(Part: 1) Ahana

Part: 1 I’m Riyan Malhotra

I’m Riyan Malhotra, a famous business tycoon. I’m very rich, there are millions of people who want to live the life of Riyan Malhotra, but nobody knows my life is so empty. I’ve money, power and fame, but I’m lonely. I’ve spent twelve years of my life in growing my father’s business. When I was sixteen years old, I lost him and my mother in a tragic accident. I was utterly shattered and left alone with my little sister who is three years younger than me. From that day, I’ve been handling his business, leaving my all hobbies. In all this, I forgot to live life. I’m tired of my life and I just want peace now. Peace is not in money and fame. I want someone to be there for me now. I want someone to take care of me.

I’m finding a perfect life partner who will love me, not my money. It is very difficult to find that type of girl. Everybody just run behind money. Nobody knows that there is nothing is money. Half of my earnings, I denote in an orphanage and old-age home. I love to see people’s happy faces, their smiling faces gives me some kind of satisfaction to me. After earning so much money, my motive of life is to spread happiness and to find a perfect girl for me.

I’m jogging in a public garden in the morning, I have a bigger garden than this in my house, but I come here to see people’s happy faces. This is my daily routine. Many people of my age, old people, kids, youngsters, all age group of people are presented in the garden. I keep myself fit and healthy. I’m tall and my colour is fair. I’m crush of so many girls because of my God gifted looks and money. I’m covered with sweat. Still, I can see so many girls are gawking at me shamelessly.

After a few minutes, a beautiful and very pretty girl caught my attention. She’s sitting at the bench in a white full-length dress, gazing at the children who are playing in front of her eyes. She has long black hair, they are fluttering in the breeze. She has an angelic face, looking as pure as the driven snow. I’ve never seen such a heavenly beautiful girl before, she is something else. I stopped jogging and gazed at her.

She has bewitching grey eyes, but something is missing. The shine and glow are missing from her eyes and face. Her lips are drawn down, she’s looking upset. There’s some kind of a pain in her eyes. My heart is aching. I felt a sudden urge to see a smile on her face and happiness in her eyes. Why she’s so depressed? Her pale face is making me upset. I want to know. I want to talk to her right now.

I strolled toward her mechanically. I sat beside her. She’s looking more beautiful from close. Her skin is so pure and fair. I have a sudden urge to touch her face and feel the softness of her skin. Oh god, what I’m thinking?

“Hey,” I tried to catch her attention. She didn’t respond to me. Maybe she’s lost in deep thought. What the thing is bothering her? I want to know badly.

As I placed my hand over her shoulder, she flinched and turned her face towards me. I instantly removed my hand from her shoulder.

She stood up and asked. “What do you want? Who are you?” I can clearly see the fear in her grey eyes. Why she’s getting so afraid from me?

I also stood up. “Relax, I just want to talk to you for a few,” I paused as my eyes fell on the mangalsutra (nuptial thread) which she’s wearing around her neck. I felt a sharp pain in my heart after knowing that she’s married.

“I don’t want to talk you,” she rushed out of the garden.

There’s something wrong with this girl, but I shouldn’t think about her because she’s married. Maybe she’s not happy with her marriage? I don’t know, I just want to know everything about her and want to help her. Maybe she would come here tomorrow also.

I reached back home and directly went upstairs to my room. I’m still thinking about her. I’m just thinking how beautiful she would look with a smile on her face and shine in her eyes. I shook my head and took out my clothes from the cupboard. I went to take a shower. In the shower also, I’m thinking about her. What is happening to me? Why I can’t stop myself from thinking about her? I’m losing my mind.

I’m sitting at the breakfast table in the garden and lost in her thoughts.

I came on the earth back when my sister, Siya wished me. “Good morning, Riyan.” She is sweet and beautiful from her heart as my mom. She’s my world and everything. She is a strong girl. She’s a great singer and helps me in business.

I smiled at her. “Good morning.”

“So when your new song is coming?” I asked as she settled down. A maid served her breakfast.

“I will not sing until you find your life partner.” She stated. She knows very well, I need someone in my life.

“Siya, I’m finding it. It will take time because every girl is behind my money.” I tried to explain to her.

“You should go on dates with girls. You’re doing nothing in finding your life partner. I can’t see you like this anymore.” Her eyes are filled with concern.

“I will find a girl for me very soon, don’t worry,” I assured her, placing my hand over her hand which was kept on the table.

She gave me a faint smile. “I want to see you happy.”

“I’m happy because I’ve such a cutie sister with me.” I tapped her nose with my forefinger. She smiled adorably.

“What’s up, guys?” Then we heard the voice of Kabir, my one and only friend since childhood. He is a complete fun-loving person, entertainment of my life, but a very good person. He’s best in giving advice. He’s like my brother. He’s happy with his life, but he’s a Casanova. It doesn’t matter to me because it is his choice and he’s happy.

“I’m just asking your friend to find a girl for himself. I’ve told him that I would not sing until he finds his life partner.” Siya told him while he settled down beside me.

He burst into laughter. “Then forget about singing because he’s going to die single, I’m telling you.”

“Wow, very funny, Kabir. Let me tell you guys, I’ve found a girl.” I just said to shut their mouth. I’m not lying, I’ve really found a girl, but she’s married. Why?

“What?” Both shouted together in utter shock.

“I just can’t believe.” Siya shook her head in disbelief.

“You’re lying. Till yesterday night you were saying, it is impossible to find a girl who would love you, not your money and today you’re saying, you’ve found the girl. I’m sure you’re lying.” I glared at him.

“I’m not lying. When in morning I went for jogging, I found a girl there, but there’s a big problem.”

“What?” They both asked in union.

“She’s married.” I told them.

“Are you kidding, Riyan?” Kabir freaked out and Siya is looking at me in utter shock.

“No, I’m serious. Ever since I saw her, I can’t take out that girl out of my mind. I feel like there is some problem in her life and I wanna help her out.” I myself know nothing about that girl and I told them also about her.

“Did you talk to her?” Siya asked instantly while Kabir is looking at me incredulously.

“I approached her, but she got scared from me and rushed from there without talking to me.” I told them, wondering what is wrong with her. I want to know about her more.

“Why she’s married?” Siya cried out.

I looked at Kabir who is staring at me, having doubt in his eyes. “I’m serious, Kabir. I’m not forming any stories. She is the first girl who has attracted me. My six sense is saying that she’s not happy in her married life.”

I smiled as he uttered. “Riyan, I’ll just say, do what your heart says.”

I moved my eyes from him to Siya, she blinked her eyes. “We both are with you always.” I smiled broadly, looking at them. I don’t want to make that girl mine, I just want to help her and see smile on her face. I’ll find about that girl and help her. If god has sent her in my life, there must be some reason.

So here is the first of part of the story. It is my first general fiction, hope you like it.

I’ll post two more parts of this story at night.

Don’t forget to leave your precious comments.

Love Mehak

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