(Part: 23) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage

Part : 23 Love Conquer All Pain

Sid was sitting beside unconscious Sana, holding her hand near to his heart. Tears were falling down from his eyes nonstop, his heart was crying inside. He couldn’t see his angel in pain.

The whole family was presented in the room and waiting for the doctor to come. Mukti was with Muskan in her room. Everybody was tensed for Sana and they were shocked also to see the condition of the room. They weren’t aware of Sana’s past. Lots of question were going in their mind but didn’t want to tense Sid more by questioning him.

Ram was also crying silently sitting on the other side of Sana. Before he was thinking the same that his daughter had moved on with Sid but again seeing her in the same condition, the condition in which, he had been seeing her since a long time, it was heartbreaking. He wanted to see his daughter happy now.

“She will be fine, relax.” Mahi put her hand on Sid’s shoulder and tried to console him.

“I want to kill that bastard. Sana has been suffering so much for many years because of him.” Sid growled looking straight. His eyes became red in fury.

“Who ?” Jay asked confusingly, he was standing beside Mahi.

“Sana’s ex-boyfriend,” Sid told everybody. Before anybody could ask more questions, Cabir walked into the room with the doctor.

“Uncle, see her, I, I don’t know, how, how she fainted down suddenly. She was hell scared because of a bad dream.”Sid looked at the doctor and stuttered, he was hell worried for his angel.

“Sid, relax. Let me check her first.” The doctor tried to calm him down putting his hand on his shoulder. Sid nodded his head and got up after placing her hand carefully beside her.

“Is she taking some kind of stress ?”Doctor asked while checking her BP and pulse rate.

“Actually doctor, she gets anxiety attacks from many years because something had happened with her in past. She was in depression, but she was fine, in fact, she herself has stopped taking the antidepressants and she was saying to me that she is fine now. I don’t know, why this is happening with her if she is fine.” Sid was hell worried for her. Tears were continuously trickling down his cheeks.

Everybody was shocked knowing that Sana was in depression.

“Did she take antidepressants on a regular basis ?” Doctor asked looking at Sid.

“I don’t, don’t know about this.” Sid shook his head.

“She, she used to take them, on a regular basis. The doctor had asked her to take those pills because her condition was getting worse.” Ram told the doctor sadly and he looked at him confusingly because he didn’t know that who was Ram.

“Uncle, he is Sana’s father,” Sid told him.

“I think, this happened with her because she stopped taking those pills abruptly. Her mind and body are addicted to those pills. She stopped taking those pills abruptly and that’s why this is disturbing her mind. But I am not sure about this. First, I need to talk to her and then only I can say something with surety. Bring her to my clinic tomorrow.” The doctor told them after checking Sana completely and then he gave an injection to her.

“When she will wake up ?” Sid asked worriedly from the doctor while his eyes were looking at his angel concernedly.

“Relax, Sid. She will wake up in two-three hours. I have given her the injection to relax her mind. Don’t worry, she will be fine.”Sid nodded his head slightly on the doctor’s assurance.

Then Doctor left and everybody went to their respective rooms having lots of question in their mind.


Sid was sitting at the bar counter. He was upset seeing Sana’s condition. He was drinking to relax his mind. Jay was passing from there and his eyes fell on him. He walked towards him. Sid raised his face to look at him.

“Can I accompany you in drinking ?” He asked before sitting beside him. Sid nodded his head and filled a glass of scotch for him too.

“Sana will be fine, Sid. Who can understand her condition better than me? It takes so many years to trust someone completely after getting betrayed by your first love. Six years back, I was in depression, do you remember?” Jay asked from Sid.

“Because your girlfriend cheated on you, I remember.” Sid nodded his head positively.

“You know, I had stopped believing in love. I took so many years to come out from the trauma. You won’t believe, I had doubted Mahi for up to one year that she would also cheat me. But she, with her love, cleared my all doubt. Now, I trust her blindly. I just want to say that Sid, Sana will take time to be healed completely. You don’t have to do anything, just keep showering her with your love and she will be fine.”Jay explained her putting a hand on his shoulder.

“I just can’t see her in this condition. It hurts.” Sid spoke staring the glass of scotch dejectedly.

“You have to be strong for her and she will be fine, Sid, you are thinking too much. Trust me, the way you love her, she will forget her past completely very soon. Love conquers all the pain.”

“You are right, love will heal her completely one day.” Sid smiled slightly.


After two hours, Sana got her conscious back. Sid was sitting on the bed with the support of the pillow, holding her hand. She looked at him and he smiled at her. He helped her in sitting beside him.

“How are you feeling now?” He asked concernedly, putting his hand on her face.

“Better” she replied him, putting her hand on his hand which was on her face. “I worried you a lot, right ?”

“I don’t know after that dream, what happened to me? My mind was not in my control. I was only thinking negativity. I knew, in this room, there are no antidepressants but still, I was finding the pills. Sid, you are with me, I am happy, then why this is again happening to me ?” She asked dishearteningly. She got tired of all this. She herself wanted to live happily without any fear.

“Angel, healing takes time. Please , don’t think so much. Again you are thinking about the things which are making you worried. Think about us and our future.” Sid made her looked at himself cupping her face.

“I am scared to lose you, Sid.” She hugged him tightly wrapping her arms around his neck and burying her face in his chest. He hugged her back tighter.

“I will never leave you, angel, never. I really love you. You are my world.” He whispered in her ear and she snuggled in his arms. She was feeling better in his arms. She was feeling secured.

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