(Part: 7) {Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

Part: 7 Fifty Shades Of Shukla

Next morning I woke up and smiled contentedly seeing my world, my Princess who is sleeping naked in my arms peacefully. I seriously don’t know what great I did that God gave me her. She’s such a pure and beautiful soul, filled with positivity. I feel happy and utterly satisfied when she’s around me. She’s the only reason that I’m living happily. She’s my strength. She’s my world. She’s in my every breath. She lives in my soul.

We are still in the playroom because last night we had fallen asleep there only. I seriously still can’t believe that she didn’t freak out after seeing this room. She always amazes me by showing me how much she trusts me and I’ll never break her this trust. She is ready to experience everything with me because she knows I’ll never hurt her. Oh God, she makes me feel so lucky to have her.

Last night, our first Master and his Princess session was incredible. The way she was moaning with extreme pleasure, her moans were giving a different kind of pleasure to me, I can’t even describe in words. I was so turned on last night, but I didn’t make love because I had already made her so tired. It is Master duty to take care of his Princess and to sacrifice his pleasure for her. Really I can sacrifice all of my pleasures for her. I just only want to wake up like this every day. I want to keep her close to me always and want to inhale the exquisite scent of her body which intoxicates me.

She opened her eyes slowly and smiled cheerfully after seeing me. “Good morning,” I wished her merrily and placed a soft kiss on her cheek.

“Good morning,” she wished me back heartily and smiled broadly.

“I love your every shade. You’re fifty shades of Shukla.” We both chuckled and suddenly she kissed my lips softly. As she moved back after leaving my lips, I grasped her hair and kissed her deeply, pulling her closer to myself.

“You’re perfect for me, Princess.” I breathed after breaking the kiss, she smiled gleefully. “I can’t even explain in words how much I love you. I never want to lose you, Princess.” I kissed her forehead gently, promising her that I’ll always protect her.

“I seriously can’t believe that you’re with me in this room and accepted my master side too. This is like a dream. You’re unbelievable.” We’re gazing in each other eyes deeply.

“And you know, I love your master side the most.” As she uttered these words, I came over her hurriedly because I get aroused when she calls me Master in her soft and husky voice. I hastily pulled my lower and boxer down my legs and straddled her, pinning her hands against the mattress.

I gazed into her eyes passionately and shoved into her deeply in one go, filling her completely. She screamed, squeezed her eyes shut and dug her nails into my hands. Oh fuck, I feel out of the world to be deep inside her. This feeling is more than incredible.

I pulled out and instantly pushed into her again. “Say it again,” I commanded her to say me, Master, again after giving her another hard thrust.

“Sidharth,” She screamed my name, I think she has forgotten the rule. As she gave me a grin, I understood that she’s teasing me by calling Sidharth intentionally.

“At this moment, you’re teasing your Master, very bad, Princess. Now you’ll regret it.” I thrust her hard and fast, again and again. She’s screaming in pleasure.

I came out of her after leaving her on the edges. This is her punishment for teasing her master during the make-out session. She frowned at me, panting.

“Princess, it is your mistake, you tease your Master and break the rule. Now you’ve to accept your punishment like a good girl.” I grinned devilishly at her.

She pouted sadly. “I thought Master and Princess session must have ended last night.” She uttered innocently, taking my heart away from me. How can she always do this to me?

“You’re so adorable, Princess.” I placed a kiss on her nose. She averted her eyes to show her anger to me. Again her adorable act took away my heart. How, I mean how can she be cute, sexy, smart, so sensible. She’s incredible.

I lay down beside her on my one side, resting my head over my hand and my elbow is pressing against the mattress. “By the way let me remind you, I told you that I’m your master in this room and you’ve to follow my all rules and commands.” As I reminded her, she looked at me, frowning.

“That’s not fair.” She complained and hit my chest lightly, I chuckled before taking her in my warm and protective arms. She struggled to come out of my arms in anger but I didn’t leave her. I hugged her tighter, pulling her closer to myself. She finally gave up and stopped struggling.

“Remember all the rules from the next time, Princess. I’ll message you all the rules. In case you forget, you can read them.”

She raised her head from my chest and glared at me. “I won’t give you any chance to punish you from next time.” She stated in full confidence, I’m highly impressed.

“Are you challenging your Master, Princess,” I asked, raising my brows.

“Yes, Master.” She nodded her head.

“Challenge accepted.” I raised my head from the bed and gently sucked her delicious lips, gripping her tightly in my arms.

“By the way, I forgot to tell you that last night session was incredible. I never thought that orgasm could be this much intense. The experience was amazing and thank you so much for giving the best orgasm of my life.” She pecked my lips, thanking me.

I pecked her lips. “More to come.”

She grinned and her eyes glinted with excitement. “Wow, I’m already getting excited about the next session. This is so amazing. I love to experience new things in my life, specially experiencing all this with you. I’m enjoying every bit of the Master and Princess session. You know you took sex life to another level. This is so unbelievable. I feel like I’m dreaming because I didn’t even know a bit of this.” She’s telling about her experience, I’m just gazing at her silently. She looks so beautiful when she talks about something with excitement, I love the sparkle in her eyes at that time the most. Her eyes are shining brighter than the stars in the sky, so beautiful. This girl is really hypnotising me.

“But I’m loving all this,” She abruptly stopped and closed her mouth as she noticed me, gazing at her.

“Am I making you bore?” As she asked, I instantly nodded my head.

“Are you crazy? I can stare at you all my life if you don’t even say anything. You can never bore me, Princess. Never think about this again.” She smiled brightly and rested her head on my chest.

“I love you so much, Sidharth.” She confessed against my chest, calling me Sidharth again, I grinned because I won the challenge.

“Again you call me Sidharth, Princess.” As I uttered, she instantly looked up at me, raising her head from my chest.

“Sorry,” she bit her tongue. I grinned.

I trailed my hand down her back to her butts and stopped there. She’s gazing down at me innocently. Her breath becoming heavy as I’m caressing her butts, smiling wickedly at her. “Don’t repeat this mistake next time.” As I squeezed and slightly smack her butts, she jumped up, raising her brows in amazement.

“I won’t repeat it, Master.” She said meekly, I smiled.

“That’s like my good Princess.” I placed a kiss on her tiny nose.

“I love you so much, Princess.” I clasped her face and confessed.

“I love you more, Master.” She started kissing every inch of my face, murmuring I love you against my skin after every kiss. Feeling her warm breath against my face is so good. After that we kissed each other lips lovingly, forgetting about the whole world.

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Love Mehak

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