(Part: 8) Master And His Princess

I’m gazing at my Princess from a few minutes who is sitting at the last desk of the classroom. Today she’s wearing my simple black t-shirt tucked in the white jeans. She only wants to wear my clothes.

Today morning I came into the room after preparing the breakfast for us. I raised my brows in surprise when I saw her all ready for the college in my t-shirt. She strolled towards me, smiling at me.

“How I’m looking, Master?” She asked, encircling her arms around my neck.

I grasped her waist and yanked her to myself, gazing in her eyes. “My clothes suit you a lot. You should wear them more often.” I uttered.

“I only like to wear your clothes because I want to feel your touch around my body for twenty-four hours.” She whispered against my lips before taking my lips in her mouth. She kissed me hungrily, clenching my hair. I responded her back with the equal flavour, gripping her waist tighter and grinding myself against her.

“And what I should do if I want to feel you around me?” I asked, raising my brows as we broke the kiss.

“You just keep me around yourself.” She breathed and pecked my lips.

I smiled recalling about her morning conversation. I’ve given some work to the whole class which she’s also doing. I’m standing leaning against the table in front of the class, my arms are kept on the table. She’s so gorgeous and beautiful. I can stare at her all the time.

A few hair strands are coming in front her eyes which she tucked them behind her ear and swept her eyes at me, her cheeks became red and lips curved into a pretty smile as she saw me gazing at her. She picked up her phone from the table and started typing something. Maybe sending the message to me.

She looked up at me, smiling and then only my phone vibrated in my hand. I moved my eyes from her to my phone. I smiled, seeing her message. I hurriedly opened it.

My Princess: You know, I love it a lot when you stare at me like this in front of the whole classroom without caring that what they will think about you. This makes me feel special

My smile grew bigger after reading her message. I looked at her before replying her back.

Me: Princess, you’ve only taught me that we shouldn’t think that what others think about us, it is not our business, and I love to gaze at you because you’re so beautiful.

She smiled at me after reading the message.

My Princess: I’m really happy to see you so carefree. Be like this always.

Me: Until you’re with me, I’ve no tension about anything, but I’m just afraid to lose you.

I’m not afraid of dying, but I’m afraid of losing her. She’s the only reason that I’m breathing today. Without my Princess, I’m nothing. Her Master is nothing without his Princess.

My Princess: Don’t think about it. You know even death can’t separate us because our hearts are connected to each other. No power in this world can separate us. They can only separate us physically.

Me: I love you, Princess.

My Princess: I love you more, my hottie professor.

We looked at each other intensely and kissed each other souls through our eyes. Then the bell rang.

She pouted sadly and typed the message.

My Princess: I’ll miss you.

Me: We’ll meet in the break.

Then we meet in the break time and had lunch in the canteen.

After college, we met at the ground of college to go back home together. We’re going to the parking area hand in hand.

“Aaa…” She shrieked in pain as somebody hit the stone on her forehead. For a few seconds after listening to her shout, I became utterly blank that what happened to her.

I won’t leave that bloody person who hurt my Princess. I looked around in anger, there are so many students around us. I’ll find about that person, later on, my first priority is my Princess.

I clasped her face and asked concernedly, looking at the red mark on her forehead. “Princess, are you fine?” My hands are literally shivering, I can’t see her in pain.

“I’m fine.” She said she’s fine, but she’s not. I’ll find that person who has hurt my Princess and kill him.

I lowered my head and placed a gentle kiss over her wound without caring that how many eyes are looking at us. I want to take away her pain with this kiss.

“Now I’m completely fine.” She whispered and smiled at me. I just stare at her wound worriedly.

She clasped my face. “Really, I’m fine, Manik.” She blinked her eyes in assurance.

“It hurts a lot to see you in pain, Princess. I will not leave that person who has hurt you.” My eyes glinted with anger.

“It must have happened by mistake, leave it.”

“That we’ll come to know after finding the person who hit you.” I clenched my teeth in fury.

“Calm down.” She whispered and gently caressed my dark stubbles with her thumbs, soothing me with her soft touch. I closed my eyes, her touch is relaxing my restless mind. She has some magic in her touch, and she knows very well how to cool me down in every situation.

“Are you really fine?” I asked again after opening my eyes.

“I’m fine.” She smiled slightly and blinked her eyes. I pulled her into my strong arms next moment. I want to keep her safe in my arms forever. Suddenly I noticed the stone on the floor. The white paper is wrapped around it. I broke the hug and strolled towards the stone as I found something fishy. I bent down and picked up the stone. I stood straight and looked at Nandini. She’s looking at me bemusedly. I unwrapped the paper from the stone, something is written on it.

“Stay Away From My Master.” I read it in a low voice. We stared at each other in shock.

“I think, she is the same girl who had sent you the video that night. She wants to separate us. Now I’m a hundred percent sure, she’s one of my submissive.” I uttered with full confidence.

“But who? And why she would do this?” She asked.

“I don’t know.” I shook my head. “But I’ll find out soon. I won’t let anything happen to you.” I clasped her face and assured her.

“I know you will never let anything happen to me.” She smiled slightly. I smiled too, seeing her confidence.

“Aren’t you scared?” I asked suddenly.

She shook her head. “I’m scared of nothing.” After listening to her answer, I’m staring at her in astonishment. She’s such a strong woman. If today there was some other girl on her place, she would freak out. She always amazes me. I’m falling in love with her a little more every day. She’s the blessing of God.

“How can you be so strong always?” I asked in utter disbelief.

“The first reason is you, you’re my strength, and second thing is that I know life is like this, problems will come, that’s why I always keep myself ready for them.” I’m just staring at her in utter disbelief. One day, this girl will make me crazy with her thoughts about life. She looks at life in a completely different way and she always finds something positive in everything. She’s the best and I’m so lucky to have her.

She continued. “You know, the day you came in my life, I’ve become even more strong. I know, you’re always there to protect me from the cruel people.”

“I love you so much, Princess.” I just said this because she always makes me speechless.

“I love you more.” We smiled at each other, gazing in each other deeply.

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Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Inka romance tou pure class ke samne bhi khatam nahi hota they always wants to be with each other or look at each other same thing happens when manik is free and nandu is busy that time he gets time to study her fully…
    Aab yeh naaya villain kon hai joh nandu ko harm karna chata hai bcoz they wants manik that much is clear…
    But humara manik is always there to protect his princess like he was now when she got hit with a stone…
    Nandu is so damn strong she is afraid of anything as she knows manik will be there with her and for her always in all situations…


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