(Part: 41) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage

Part: 41 Goodbye Makeout

Next Day

Muskan was jumping with the joy on the bed after seeing so many gifts which her chachu and chachi had brought for her from Finland. Sidnaaz were smiling at the little pumpkin. The gifts were spread on the whole bed.

She sat on Sana’s lap. “Thank you chachi.” She kissed her cheek.

“I love you, bacha.” Sana clasped her face and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“And who will thank, chachu?” Sid raised his eyebrows and crossed his arms around his chest, he was showing to Musu that he is angry. Sana stifled a giggle, seeing her husband acting.

Next moment, Muskan jumped over his lap and kissed his cheek. “And Thank you, chachu.” He smiled, embracing her into his arms and kissed her hair. Sana smiled at them.

“Musu app dono ko phele hi bata lhi hai ki voh aaj aap dono sath soegi. (Musu is telling you both before only that she’ll sleep with you both tonight.)” Muskan said strictly like she was giving them a warning.

“But I’ve to go somewhere.” Musu frowned and made a cute angry pout, staring at her chachu as he told her.

“That’s verly bad, chachu.” She complained. “Aap abhi toh ae toh filse ja laiho. Ale yeh kya baat hue.” She shrugged her shoulders cutely.

“But Musu, Chachi is not going. So, you can sleep with me.” Sana tried to cheered her up.

“Mein chachu se katta, ab mein sirf apni pyaari chachi se bat kalungi. Chachi aap bhut achai ho, chachu gande.” She again came back to Sana’s lap and hid her face in her chest. Sidnaaz smiled at each other, finding her cute. Sana was stroking her soft hair lovingly.

“Mom is calling you all for the breakfast downstairs.” Mahi informed them, sauntering into the room.

“Mumma, mujhe bhukh nhi. (I’m not feeling hungry.)” Muskan denied looking at Mahi.

“When do you feel hungry, musu? Mumma always has to feed you forcefully.” She strolled toward them.

“Mahi, don’t worry, today I’ll make her eat.” Sana assured her. “If I feed you, will you eat?” She asked from Musu, raising her eyebrows.

“Okay, lekin thodhla sa, please.” She agreed and Mahi was shocked.

“Okay, baby. At least you’ll eat.” Sana kissed her forehead.

“Sana, from now it’s your responsibility to make her eat. I can see that she’ll not bother you that much.” Mahi said to Sana.

“I’ll feed her, Mahi, Don’t worry.” Sana blinked her eyes.

Mahi’s eyes fell over Sid and she looked at him bemusedly. “Sid, why are you sitting holding your ear.”

He left his ears while Muskan again hid her face in her chachi’s chest. “Actually, babhi, your daughter is angry from me,” He told her.

“Why?” Mahi asked, folding her arms.

“She wants to sleep with us but I’ve to go today. That’s why she is angry.” He told her.

“That’s really not fair, Sid. You know, how much my baby was missing you and you’re going again. Now she has the right to get angry from you, Sid.” She took the side of her daughter this time and caressed her hair.

“Bhabhi, I thought, you would help me.” He complained like a kid.

“Why mumma will help you, chachu, when you’re doing wrong with me.” She cutely raised one side of her lips in annoyance.

“Mahi, Musu, it is important, that’s why he is going.” Mahi and Muskan frowned as Sana took the side of her husband.

He grinned. “Only my wife understands me. I love you.” Sana blushed as suddenly he placed a kiss on her cheek.

“Chachi, take my side, please.” Muskan implored, her tiny eyes filled with innocence and melted her chachi’s heart with her innocent eyes.

“Sid, you’re doing wrong with my sweetheart.” As Sana instantly changed her side, his lips drawn down. Mahi and Muskan giggled and gave a high five to each other.

“Give me my kiss back, Sana,” He said sadly like a small baby.

“You’re not less than a baby, Sid.” She shook her and he pouted his lips sadly.

“You’re saying right, Sana. Sid is still like a baby. You know, before marriage, he used to wake up late and skip the breakfast every day.” Mahi told her.

“Really?” Sana chuckled.

