(Part : 2) Master And His Princess

We’re going to college, I’m driving the car and the most beautiful girl in the world, my Princess is sitting beside me. It is so difficult to concentrate on the road when she’s sitting beside me. Whatever she wears, she looks so beautiful and attractive in it. I can’t take my eyes off her.

I shifted my gaze from the road to her for a few seconds, she gave me a lovely smile. I held her hand and concentrated back on the road. I took her hand near to my lips, holding the steering from my other hand, my gaze is fixed at the road. I placed a kissed on her knuckles and glanced at her.

She smiled blissfully and rested her head over my shoulder. “Concentrate on the road, My hottie Boyfriend.” She whispered in my ear and placed a kiss over my cheek, I smiled gleefully.

“How can I concentrate on the road when such a gorgeous girl is sitting beside me?” I asked, glancing at her for a second and then moved my eyes back on the road.

Really driving the car is not an easy job with my Princess.

“You’re irresistible, Princess.” As I uttered, looking at her, she flushed, moving her eyelashes down. She drives me crazy with her every expression.

Thankfully the college came and I parked my car in the parking area. I clasped her face and kissed her lips softly, she kissed me back, keeping her hands on my neck.

“I love you, Princess,” I whispered as we broke the kiss. We’re panting, gazing at each other intensely.

“I love you more.” She pecked my lips, we beamed ear to ear. I kissed her forehead before walking out of the car.

We stepped into the college together hand in hand smilingly. We don’t care how many eyes are looking at us. The only thing which matters to us is that we love each other.

She went to the washroom and I reached H.O.D. room to collect assignments for the class.

I stepped into the classroom, my eyes searching for my Princess. I smiled at her, she’s sitting at the last desk with Anu. She gave me a flying kiss, Anu chuckled, I shook my head. The difficult task of my life is to teach the class when she’s presented there. I can’t take off my eyes from her, she makes me forget everything. She hypnotises me through her bewitching black eyes.

I asked one of the students to distribute the assignments to all the students. Now everybody will do the assignments and I’ll admire my Princess.

“You have to complete the assignments until tomorrow. I’m also giving this lecturer to complete it.” I settled down on my chair after instructing the students.

My Princess: Great move, my hottie Professor.

I smiled after reading her message. Talking to her and stealing glances during the class is also fun.

Me: Do you know what you’re doing to me at this moment, Princess?

My Princess: What?

Me: You are looking damn sexy in the off-shoulder top. I’m feeling like to send all the students out of the class and thrust into you after bending you down over the table.

I smirked at her after sending the message. She moved her eyes down to read the message. She sexily bit her lower lip after reading the message. Oh fuck, now I badly want to kiss her lips right now. Why she bites her lip in the class? I’ve to do something so that she’ll never do this.

My Princess: You’re turning me on.

I chuckled after reading her message.

Me: You’re too turning me on by biting your lower lip.

My Princess: I want to spend time with you. You can do anything, can’t you cancel this lecture?

Me: Are you challenging me, Princess?

We glanced at each other, beaming.

My Princess: Yup, I want to see your power.

Me: Challenge accepted, Princess.

I stood up and went outside to talk to the head of the department, Mrs Shilpa Singh. I called her and said, “I’m not well so I want to take off.”

I’m taking no salary from college because I’m here on the request of the head of the college, he’s my friend. He wanted to pay me but I denied. So everyone follows my order and respects me here, nobody denies me. Mrs Singh asked me to send the students to the auditorium for this lecture. She made my work easier, now I can spend time with my Princess in the classroom only.

I strolled into the classroom, smirking at her. She’s looking at me bemusedly, narrowing her brows.

“I got a call from the head of the department, you all have to go to auditorium now.” As I announced to the class, she stared at me incredulously. Students started leaving the classroom.

My Princess: I was just kidding, You really cancelled the lecture, how?

Me: I can do anything, Princess. Don’t you know me?

My Princess: You’re unbelievable and I love you so much.

I smiled after reading her message.

Me: Now you be seated where you’re sitting and let all students go.

My Princess: Okay, Master.

I glanced at her, she winked at me. I love her a lot. She’s so different and full of life.

