjun. They wanted to hold Angel too, but Nandini denied, she asked them to sensitise their hands first.

“Handle her carefully.” She gave Angel to one of Mukti’s friend, worrying about her. “Be gentle, you’re rocking her too fast, she’s so small.”

“Relax, Sweetie, they know how to handle kids,” Mukti assured her, she nodded her head, gazing at her Angel concernedly who she was getting restless to come in her mother’s arms. She was turning her head and moving her legs and hands.

Angel started crying the next moment. Nandini asked them to give Angel back, but they were trying to calm her down by rocking her. That time only, Manik came back from office. He fumed in anger, seeing his Angel crying in someone else’s arms. He marched toward them and took Angel from Mukti’s friend carefully without saying anything.

He cradled her close to his heart and Angel instantly calmed down in her father’s warm arms, listening to his soothing heartbeat. He stormed to his room after glaring at everybody. Nandini rushed behind him.

He placed Angel in the crib gently and turned toward Nandini who was standing behind him. “Why did you give Angel to them when you know she becomes cranky after coming in somebody’s arms except us?” He rebuked in furry.

She opened her mouth to say but he didn’t let her speak. “Didn’t you see how they were handling her? They were eating there and held her with their dirty hands. How can you be so careless?” He fuming in uncontrollable anger. He’s becoming overprotective for his daughter too after his wife.

“Hubby, relax.” She placed her hands over her shoulders and squeezed them to calm him down. He closed his eyes and exhaled deeply.

As he opened his eyes after composing himself, she explained him. “I sensitised their hands before giving Angel to them. I was worried too about Angel, but,” he shushed her, placing his finger over her lips.

“You don’t need to explain anything.” He removed his finger from her lips. “I’m sorry, baby. I shouldn’t have called you careless. I just lost my mind seeing Angel crying.” He clasped her face. “I’m sorry.”

She smiled. “It’s okay, hubby, I can understand.” She blinked her eyes because she very well knew about his overprotective behaviour.

“I love you so much, baby.” He leaned and placed a kiss on her forehead, cupping her face.

“I love you more, hubby.” She hugged him tightly, encircling her arms around his neck.

He wrapped his arms her waist family and slightly lifted up her legs from the floor. “You mean the whole world to me, baby.”

Then they heard Angel’s cry and burst into laughter because she always cried whenever her parents forgot about her. She was crying in her soft voice, moving her legs and hands in the crib. She was wearing a pink frock.

He picked her up and cradled gently before rocking her. “I’m sorry, Angel. You also mean the whole world to me.” She stared at her father and made O shape mouth. “My cutie pie Angel.” He kissed her chubby cheeks. Nandini gazed at them lovingly. She loved to see them. She was their little bundle of joy and a blessing of God.

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Love Mehak


  1. Hello Mehak….Till Now I Have Read More Than 150 Stories Of Manan On Wattpad. But Only Few Left Their Imprints On Me..Urs Story Is One Of Them…I Recently Started Reading ‘Mine’ nd It was Amaing. .I Thoroughly Loved It. And Now Reading ‘Our Angel’ here. There are many stories On Wattpad Which Afterwards get Post On Some Website Made By the Author And I Never got That Much Convinced That i should Go on that Specific site To Continue Reading That story..But I Cant Resist Reading This. Eagerly Waiting For The Next Update.!!! Wishing U Lots Of Luck For Future..Keep Writing.
    P.S. Also This is My First Ever Comment On Wattpad Stories.❤


  2. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Whole part was soo cute filled with love and only love there love for each other and there protectiveness for there angel and angel ka rona when her parents forget to mention her or when she felt ignored hehe…
    Aww angel ke daddy ne uske liye ketna acha room tyaar karvaya taking care of each and every thing his baby love should not miss anything and she should get every possible thing…
    Hayee possessive manik for his angel he cant see tears in his baby loves eyes…

    Liked by 1 person

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