(Part: 105B) Manan Love Story

“So here comes new lovebirds of Malhotra family,” Cabir commented as Manan strolled to the dining area hand in hand. They settled down, passing the smile to everybody.

“Thank you,” she thanked him smilingly as he served her the breakfast. He smiled back and they both started eating from one plate only.

Cabir noticed this. “Mom, Is there a shortage of plate in our house?” He asked from Neyonika, looking at Manan’s plate through the corner of his eyes.

Manik shook his head in disbelief and Nandini smiled sheepishly while others laughed.

“You will never stop teasing the couples?” Neyonika asked.

“Never, no matter what happens, Cabir won’t stop teasing the couples.” He stated.

“When you get married, then we will take revenge. Right, Manik?” Adi asked from him.

“Of course, I’m waiting for that day,” Manik answered him.

“Chachu, now listen to me,” Muskan shouted, catching everybody’s attention. She was sitting in between her mom and dad in front of Manan.

“Yes, I’m listening, doll.” He replied to her.

“What did you bling for musu?” She asked, raising her brows.

“I have brought so many chocolates for you and a barbie doll.” Her eyes glinted with happiness as he told her.

“Wow,” she stood up on the chair and started clapping cutely. Everybody laughed at her.

“Musu, you’ll fall down. What are you doing?” When she was trying to climb on the table from the chair, Adi stopped her and scolded her by holding her hand.

“I want to go to Chachu,” she told him.

“Now go,” he said after placing her down on the floor.

She crawled under the table and reached to her Chachu and everybody shook their head on her antics.

Manik made her sit on his lap and she placed a kiss on his cheek. “I love you, Chachu.”

“Chachu loves you more.” He hugged her tightly in his arms and kissed her head.

Manik went out for the song recording and Nandini spent her day at the Art gallery. At night, they were lying cuddling each other in the comforter. He was only in his shorts and she was in black short nighty.

He was kissing all over her face and pecking her lips. After every kiss, he was murmuring I love you to her.

She came over him and straddled him, resting her hands over his bare chest. “Now my turn.” She smirked and both gazed into each other.

“What you gonna do, Angel?” He asked, tucking her hair behind her ears properly which were falling over her face and blocking the view of her beautiful face.

“I’m gonna do lots of things with you.” She whispered after coming close to his lips, trailing her hands down his chest. He raised his eyebrows in amazement and his glinted with excitement when her hand was going into his short. She captured his lips and held his junior in her hand. She rubbed him, kissing him passionately. He slid his hands into her nighty and squeezed her butts after grabbing them and kissed her hungrily, groaning in her mouth. He took his one hand into her panty from front and started rubbing her vigorously. They both were kissing each other passionately and giving extreme pleasure to each other with their hands. They were moaning in each other mouth. His one hand was in her front inside the undies and his other was at her back into her nightdress. He unhooked her bra and after that, he flipped their position. Now he was on top of her.

“Now I just can’t wait to feel you around me.” He whispered, rubbing himself against her inner thigh. She moaned, closing her eyes.

A sudden knock on the door at night straddled them. They looked at each other bemusedly. He stood up and pulled the shirt down his head hurriedly. They sat up and he gave her the shrug to wear over the nighty before opening the door. She climbed out of the bed and went behind him.

They raised their brows in shock as he opened the door. Ram was on the door and tears were trickling down his eyes mechanically.

“What happened, Dad? Why are you crying?” She asked after coming out from the shock.

“I hid the truth about Arjun from you.” They both were confused and shocked, both at the same time when he mentioned about Arjun. What did he hide about Arjun?

So excited for the next part.

Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Hehe yeh cabir kabhi nahi sudrega he always has to tease anyone but uska bhi time pakka ayega tab manik usko bilkul nahi chodega…
    Hayee muskan is soo cute she just wants gifts and everyone gets them for her to make her happy…
    Poor poor manan unka romance kharab hou gaya but yeh kya secret hai which made ram cry???


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