“Yes, really.” Mahi laughed, looking at her loving devar.

“Bhabhi, stop scolding me in front of my wife.” Sid again complained like a baby.

“Mahi is not scolding you, Sid. She’s just telling me.” After saying this to Sid, she moved her eyes from him to Mahi. “Mahi, tell me everything about him. I think, there is still so much to know about my husband.”

“Why not? We have a lot of time now because he is going. I’ll tell you everything about him in detail.” Mahi said excitedly.

“You’re best, Mahi.” Sana smiled at her.

“Bhabhi, I think, Mom was calling us for the breakfast downstairs.“ He reminded her.

“Oh, I forget.” She lightly slapped her head. “Let’s go now.”


Sana stepped out of the washroom and found him putting his clothes into the luggage. She sauntered toward him. She wrapped her arms around him and rested her face against his chest. He clasped her hand and kissed her knuckles gently.

“You’ve become like my drug now. I can’t live without a single day. I’ll miss you a lot.” She whispered as he turned toward her.

He clasped her face. “What do you think, I’ll live happily without you there? I’ll miss you too like hell, Angel.”

“Can’t you take me with you?” She was asking this same question for the hundred times.

“Sana, I won’t be able to give time to you there because I’ll remain busy in shoots all day and night. What you’ll do there? Here you’re not alone, mom, dad, bhabhi, muskan, bhai, Cabir and Mukti. You’re not alone.” He tried to explain her.

“But without you, I feel lonely.” As she whispered, a solitary tear trickled down her cheek.

He instantly wiped her tear. “If you cry like this, I’ll not go.”

She instantly nodded her head. “I’m not crying. I just become a little emotional. I’ll spend time with my new family, don’t worry.” She smiled faintly.

“I’ll try to finish the work as soon as possible, Angel.” He leaned down and placed a tender kiss on her forehead as a promise that he would come back soon to her.

Both chuckled as she said. “If you don’t come in a week, I’ll come there.”

“I love you, Angel.” He suddenly confessed after pecking her lips.

She raised her heels and stood on her toes. “I love you too.” She encircled her arms around his neck and whispered, staring into his eyes. After that, he pulled her face backward by grasping her hair and captured her lips. He was rubbing his body against her while kissing her hungrily. She was responding to him with equal flavour and tucking his hair. He smirked and squeezed her butts, she moaned in his mouth.

“I don’t know, how will I spend one week without tasting your delicious lips?” He whispered after breaking the kiss just for few seconds. He captured her lips again after completing his words. They were kissing each other, forgetting the whole world and like there is no tomorrow.

“I need you now, ” she whispered as they broke the kiss. They were looking in each other eyes intensely.

“I need you too.” He murmured and suddenly lifted her in his arms. He gently laid her down and straddled her after coming onto her. Both smiled at each other. “I love you.” He kissed her lips softly and tenderly. He pulled her top over her head and pulled his t-shirt over his head hastily as they broke the kiss. He reached down, trailing kisses down her neck to her waist. He opened her jeans button deftly. He hooked his thumbs into her jeans to pull down her jeans.

“Why aren’t you wearing panty?” He asked, looking at her shockingly as he pulled down her jeans and found that she wasn’t wearing her undies.

“Actually, I know that this would happen and I want to make things fast, that’s why I didn’t wear panty, today.” She blushed and he stared at her incredulously.

“You’re unbelievable sometimes but I like it.” He smirked, looking at her and she blushed, closing her eyes.

After that, he pulled out her jeans and threw it in the corner of the room. He started rubbing her round and round with his one hand and he was pulling down his jeans and boxer with his other hand. Her eyes were closed, she was moaning, clutching the mattress. He stopped to wear the condom and she looked at him, flushing. He came over her and captured her lips before easing into her deeply in one go. She screamed in his mouth and instantly encircled her legs around his torso, taking him deep inside her.

From now I’ll update one update as now I’m gonna write it and then post because bank of the parts has been finished. So you’ve to wait and do comments to motivate me for the fast update.

Suggest me what do you want to see next in the story after this separation track.

Love Mehak


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