Ahana (Part: 9)

Part: 9 I’ve to let her go

Siya’s P.O.V.

I was utterly shocked when Sameer told that her wife is mentally sick because it is unbelievable. I’m feeling like Sameer is a genuine person, he’s not lying. He’s dejectedly looking at his wife who is crying in somebody else arms, I can clearly see the pain in his eyes. His eyes fell over me and he strolled toward me, gazing at me dolefully.

He pointed at a room. “Ask him to take Anaya in the room and I’m sending the nurse who will give her medicine.” He said in low voice to me. I just nodded my head because I don’t know what I should say to him. As he glanced at Ahana and Riyan with sorrowful eyes, a lone tear rushed down his cheek which he wiped instantly with his palm. He dashed from there.

I ambled to Riyan. “Take her inside the room,” I whispered, placing my hand over his shoulder. He looked at me.

He broke the hug and said clasping Ahana’s face. “Let’s go to the room.”

“I don’t want to stay here.” She denied, crying.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. I’m here with you. I won’t let anything happen to you.” He reassured her, wiping her tears gently with his thumbs.

“You take her to that room, me and Kabir are waiting for you here,” I told him, pointing at the room. He nodded his head. He clasped her hand and wandered to the room.

“What do you think, Is Sameer lying?” I looked at Kabir as I heard his voice. He dawdled towards me.

“I feel like he’s not lying. Maybe Ahana is really sick. I’ve seen extreme pain in his eyes when Ahana was crying. I think he loves his wife.” I told him in a serious tone.

“But we can’t trust him. Maybe he’s acting.” He assumed.

“Maybe, I don’t know, ” I shrugged my shoulder. We both are confused.

Riyan’s P.O.V.

I laid Ahana down on the bed comfortably after giving her medicine which nurse gave me. I knelt down beside her on floor.

She clasped my hand and put it near to his chest. “Thank you for trusting me.” She whispered, looking at me fondly.

I gave her a small smile, caressing her forehead gently. “I’m always there for you.” I leaned in and kissed her forehead, promising her that I’ll make her fine. We gazed into each other eyes intensely and deeply.

She fell asleep and I’m still gazing at her beautiful face which has become pale. I’m gently stroking her forehead. I want to take away all her pain, I can’t see her like this condition because I love her. She’s such a beautiful soul, I don’t know why God is making her suffer. If Sameer is the reason for her pain, I’ll kill him with my own hand.

“I promise you that I’ll find out the truth, I’ll take you away from all the pain and fill your life with immense happiness.” I brought her hand near to my lips, gazing at her lovingly. “I love you.” I murmured against her hand and placed a kiss on her knuckles.

“Riyan,” As I heard Siya’s voice, I moved my eyes at her. She’s strolling toward me.

“We shall go now.” As she uttered, I frowned at her. How could she even ask me to go home after seeing Ahana’s condition? She needs me. She doesn’t want to live here. How can I go leaving her alone here with her husband?

I left her hand and gently placed her hand beside her on the bed before standing up. I took her out of the room with me, holding her hand.

“Siya, I can’t leave Ahana here because we don’t know the truth. She needs me. She’s in pain. How can I go home and sleep in peace when she’s suffering here day and night. I’ll stay with her here. You go back home with Kabir.” I stated sternly.

“Riyan, I can understand what you’re going through, but the truth is Ahana needs doctor, not you.” I glared at her in anger as she called Ahana mentally ill indirectly by believing on Sameer.

“No, wrong. No Doctor can make her fine.” As we both heard Sameer’s voice, we turned our faces at him. He’s striding towards us. “She needs Riyan only at this time.” I was a bit shocked to hear this.

“I need to talk to you about Anaya.” I nodded my head. He sauntered to the hall and we both followed him. Cabir is already present there and we all settled down on sofas.

Sameer uttered after a few seconds of silence. “Anaya’s condition is getting worse by staying with me. Today she calls the police and I don’t know what she would do next. I don’t want that she should start hurting herself. I,” he paused and inhaled deeply, closing his eyes, anguished.

He opened his eyes and continued. “I want you to take her with you.” I raised my brows in shock. We just met today and he’s asking me to take his wife with me.

“But how can you trust us?” Siya asked before I could say something.

“Because she trusts him.” He pointed his hand at me. “She’s not ready to listen to me. I’ve been trying from past two months to make her fine and to make her believe that I love her and she’s Anaya, not Ahana. But now it is high time, I’ve to accept the truth and I’ve to let her go.” He uttered staring at us dejectedly and a lone tear escaped down his cheek automatically.

“She has made her own story and living in it.” He chuckled sadly. “And she has made me the villain of her story whom she hates a lot. Riyan, you’re my last hope to make her fine and show her the reality because she trusts you only and nobody else. You’re the hero of her story and only you can bring back happiness in her life. I can’t see her like this anymore. I want to see her happy. I can’t keep her with myself forcefully, I’ve to let her go because now she is not my Anaya, she’s Ahana. It will take time but I’ve to accept the truth that I had lost my wife in the car accident two months ago only and the girl with whom I’m living now, she’s somebody else. She’s not my Anaya anymore.” Tears are constantly trickling down his cheeks. He’s going through a lot. We are staring at him silently. We are just shocked to see his condition.

But now the question is why Anaya made herself Ahana and started hating his own husband when he loves her so much.

Do you still think that Sameer is lying? *smiling evilly*

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Love Mehak


  1. I’m very excited for the next part🥰🥰🥰🥰 it’s my favorite story and also my first non-fiction story which I have read now🤗🤗🤗🤗

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