(Part: 36) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage

Part: 36 Northern Lights

Sidnaaz were sitting on the bed leisurely after eating the food which they had ordered before going to shower. Sana was sitting in between Sid’s legs, putting her head on his bare chest. She was still in the bathrobe and he was in the joggers. She was listening to his heartbeat which was soothing her soul and mind.

His one hand was wrapped around, above her chest and other was wrapped around her belly. He was sitting with the support of the bed. Both of their eyes were closed, they were utterly lost in each other. 

“Angel, you should wear something, otherwise you will catch a cold.” He uttered, breaking the silence. 

He was about to remove his arms, loosening the grip but she held them tightly. “Stay like this for a few minutes more, please.” She looked upward at him with pleading eyes.

He held her again tightly in his arms. “Your wish is my command, Angel.” He leaned down and placed a kiss on her forehead. 

Her lips curled into a broad smile and she closed her eyes. His arms were heaven on the earth for her. She could spend her entire life being in his arms. 


Muskan was sitting in her mumma’s lap. She was playing with her doll. She was combing doll’s hair with the small hairbrush. She was feeling better now. Mahi was feeding her dinner and like always she was showing tantrums. 

“Musu baby, at least finish the half chapati. For Mumma, please.” Mahi pleaded her to eat, bringing a bite of chapati close to her mouth. 

She jerked away Mahi’s hand. “Mumma, mela biltul man ni hai kuch bhi khane ta. Ulti aali hai mujhe. Plez mumma. ( Mumma, really I’m not feeling like to eat anything. I’m feeling like to vomit. Please mumma.)” she cried, hiding her face in her Mumma’s chest and clenched the doll tightly.

“Daddy will bring lots of chocolate for you. Please my life, eat.” She said, caressing her hair. She was trying to convince her daughter. 

“Sach mein agal musu je fenish kaldegi toh daddy del sali cholate laenge musu te liye? ( If Musu finished all this then really daddy will bring lots of chocolate for Musu?)” Muskan asked, looking at her Mumma as her mouth became watery, imagining lots of chocolate in her mind.

“Yes, my doll, lots of chocolate.” She nodded her head and kissed her forehead, cupping her face.

“Toh fil musu jaldi se finish karledi hai je h sabh. (So, Musu is finishing all this fast.)” Muskan said pointing her finger toward the plate and Mahi sighed relief. She immediately started feeding her lovingly. With every bite, she was kissing her princess’s cheek. 

“Mumma, isto bi thilao. (Mumma feeds her too.)” Muskan asked Mahi to feed her doll too. 

“Sure.” Mahi chuckled and pretended to feed her doll. 

“Musu, now you have no in pain your head, right ?” Mahi asked concernedly, putting a hand on her face after feeding her one chapati.

“No Mumma, Musu bitul tithai ab. Kuki Voh daddy ki stlong plincess hai. ( Musu is completely fine now because she is daddy’s strong princess.)” She said cutely showing her biceps.

Mahi chuckled. “Mumma loves you a lot, meri jaan (my life)” Mahi said, hugging her little princess in her arms. 

“Musu loves you more, Mumma.” She shouted and grinned, looking at Mahi. 

Mahi pecked her lips lovingly and then kissed her forehead. 


Sidnaaz were lying in each other arms at night in the white duvet. They were enjoying, admiring the outside beautiful view, the sky full of star and land covered with the snow. Suddenly the green lights started appearing in the sky like the clouds, making the sky look more beautiful and attractive. 

Her jaw dropped open,  eyelids opened widely and eyebrows raised and curved

Her jaw dropped open, eyelids opened widely and eyebrows raised and curved. 

“What is this, Sid ?.” She asked, admiring the colour lights scattering in the sky.

He grinned at her. “These are northern lights. Amazing, It’s it ?” He asked, moving his eyes from his angel to sky. Green and pink lights were shining in the sky. 

“This is the best place. So beautiful.” She looked at him just for a moment and then again started admiring the northern lights in the sky. 

“I’m happy that you like this place.” He kissed her cheek.

She smiled at him fondly. “I love you so much Sidharth.” She whispered after coming close to his lips, stroking his stubble.

He clasped her face, planted a lingering kiss on her lips after raising his head and drew back. “I love you more, my Angel.” He mumbled against her lips, looking in her eyes deeply and his thumb was rubbing her lower lips.

She hugged him tightly, throwing her arms around his neck and buried her face in his chest. He embraced her, smiling blissfully. 


Jai came late at night from the office. He stepped into the room and smiled, seeing his lifelines who were sleeping peacefully. Muskan was sleeping on her side, hugging her Mumma. He sauntered toward them after keeping his blazer on the chair which he was holding in his hand, sleeves of his shirt were rolled up. 

He leaned down, smiling at them fondly. He first kissed his princess’s forehead and then her mumma’s forehead. Mahi opened her eyes instantly and a smile spread across her face as his lips touched her skin. 

“Go back to sleep, my love.” He whispered, stroking her cheek. 

“Not without, good night kiss.” She grinned and he chuckled. 

Next moment only, he captured her lips, clasping her face. She raised her head and kissed him back, encircling her hands around his neck. They were kissing each other like they were craving from ages. 

“I love you.” He whispered against her lips as they broke the kiss. 

She was panting. “I need you so badly, Jai.” 

“Then get up without wasting time.” Her eyes widened, listening to his words. He was smirking at her.

“Really, now ?” She asked unbelievably. 

He nodded his head. “Because I’m craving to feel you inside me, baby.” 

She flushed. “Give Muskan’s teddy from the table.” 

He went to bring the teddy. She carefully removed Muskan’s arms from her chest. She got up and he kept the teddy at Mahi’s place and put Muskan’s arm on the teddy. 

“Mumma and daddy are just coming, Princess.” He kissed her forehead and smiled at Mahi. 

“Come fast because our romance breaker daughter can wake up at any moment.” He held her hand and led her to the bathroom. 

He locked the door and started kissing her hungrily, pinning her on the wall. Her hand unbuckled his belt and hastily opened the button and zip of his trouser. She slid her hand inside the boxer and started rubbing him, making him moan inside her mouth. His hands pulled down her lower with the panty swiftly. 

He rubbed her down. “You are so wet, darling.” He whispered, panting. 

“Only for you, Jai.” She moaned as he started rubbing her round and round vigorously with his thumb. 

“I just can’t wait anymore.” He mumbled, pulling down his boxer and trouser while she stepped out of her lower and panty. 

“Open your legs.” He ordered and she complied. She rested her hands over his shoulders for support. He eased into her deeply in one go, putting his on the wall. She screamed loudly, clenching his shirt. 


“Sid, have you slept?” Sana asked, raising her head from his chest and found him sleeping. She made a pout because she wasn’t feeling sleepy. 

Suddenly her mind started thinking about her past, the way Arjun had left her. Then she started thinking about the nightmare which had disturbed her mind.

“No, Sana. Don’t think about that,” she said to herself inside her mind. 

“Would Sid also get bore from me? Would he also leave me in future as Arjun had left me ?” She again started thinking negative and her lips quivered because of the fear.

“Sid loves you a lot. Arjun had just used you. Don’t compare Sid with him.” She scolded herself. 

“Sid loves me a lot, he will never leave me.” She fell asleep while murmuring this again and again after a few minutes, hugging him tightly like she wanted him to store her in his forever. She was afraid to lose him.

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