(Part: 30) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage

Part : 30 Let’s do something Kinky

Sidnaaz had dinner in their room. After that Sana went to bring something, asking him to wait for a moment.

She came back with a strip of cloth. “Today, I’m gonna blindfold you.”

Sid smirked, getting up from the sofa. The evil smile on his face confused her.

“Are you planning to do some kinky stuffs?” He asked, strolling toward her, smiling wickedly.

“What do you mean ?” She asked innocently, having no clue that what kinky stuff, he was talking about.

“What do I mean, I will tell you later on but before that, you tell me, Why are you blindfolding me ?” He asked raising his eyebrows, taking the blindfold from her hand.

“I have a surprise for you and for that, you have to tie it around your head.” She told him and her eyes glinted with excitement. Sid made O shape mouth.

“So tie it and wait for me.” She instructed him and he complied.

“When I have to open it ?”He asked after tying it around his head.

“When I ask you to open it.” She answered and he nodded his head.


Sid was waiting for her from ten minutes and now he was going crazy. “How much more time will you take, Angel ?” He was asking this question from her after every two minutes but in response, he wasn’t getting any answer. The wait was making him desperate.

Finally, after long fifteen minutes, he heard the sound of her footsteps which were approaching toward him. He could feel her, standing close to him.

“Now, you can open it, Mr Shukla.” He heard her whisper near his lips. He moved his hand to hold her but she moved away from him before his hands could touch her.

He hastily removed the blindfold from his eyes. His jaw dropped down in amazement. He felt like his heart skipped beating for a moment seeing his wife who was looking extremely hot in red, strapless, dress, reaching up to her knees. Her cleavage was clearly visible because the cut was deep from the front. Every curve of her body was visible utterly because the dress was body fitted.

She was standing a few steps away from him, keeping her hand on her waist. Her hair was behind her back. He was eating her body through his eyes.

He sauntered toward her, having a smirk on his face. “Are you planning to kill me with your hotness, Angel?” He asked after reaching in front of her. She flushed and her eyelashes moved down.

“I’m not going to leave you, today. I’m gonna make you scream my name whole night that you will just remember my name.” He leaned down and whispered coming close to her lips. He snaked his one arm around her waist and yanked her to himself swiftly.

“You know, what I’m going to do today?” He asked raising his eyebrows. She kept looking at him silently.

“Today, I’m gonna tie this around your head.” He muttered showing her the blindfold which he was holding with his free hand. “and after that, I will explore each and every part of your body. Even, I’m gonna tie your hand also.” Her eyes shoot up in a shock and he was smiling wickedly.

She was having mixed emotions, his words made her sexually excited and also little scared because this was new for her.

“Are you really going to do this?” She instantly asked.

“Yes, I will.” He nodded his head. “ I mean, I want to do this. I want to try everything with you but not without your permission. So, do you want to try this ?” He stopped teasing her and the old, caring and gentleman, Sid was back.

“I don’t know but I don’t have any problem to try this. I mean, I can’t say anything before trying it.” She spoke after a few minutes of silence and answered him yes indirectly.

“So, shall I take your answer as yes ?”She shyly nodded her head, looking at him and then flushed and her eyelashes moved down. He was smiling at her excitedly.

He left her waist and went behind her after kissing her forehead. “If you feel uncomfortable, then just say no and I’ll stop there.” He muttered, placing the blindfold over her eyes and tied it around her head.

“I will try my best to make your this night most memorable, the night which you will never able to forget.” He leaned down and whispered in her ear from behind. Her heart started beating rapidly and her breath became heavy.

He gently placed her hair over one side of her shoulder. “Now, I’m going to free you from this sexy dress.” He whispered in her ear, slowly pulling down the zip of her dress. The dress fell down as he opened the zip completely. He helped her to step out of her dress. He came in front of her and admired her wife who was looking sexy. She was standing only in her lower innerwear and a black piece of cloth which was tied around her head, making her look more tempting. She was hypnotising him with her sexy body.

He gently picked her into his arms and led her toward the bed. “Are you comfortable, Angel?” He asked after placing her on the bed.

“I don’t know,” she paused. “ but this is making me excited.” She whispered and flushed. He grinned, looking at her.

He went to take out handcuffs from his bag while her excitement was increasing with every passing second. He came back within two-three minutes which were like one hour for her. The thing was, she had no idea that what he was doing and this was making her even more excited. He put the handcuffs beside her. It was two pair of pink feather handcuffs.

He crawled on the bed and straddled her. He squeezed her twins together, making her moan. “Hands above your head, Angel.” She blushed hard and complied. He smirked and hands cuffed her both hand with the headboard.

“I think, you are liking this.” he presumed cheerfully while she remained quiet. She was just breathing heavily and waiting for him to touch every inch of her body. She was feeling like her body is craving for his touch.

“You gonna love this, Angel.” He climbed down from the bed and went to bring something, leaving her behind in confusion. Already she was going crazy with the excitement and his words was increasing her desire more. She was just thinking that what he would do.

He came back with the bowl and placed it beside her. He looked at her, having a salacious smile on his face. He came above her, her knees were against her waist.

“Are you ready for the fun, Angel?” He asked, coming close to her lips. She instantly nodded her head, making him smirk. After kissing her lips, he took one ice cube from the bowl. He held it in between his lips and directly touched it on her hard nipple. She shivered as the ice cube came in contact with her skin and moaned softly. She felt good. He took the ice to her another nipple, then to her waist. He pulled her undies down her legs with his hands.

He left the ice cube on her waist and smiled wickedly looking at her. “You are so wet, Angel. I think you are enjoying this a lot.” He whispered, placing his hand on her inner thigh. She closed her legs, as his hand touched her there.

“I think, I should have tied your legs too.” He held her thigh and opened her legs.

“I need you, Sid.” She whispered while he picked up another ice cube from the bowl.

“Try to keep your legs still, Angel, because it’s going to be very hard for you.” He told her before taking the ice cube in his mouth. He held her thigh with his hands and directly touched the ice on her clit , making her moan. He started moving it round and round, she jerked her head and stretched her tied hands, clenching her fist. She was feeling extremely good with pleasure. Her body was burning with the desire. She had never felt so good before.

After that, he came above her to kiss her lips. She craved more and shivered as his cold lips came in contact with her lips. She pulled her face upward to kiss him back, stretching her arms. He grinned and kissed her passionately, grasping her hair. Their fronts were in contact and he was moving back and forth, making her crazier.

“Please, I need it, you, Sid.” As he broke the kiss, she begged.

“What do you want, baby?” He asked just to tease her.

“You,” she moaned as he squeezed her twins and bit her neck.

“What ?” He again asked, looking at her.

“Sid, stop it, please.” She cried out getting irritated with his sweet torture.

He got up from the bed to remove his clothes. “I’m using the condom, tonight.” He told her while wearing the condom. He was drinking her body with his eyes. She just couldn’t wait to feel him inside her. He crawled over her and freed her hands. As he did this, she instantly encircled her arms around his neck. She raised her head and kissed him deeply while her fingers went into his hair. She was feeling his erection on her stomach.

“My desperate, Angel.” She flushed and he kissed her forehead after murmuring “I love you.”

“Do you remember, I’m going to make you scream to the loudest, today? I will bring you to the edges and stop, after that I will again bring you to the edges and again stop. I will repeat this again and again.” With his words only, he was bringing her to the edges. Finally, he eased into her deeply in one go, making her scream loudly.

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Love Mehak

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