Ahana (Part: 8)

Part: 8 Really, Is this the truth?

I reached to Raichand Mansion with the whole police force. Siya and Kabir came along with me. Inspector Randhir pressed the button of bell. We’re standing behind him and other cops are standing behind us. A maid opened the door, she raised her brows in shock seeing the police.

“Call Mr Raichand and his wife,” Randhir Commanded and marched into the mansion, we all followed him. Maid left from there to call Sameer after nodding her head.

Sameer and Ahana strode into the hall after a few minutes. I glared at Sameer and clenched my fist in fury. I want to kill him. Ahana’s eyes are looking down at the floor and she’s playing with her fingers nervously. She moved her eyeballs up to face us. As our eyes met, I blinked my eyes in assurance.

“You’re under arrest Mr. Raichand.” Randhir asserted, swaggering towards Sameer. He widened his eyes in shock.

“What happened, Inspector?” He asked behaving like he doesn’t know anything and he’s completely innocent. A good actor he is.

“For torturing your wife. She has filed a complaint against you.” As he told Sameer, his eyes swept toward Ahana who is looking down and still playing with her fingers.

“Did you file the complaint against me?” He asked her calmly. I gritted my teeth, I’m holding back myself from hitting him because I wanted that she herself should fight back from him.

She raised her eyelashes to look at him. She has fear in her grey eyes. “Yes, because you torture me. I can’t live with you anymore, and now I’m not scared of you anymore.” As she said confidently to him, I smiled a bit.

He moved his hand in his hair in frustration and sighed deeply before turning towards Randhir.

“Inspector, “ he paused and took a deep breath. “My wife, she is mentally not stable from the past few months. I hide this truth from everybody because I don’t want that people should call my wife crazy because I love her. I can’t even in my dream also think to hurt her.” He fell a bomb over us after telling this. Really Ahana is mentally ill? No, no I can’t trust him. He’s lying. Me, Kabir and Siya, we glanced at each other bemusedly and in shock.

“No, he’s lying. He tortures me and blackmails me every day.” Ahana shrieked in anger before I could say something. Her voice is filled with immense pain and anger.

“Anaya,” Sameer held her arms.

She pushed him away in outrage and shouted. “I’m not Anaya, I’m Ahana Kapoor.”

She burst into tears. “Why are you doing this with me?” She asked, crying in agony. I pursed my lips to control my emotions. I can’t see her like this.

She turned her face to Randhir and begged. “Inspector, please, arrest him.”

“Arrest him,” He commanded the constable to arrest Sameer.

“Wait, I’ve evidence to prove myself innocent. You can’t arrest me like this.” He uttered.

He whispered something in Inspector’s ear while Ahana looked at me helplessly with her sorrowful eyes. Is she really mentally sick? No, I’m sure his husband is lying.

“Inspector, he’s wasting our time. Can’t you see her condition? Arrest him.” I said to Randhir.

“Mr Malhotra, let us first see the evidence.” As Randhir said, I nodded my head, glaring at Sameer in anger, he just rolled his eyes.

“Come with me,” Sameer asked the inspector to come inside with him. Inspector asked us to come with them, but he asked Ahana to stay here. Last time glancing at her I went behind them.

“This is her report. I can’t talk about all this in front of her because it will make her condition worse. That’s why I take you here.” He said, giving the report to Randhir and continued. “Inspector, she’s Anaya and she was in love with me. We married two years back, these are our marriage certificate and photographers. These are the photos of Anaya and her parents. She lost her memory in a car accident two months back and after that, she started calling herself Ahana, an orphan girl who doesn’t exist in reality. She doesn’t even recognise her parents and said that I torture her. I’m not lying, Inspector. This is the truth. I’m trying my best to make her believe that I love her, but she is running away from me. I feel so helpless. I still love her, but she hated me.” He showed us all the evidence, tears are falling down his cheeks continuously and the pain is clearly visible in his eyes, but still, my heart is not ready to believe that Ahana is mentally sick and she’s not Ahana in real. Oh God, this is so confusing. Now I’m not understanding whom I should trust, Ahana or Sameer.

Suddenly a question popped into my mind and I asked from Sameer. “Why she calls herself Ahana and accuses you.”

“There is a long story behind this.” He answered me, sounding extremely depressed.

“If you still have any doubt, you can talk to her doctor and her parents.” He said, looking at all of us.

“You give me their address, I’ll investigate them,” Randhir said to him and he nodded his head.

After that, we all walked out of the room. Ahana is sitting in the hall. She stood up as she saw us. My mind has stopped working because all this was utterly unexpected for me. I didn’t think the truth would be this. This is unbelievable. I’m not even sure that this is the truth or there is something else. I can’t blame Sameer also because he has so many evidence which is clearly showing that she’s Anaya, not Ahana. If she’s really sick, then I want to know why she calls herself Ahana and accused her husband that he tortures her. I’m utterly baffled right now. I need some time to think over this.

“Why you all are leaving, Arrest him. He’s lying. He wants to prove me mentally sick.”’Ahana yelled when Randhir started leaving the house with the whole police force.

She rushed to me. “Riyan, you said that you trust me. You’ll help me and you will take me out from this hell. Why are you standing silent now? Why aren’t you doing anything?” She questioned me, crying miserably. Oh God, I can’t see her like this.

“Do you also think that I’m mentally sick?” She asked, having hope in her eyes.

I shook my head. “No, I trust you and I’ll help you. It just that we don’t have evidence to prove that you are right. Don’t lose hope, Ahana, I’ll help you.” I held her arms and assured her that I’ll help her. I can’t break her more by saying that I’m also thinking that she’s mentally ill after seeing all the evidence shown by her husband. My heart is aching painfully seeing her in this condition. I can’t see her pain.

“Really, you trust me?” She asked in utter disbelief.

I nodded my head. “Yes, I trust you.”

“I don’t want to live here anymore.” She cried. My heart is crying inside.

I composed myself and said. “I promise you, I’ll make everything fine. It just a matter of a few days.”

Next moment she abruptly hugged me, wrapping her arms around me. I’m shocked with her sudden hug which was utterly unexpected for me. “Please, Riyan, help me. I can’t bear this pain anymore. You’re my only hope. I need your help, I need you.” She cried clenching my shirt and burying her face in my chest. My heart cried after listening to her miserable cry. I lifted my arms up slowly and hugged her back, pulling her closer to myself. I want to give her relief and console her with this hug. I want to take away all her pain and misery. If she’s really sick, I want to make her fine. I want to bring happiness in her life, and I’m dying to see a smile on her face. I just want to see her happy at any cost. I don’t care if she’s Ahana or Anaya, or if she’s not well. I won’t let her suffer anymore, here. I’ll take her away from here with me and nobody can stop me, not even her husband. Today after seeing her condition, I’ve realised how much I love her. Yes, I love her, I love her a lot. I can’t see her in pain. If she cries, my heart aches. I don’t care if she’s mentally not stable. I’ll make her fine. No matter what, I’ll always support her and be there for her always. I don’t want her to love me back, I just only wish to see her happy and completely fine.

So what do you think about this update? Is Ahana really mentally sick?

Now, what will Riyan do?

Love Mehak

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