Anu walked out of the room after smiling at me. I shut the door close and locked it. My lips curved into a broad smile as I felt her warm arms around me. I held her hand and kissed the knuckles before turning toward her.

We beamed at each other. “You wanted to spend time with me, so now I’m all yours, Princess.” I tucked a few hair strands behind her ear.

She smiled gleefully at me. “You’re the best, I love you so much.” She hugged me, throwing her arms around my neck. I wrapped my arms around her and slightly lifted her up from the floor.

“I love you more, Princess and I can do anything for your happiness,” I confessed, hugging her tighter and pulling her closer to myself.

As we broke the hug, I pinned her hands above her head against the wall and slammed her lips. Fuck, her lips are so delicious, I can’t get over them. Every time as we break the kiss, I crave to taste them again. She’s really becoming my addiction. I ground my crotch against her while making her breathless with the passionate kiss. I’m exploring every corner of her mouth with my tongue. I bit her lower lip and stretched it, and I again sucked her juicy lips hungrily. As I left her hands, she wrapped her arms around my neck and her hands went into my hair. I slid my hands into her top and yanked her to myself after grasping her bare waist. I broke the kiss and trailed kisses down her neck to her bare shoulder. Oh god, she’s irresistible, my drug, my everything.

“I need you badly.” She whispered as I gazed at her.

I smirked. “No, you won’t get me today.” I denied it.

She raised her brows in shock and asked, “Why?”

“Because this your punishment,” I answered, stroking her cheeks with my thumbs.

“Punishment? Why?” She narrowed her brows in confusion.

“Because you bite your lips and turns me on during the class.” She cried like a baby as I told her the reason for punishment.

“That’s not fair, you also turn me on by sending me those messages.” She rebuked, I chuckled. The way she’s complaining, she’s super cute. I love everything about my Princess.

“Who is the Master here?” I smirked.

“You,” she pouted sadly.

“Aww, my baby so cute.” I pulled her cheeks and pecked her lips.

“I know why are you punishing me, you want to give me rest. You always do like this. Right?” I raised my brows in surprise, she knows me very well. Yes, the main reason for punishing her is this only and she caught me. I know we crave for each other every second, but how can I forget about my Princess, she needs some rest too. She’ll never accept, but I know she needs. If I don’t take care of my Princess, then who will take care of her.

“Yes, but don’t bite your lips. Don’t give me reasons to punish you.” I brushed her lower lip, gazing at her.

“I’m sure, even if I don’t give you any reason, I know you must find the reason to punish me to give me rest.” She uttered confidently.

“You know me so well. I love you, Princess.” I kissed her forehead, promising her that I’ll always take care of her.

“I love you more.” She confessed, resting her head over my chest. I embraced my world in my arms.

After some time, we’re down on the floor. She is sitting, leaning against the wall and I’m lying on the floor, my head is placed on her lap, my favourite pillow. She’s caressing my hair, I’m loving this. We’re talking about those days when I was her Mr Stranger.

“Tomorrow is mom’s birthday.” Suddenly she told me, I widened my eyes in shock. I didn’t know this.

“And you’re telling me now. Why didn’t you tell me before?” I freaked out.

“What to do? It is your fault, after seeing you, I forgot everything.” We both chuckled. She’s absolutely right, we forget everything after looking at each other. This is some kind of magic, the magic of love.

“But now I want to concentrate on mom’s birthday. I want to make it very special. After all, it is her first birthday with me. Don’t distract me.” I warned her.

“I won’t, promise.” She leaned down and placed a kiss on the forehead. We beamed ear to ear.

I really want to make her birthday special because she’s very special to me. She has completed my incomplete life. She is completely like my birth-mother, she loves me like I’m her real son. I love her a lot and I can do anything for her happiness. Now I’m wondering what I should do to make her birthday special.

Don’t forget to leave your precious comments.

What do you think, how gonna he makes his mom’s birthday special.

Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Day by day manan ka pyaar ek dusre ke lite baadta he ja raha hai there romance in the car was so cute more than hot…
    Nandu never learns from her mistakes she knows never to challenge manik but still she does and manik being manik always proves her wrong by completing that dare..
    Aab nandu ke mom ke bday aya hai manik will defienetly do something special…


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