(Part: 32) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage

Part: 32 Spanking?

“Mumma…” As Muskan woke up, she called Mahi. She was combing her hair at that time.

She turned around, smiling at her but her smile vanished away because Musu wasn’t looking fine.

“My princess, what happened?” Mahi asked concernedly walking toward her. She knelt down on the floor beside her.

“Mumma, bhut uhee ho lhi hai (Mumma, it is paining a lot.)” she cried, putting her hand on her forehead.

She cupped her face and felt her cheeks warm. She got tensed and immediately put back of her palm on her forehead and held her wrist to check her fever.

“You will be fine, princess,” Mahi whispered and gently kissed her forehead.

“Mumma…” She was crying in pain without even opening her eyes. Mahi’s eyes brimmed with tears, seeing her condition.

“What happened?” She heard Jai’s voice from behind and turned her face to look at him.

“Thank god, you came. She has a fever. I’m bringing the thermometer, you be with her.” She got up and went to bring thermometer hurriedly.

“Musu, you are my strong baby, right ?” Jai asked after sitting beside her and held her tiny hand.

“Yes, I’m yol stlong baby, daddy. (Yes, I’m your strong baby, daddy.)” She sobbed, looking at her father.

“Then don’t cry, Princess. You will be fine.” He wiped her tears with his free hand.

“Daddy, kya kalu bhut uhee ho li hai. (Daddy, it is paining a lot.)” She cried more and he too cried with her, stroking her cheek. He couldn’t see his princess in pain.

Mahi came back after washing the thermometer. She gave it to adi and stood beside him worriedly, resting a hand on his shoulder. Jai placed the thermometer under her armpit to check her fever. Mahi and Jai looked at each other helplessly and then looked back at their princess who was crying in pain.

The thermometer started beeping and Jai took it from her armpit. “She has a 102-degree fever.” He told to her dejectedly, giving her the thermometer.

He kissed Muskan’s hand and then leaned down to kiss her forehead. He composed himself and stood up. Mahi cried, looking at him.

“She will be fine, Jaan.” He held her shoulders and blinked his eyes. “I’m calling the doctor. You stay with her.” He went into the balcony to call a doctor.

Mahi sat on the bed, keeping Muskan’s head on her lap. She covered her with the blanket properly.

“Mumma…” Muskan cried, holding her mother’s hand tightly.

“Mumma is with you, my baby.” She leaned down and kissed her forehead.


Sidnaaz came back to their room in the evening after visiting the museum and church. They were so tired that they fell asleep as soon as they lay on the bed, cuddling each other.

After a few hours, Sana woke up, stretching her arms. She smiled at Sid who was standing in front of the glass wall, facing his back to her. He was staring outside, his fingers were in the pockets of his jeans and his thumbs were hooked out of the pockets.

She climbed out of the bed lazily and sauntered toward him. She hugged him from behind, wrapping her arms around him. He clasped her hand and tenderly kissed her knuckles after bringing her hand near to his lips. She smiled against his back in response.

“Hungry?” He asked after turning toward her.

“Yes, ” she whispered and bit her lower lip seductively, telling him indirectly that she is hungry to taste his lips. Next moment, he pulled her against the glass wall and started kissing her lips hungrily after pinning her hands above her head. As he left her hands, she encircled them around his neck. She pulled him closer to herself and deepened the kiss. His fingers were moving in his hair. Both were kissing each other savagely.

They were panting, staring into each other eyes after their passionate kiss.

“You taste so delicious, Angel.” He whispered, brushing the line of her lower lip. She blushed and her eyelashes moved down. She looked back at him and he smiled at her.

“Tonight, we are going to play a game.” He told her suddenly.

“Game?” She asked confusingly, narrowing her brows.

“Card game,”

“I’m expert in that game. Let’s play.” She got excited while he was smirking because he wasn’t talking about the normal card game.

“This is an adult card game, Angel. Cabir gifted me this. We have to pick up a card from the deck one by one and we have to complete the dare which will be written on the card.” He explained to her and she made O shape mouth.

“It’s looking interesting. I’m ready, Let’s play.” She said excitedly while he smiled at her.

“Let’s first take dinner.” He said and she nodded her head.


Mahi came back after cutting the apples for Muskan. She hadn’t eaten anything since morning. She was sleeping above her daddy, resting her face on his chest. He was firmly patting her back and head.

She sat down beside them, holding the plate. She asked Jai to wake her up in gesture.

“Let her sleep.” He whispered.

“I have to give her medicine and she hasn’t eaten anything since morning.” She muttered worriedly.

“Musu, baby, eat something.” He tried to wake her up.

“Nhi, musu ko kuch khane ka man ni. (No, Musu doesn’t want to eat anything.)” she murmured in sleep.

“Baby, then how will you get fine? Don’t you want to go to Disneyland?” He tried to convince her.

“No.. , I don’t want to eat eating.” She screamed and they looked at each other helplessly. Her condition was making them worried.


Sidnaaz settled down on the bed in front of each other to play the game. The snow was falling outside. The atmosphere was getting romantic.

He took out all the cards from the packet. “Dirty dares..”She read out the name of the game from the packet. She became more excited to play the game.

He put the cards on the bed in between them. “So, first you will pick up the card or..”

“Me..” she excitedly picked up the card from the deck.

“You have to say to your partner, I’ve been a really bad girl..” she paused and stared at him and then continued, “I think I need a spanking.” she again paused and stared at him while he was looking down. “If they refuse to give it to you, you have to beg for it.” Finally, she read the full dare and she was confused about reading this.

“What type of dare is this, Sid? I didn’t understand. What does spanking mean ?” She asked innocently from him.

“I think, it was a bad idea to play this game.” He snatched the card from her hand.

“Sid, I want to know. Please tell me.” She requested him, holding his hand.

“I’m gonna kill Cabir for gifting me this game.” He muttered under his breath, looking down.

“When you watch 50 shades of grey, you will understand this.”

“But why aren’t you telling me ?” She was getting confused.

“Because I don’t know, how to explain to you. Please leave this dare for now.” He requested her but she really wanted to know.

“Can I search for it? Because I really want to know.” She asked him.

“Okay, ” he sighed, nodding his head.

She picked up the phone from the side and excitedly typed ‘Spanking meaning’ on google and tapped on search.

“the act of hitting someone with the hand, usually several times on the bottom as a punishment or for sexual pleasure.” She read the meaning in her mind and her face expressions changed.

“Does it really give pleasure ?” She asked doubtfully, looking at him.

“I don’t know.” He shook his head. “But maybe, ” he added.

“Let’s try this, ” she said and his eyes pooped up.

“Do you really want me to spank you, Angel?” He asked unbelievably.

She flushed and nodded her head, looking down. “I want to try everything with you, Sid.”

“I’ve been a bad girl, Sid. Please spank me..” she said exactly what was written in the card.

“I can’t do this, Angel. Please,” he requested, cupping her face.

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