(Part: 5) Ahana

Next morning, I woke up. I’m feeling fresh today. I looked out of the window. The weather is cloudy, the sun is peeping out from behind the clouds. I stretched my arms and climbed down from the bed. I checked my phone and went to get fresh.

I’m standing under the shower, placing my hands on the wall, my head is leaned down, my eyes are closed and water is cascading down my body.

I hope she messages Siya today also. I want to talk to her more and want to know more about her because I want to help her badly. I’m feeling that her husband is involved in this or else why would she feel lonely after living with her husband. I’m sure her husband is behind her pain. I’m not gonna leave him if he’s torturing the poor soul, Ahana. I’m gonna make his life living hell for spoiling the life of an innocent girl.

I’m having breakfast with Kabir. I told her about the conversation with Ahana.

“It is good news. I’m with you in this, Riyan.” He placed his hand on my bicep.

“Thank you.” I genuinely thanked him. He always supports me no matter what. I’m lucky to have a friend like him.

“Anytime,” we passed a smile to each other and continued eating our breakfast.

I asked after a minute. “By the way what do you think, is her husband the reason of her pain?”

“Look Riyan, we just can’t say anything right now. I think we should be sure before judging anybody.” I nodded my head, understanding him. “Don’t worry, we’ll get to know about his husband soon.” I smiled faintly.

“Good morning, guys.” As we heard Siya’s voice, we both swept our eyes towards her. “Having dinner without me, that’s not fair.” She complained, sitting in front of us.

“You wake up late, what’s our fault?” He shrugged his shoulder. She glared at him.

“Did she message you?” I asked.

“No, but I sent her good morning before coming here.” She told me, I nodded my head.

“I’ll inform you as she replies.” She added, I smiled slightly.

“Siya, you should have given Riyan’s number to her,” Kabir uttered.

“Yes, you’re right. My mistake. Sorry,”

I cut her words. “Whatever you’ve done, you’ve done great. At least we’re getting to know about her.”

“I have an idea, you can use my WhatsApp number on your phone for some time.” She told us the idea excitedly, I smiled broadly because now I can to talk to her anytime.

“Wow, you’re brilliant, Siya.” He praised her.

She smiled broadly. “Thank you,” she thanked him.

I stood up from the chair and rushed to hug her. “Thank you, Siya. I love you.” I leaned down and hugged her tightly.

“I love you too, Bro.” She hugged me back.

I’m getting ready for the office, standing in front of the mirror. I’m setting the tie properly. As my phone beeped, I excitedly picked it up, expecting Ahana’s message.

It is her message only. As I saw her name flashing on my phone’s screen, a broad smile spread across my face.

Ahana: Hey, I’m happy to see your message.

Me: From now I’m gonna send you a good morning message daily because I don’t want you to feel lonely.

Ahana: It means a lot to me, Siya.

Me: I really wanna help you, Ahana.

Ahana: I wish I could take your help.

Me: Why, why can’t you take my help?

Ahana: I want to take your help because I can’t tolerate this pain anymore, but I can’t because I don’t want to put your life at risk.

Me: I don’t care about myself right now, I care about you. At least tell me what’s happening with you?

Me: Please, I really wanna help you. I can’t see someone in pain.

I sent her two messages. The blue tick came which mean she saw my message but didn’t reply.

After a minute, I received the call from my personal Assistant.

“Sir, I just called you to remind you that you have a meeting in an hour.” She said as I placed the phone over my ear.

“I’m coming.” I disconnected the call.

I closed my eyes dejectedly because she’s not replying to my messages now. What is wrong with her? Why she’s afraid to take my help.

I’m going to the office. I’m sitting at the car’s backseat. I sighed as I finally received her message.

Ahana: I need your help badly, but I’m afraid.

Me: Okay.

I didn’t force her more to tell me all the things because I don’t want her to stop messaging me.

Me: So tell me something more about yourself.

Ahana: I feel like I’ve lost myself. Now my only peace is those orphanage kids. I like to spend time with them. I feel connected to them because I was also a orphan kid like them.

What orphan kid? But her parents are still alive. There is a big mystery behind all this. She’s not Anaya for sure. I’ve to meet Anaya’s parents to solve this mystery.

Me: It is good that you find your peace.

I was so engrossed in talking to her that I didn’t come to know when we reached at my office. I came on the earth back as Driver said, “Sir, we’ve reached.”

He’s standing outside, holding the door of the car for me. I stepped out of the car and read her message.

Ahana: I found my peace in you too. I feel better when I talk to you. You give me positivity that everything will be fine at the end of the day.

I smiled and replied her back.

Me: I’ll talk you later Ahana, I’ve an important meeting.

Ahana: Okay.

After finishing all the work at the office, I’m going back home. I thought to send the message to Ahana.

Me: Hi.

After a minute, she replied to me.

Ahana: I’ll talk to you later. I’m going to star Restaurant.

“And I’m coming to see you, Ahana.” I murmured to myself before asking the driver to take me to star Restaurant. I just can’t wait to see her beautiful face again.

I reached there in an hour. I stepped out of the car and I flushed in anger, widened my eyes, gritted my teeth and clenched my fist in fury as I see Sameer, her husband dragging Ahana out of the Restaurant. Tears are constantly trickling down her soft cheeks. I’m feeling extreme pain in my heart after seeing her condition and at the same time, I’m extremely angry after seeing the way her husband is treating her. How could anyone treat a woman like this? This is so disgusting. I’m going to help her now. I can’t let her live with this man anymore.

I rushed toward them, he’s taking her toward the car.

I held Sameer’s arm. As he turned his face toward me, I shouted on him in anger. “How could you treat her like this?” I glanced at Ahana, she is crying and her eyes are down at the floor. I don’t know why but my heart is breaking after seeing her like this.

“It is none of your business.” Sameer growled and pushed me away.

He opened the door of the car and asked her to sit in the car. “Sit in the car, Anaya.” She settled into the car without saying anything, still shedding silent tears. My heart is aching badly. Why she’s bearing his torture?

As I again walked toward him, two men held my hands, maybe they are his bodyguards. “Sameer Raichand, I’ll send you behind the bars for treating your wife like this. You don’t know me, who I’m,” I roared on him, struggling to make his bodyguards leave me.

He snapped at me. “You don’t know anything. Just mind your own fucking business.”

After that, he hastily settled down into the car with Ahana at the backseat and slammed the door close.

As the car screeched and left, his bodyguard left me and they also went, sitting in another car.

“I’m not gonna leave that bastard. Now I’m damn sure, he’s torturing his wife and scaring her.” I stormed to my car in fury. I’m gonna call the police now.

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