(Part: 40) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage

Part: 40 Last Night Of Honeymoon

Sidnaaz were lying naked, cuddling each other in the white duvet under the shining stars. Sana’s head was kept on his bare chest and her one leg was kept over his waist. They had an early morning flight but they weren’t feeling sleepy because it was their last night of the honeymoon. They both gonna miss this amazing place.

She raised her head to look at him as he said. “These fourteen days were the best days of my life.”

She kissed his lips and he kissed back gently, holding her hair. “If We are together, each and every moment of life is heavenly beautiful.” She whispered, staring at him intensely.

He pecked her lips. “You’re absolutely right.” Both smiled at each other. Then they didn’t come to know when their lips met, when they started kissing each other passionately, and when Sid came over her. He was kissing her lips like there was no tomorrow and she was twisting his hair.

“It will be the last round of our honeymoon.” He whispered after breaking the kiss. He pinned her hand over the mattress and looked deeply into her eyes.

“I love you.” Saying this he slid into her completely. She screamed with pleasure. She was feeling so good and complete to feel him inside her. He captured her lips before thrusting her hard and fast on the last night of their honeymoon. “Don’t stop.” She was just screaming this, wrapping her legs around his hips. They spent the last night of their honeymoon while loving each other. In fact, they spent their whole honeymoon like this.

Both were getting ready the next morning. Sana was drying her hair with the hairdryer, standing in front of the mirror. Sid was admiring his beautiful wife, sitting on the bed.

She blushed after catching him staring at her. “Will you please stop staring at me like this, Mr Shukla? You’re distracting me.” She complained, looking at him through the mirror.

“I can’t stop myself from staring at my beautiful wife.” She flushed, listening to his words.

She turned off the dryer and kept it on the dressing table. “These fourteen days passed so quickly, don’t you think?” She asked, turning toward him.

He stood up and strolled toward her. “Why not we extend our honeymoon?” He asked, raising his eyebrows.

“And what you will do?”

“There’re so many things left, so many positions which we haven’t tried, ” He was moving close to her face.

“Sid, stop it.” She pushed him away.

He laughed. “What happened? Don’t you wanna try?” He asked after grabbing her waist and pulling her toward himself. He was just a few inches away from her lips. Her heartbeat accelerated and her breath became uneven. His touch and his proximity were making her crazy like always. She was feeling wet in between her legs.

“Sid, we’re getting late. We’ve to le, ” he shushed her by capturing her lips and pinning her against the mirror of the dressing table. Few things fell down from the dressing table. Both were kissing each other passionately and intensely.

They were panting and looking in each other eyes fondly after the kiss. “Why don’t we have a quick make-out session? The last lovemaking session of our honeymoon.” She chuckled because it was the third time he was saying this.

He opened the jeans button and slid his hand inside her undies. “I know you want it too.” He cupped her crotch.

She took a deep breath, closing her eyes. “I want you every time. You’re becoming like my drug.” She moaned because his thumb was rubbing her most sensitive part of her body. He removed his hand. She smirked at him after opening her eyes. She opened the button and slid down the zipper of his jeans. They hastily pulled down each other jeans and innerwear. He eased into her after holding her one leg around his waist.

They reached home at night when everybody was taking dinner.

Neyonika hugged both of them. “How was the honeymoon?” She asked after breaking the hug. Sidnaaz looked at each other and they just smiled, remembering about their hot honeymoon. Most of the time, they had remained in the room in each other arms.

“It must have been hot, mom,” Cabir commented, making Sidnaaz blushed and everybody laughed.

“Chachu, chachi, ” Muskan came running out of her room toward them and Mahi was coming behind her.

Sid lifted her in his arms. “You have become more beautiful, Musu.” He kissed her soft cheek.

“Thank you aul na Meine aapko bhut miss kiya chachu. (And I missed you a lot.)” she hugged him tightly. “And aapko bhi miss kiya meine ( I missed you )” she said to Sana.

“Chachi missed you too, Musu.” She caressed her cheek.

“ab yeh batao mele liye ka lae aap dono? (What did you both bring for me?)” She asked, raising her eyebrows.

“We brought so many things for you.” He told her and her tiny eyes started twinkling with the happiness.

“Really ?” She asked, getting excited and Sidnaaz nodded their head.

“Musu, first let chachu and Chachi take rest for some time. Then they will show you the gifts.” Mahi took Muskan from Sid’s arms.

“Okay, ” she agreed unwillingly. Sidnaaz smiled at her.

After that Sidnaaz came to their room. She sat down on the bed and he closed the door. He turned and smiled at her. Then he went to get fresh. She got up and went to the dressing room to change herself in a nightdress.

Sid was waiting for her, lying on the bed. She walked into the room after changing her clothes. She lay down, putting her head on his chest and he hugged her closer to him.

He sighed deeply and said. “Angel, I want to tell you something.”

She instantly looked at him because his tone was serious. Her eyebrows creased. “What ?” She asked and waited for him to answer.

“I’ve to go to New York tomorrow for a song shooting.” He paused. “For a week.”

“This is the matter. You literally made me scared.” He was shocked because this was unexpected that she had no problem.

“Will you manage here without me?” He asked to confirm after clasping her face.

“I’m not alone here, Sid. Work is also important. I’ll manage it. Don’t worry.” She reassured him and pecked his lips. He smiled at her. Then she again rested her head on his chest. He held her tightly into his arms.

“I’m just scared about your anxiety attacks, Sana. If it wasn’t important, I would have never agreed to go for a week.” He was thinking while caressing her hair.

“It will be very difficult to spend a week without you, Sid but I don’t want to make you worry. I’ve to be strong in front of you.”

“It’s just one week, don’t worry, Sana.” She tried to cheer up herself.

“Arjun also had gone for a week and then he had come back after getting completely changed.” Again she started going on the wrong track.

“Sid, ” she suddenly called him, looking at him because she wanted to distract her mind, she didn’t want to think about him.

“What happened, Angel?” He asked worriedly.

“When will you leave tomorrow?” She calmed down herself and asked.

“Evening.” He told her and she gave him a faint smile.

“I’ll try to come back as soon as possible. Don’t worry.” He said, putting a hand on her face.

She nodded her head. “I’ll miss you a lot.” She hugged him tightly. He hugged her back.

“I’ll miss you too. It’s just the matter of one week.” He kissed hair.



Love Mehak

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