(Part: 6) Ahana

Part: 6 The Confession

I sat inside the car and took out the phone from my pocket to call my friend who is a police commissioner. But before I could call him, my phone rang up. It’s Kabir’s call, his name is flashing on my phone’s screen.

“What’s up, buddy?” He asked as I placed the phone over my ear.

“I’m boiling in anger right now, Kabir.” And I told him everything that how Sameer was misbehaving with Ahana. “I’ll send him behind the bars. I’m calling the commissioner,” I roared in fury, clenching the steering and phone.

He cut my words. “Riyan, first calm down yourself. We are still not aware that what is the truth. You have to wait until Ahana herself tells you about her husband.” He explained to me.

“But how can I let her suffer more, Kabir? The truth is in front of our eyes. Why can’t you see it?” I’m losing my temper, Ahana’s crying face is coming in front of my eyes again and again.

“I can understand that you’re worried about Ahana, but sometimes what is in front of our eyes is not the truth, Riyan. Please, wait for some time, Ahana will herself share everything with you, and then we’ll take action.” He made me understand.

I’m understanding him, but how can I let Ahana suffer in the hell more.

I sighed deeply. “I can’t see her in pain. I want to help her and take her out from the hell anyhow as soon as possible.” I run my hand in my hair.

“We’ll soon do this, don’t worry.” He reassured me. ”I’m at your place, are you coming?” he asked.

“Yup, coming.” I answered him.

“Okay then meet you soon.” He disconnected the call. I closed my eyes and sighed deeply, leaning against the seat. As I closed my eyes, her crying face came in mind, and I instantly opened my eyes.

“Oh god, how will I wait for her to share everything with me?” I murmured, holding the steering. I shook my head. “No, no. I’ve to do something soon. I can’t wait. I’ll her help her out as soon as possible.” I said, staring straight in determination.

I reached back home, Siya and Kabir are already present in the hall. Maybe waiting for me.

“I just come after taking the shower,” I told them before they could say something and directly headed to my room because I really need a shower to relax my restless mind.

I came out of the bathroom after taking the shower, the white towel draped around my waist, water is dripping down my chest and hair. I’m feeling a bit better now because I’ve thought something. I strolled to my walk-in wardrobe. I pulled the black vest down my head. I unwrapped the towel and wore grey joggers. I stood in front of the mirror and roughly set my hair before strolling out of the room.

I settled down in the hall with Kabir and Siya. “I’ve thought something,” I told them.

“What?” They asked in the union. They’re sitting in front of me.

“I just can’t wait anymore after seeing her tears and her husband behaviour. I’m thinking to tell everything to Ahana and then I’ll directly ask from her about her husband.” I stated.

“What if she stopped talking to you after that?” Siya asked.

I swept my eyes from Siya to Kabir as he uttered. “Yes, she could stop talking to you.”

“I’ll try my best to convince her that I want to help her. I feel like she will definitely share everything with me.” I told them, they are staring at me silently.

“Okay then, do what your heart says. We both are with you.” As Siya said, I smiled faintly at her. I moved my eyes to Kabir, he nodded his head.

“My heart, my mind and my soul are saying to help her as soon as possible. I met Ahana and her husband today for a reason so that I could help her sooner. Whatever happens in our life has a reason. I met Ahana because only I can help her and I’ll help her.” I told them.

After having dinner with Kabir and Siya, I came to my room. I turned on the AC and comfortably lay down on my bed in the blanket. I’m going to take a big step today. I’m going to confess everything. I just hope, I’ll get her positive reply. I sighed deeply and started typing the message to tell Ahana everything.

Me: Hey, I’m Siya’s brother Riyan, we met in the garden and cafe. You were not ready to talk to me, that’s why I asked my sister to talk to you. I genuinely want to help you because I had seen the pain in your eyes on the very first day. You don’t know, my restlessness has been increasing to know about your pain since day one. I don’t know what is happening to me, I just only know one thing that I want to help you and I’ll take you out from the pain no matter what. Nobody can stop me, not even you. Today when I saw you crying outside of the restaurant, I couldn’t stop myself from confessing everything to you. Look if your husband is torturing you, just tell me. I know something is stopping you from taking anybody’s help. Please tell me, I’ll find the solution. You should fight back from your fear and pain, Ahana. I’m with you now, you’re not alone anymore. Just take first step and tell me everything. Please.

I kept the phone on side table after sending the message to her. I hope she replies. I lay down, placing my arm over my forehead. I’m wondering why she’s scared to take the help. I instantly opened my eyes as my phone beeped up. I hastily picked up the from the table. I smiled slightly seeing her message. At least she replied. My heartbeat accelerated, I swiped up and opened the message.

Ahana: Don’t message me, I don’t want anybody’s help.

My lips drew down after reading the message. I wasn’t expecting this. I felt like she would share everything with me. I’m extremely disheartened.

Me: Ahana, please don’t do this. I know you need help.

Ahana: I don’t. Why are you not understanding me? Stop messaging me.

Me: I won’t stop messaging you until you tell me about your pain. I won’t stop following you until I send your husband behind the bars and free you from the hell. I know, you are scared. I’m just asking you to tell me everything, I’ll find out the solution.

Ahana: Just stop messaging me. I don’t need anybody’s help.

Oh god, what is stopping her? She’s so stubborn. She is ready to live with the pain all her life but she can’t take my help. Why? I’m dying to know.

Me: Just tell me the reason of your pain.

I’m not able to send her this message because she blocked my number. My heart ached badly. I’m feeling like to throw my phone on the wall. Why? Why she’s doing this? But still I’m not going to give up.

Now what will happen? How Riyan will help Ahana?

Love Mehak


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