Ahana (Part: 10)

Part: 10 Is Sameer A Real Villain?

Sameer’s P.O.V.

I’m Sameer Raichand, my life is utterly messed up right now. My wife whom I love so much, she is afraid of me and hates me. She screams, she cries, she wants me to let her go, but how can I let her go in this condition, I want my Anaya back who was in love with me. Will I ever get her back?

Today I got hope, I found a person who can bring happiness in my Anaya’s life. Anaya after becoming Ahana stops trusting anybody but she trusts Riyan. He came into my life like a miracle. Only he can make her fine and again bring a smile on her beautiful face. I’m dying a bit more every day because her condition is worsening. If I’ve to let her go for her happiness, I’ll let her go and live in a hope that one day my Anaya will come back to me. My love will bring her back to me. If not, then I’ll spend my whole life with her memories.

“Why Anaya made herself Ahana and started hating you when you love her so much?” As Riyan asked this question from me, I started thinking about the past when I lost my wife, Anaya. I started telling them everything.

Three months back, everything was perfect. My life was like a fairy tale, everything was so beautiful, I had a gorgeous wife and a well-settled company. I married to Anaya Rajput two years back, we met each other in a party and exchanged numbers. We started talking on the phone, we started seeing each other and didn’t come to know when we fell in love so deeply. We confessed love and she proposed me for the marriage. We got married and started living happily together. Everything was going so smoothly, my life was like a beautiful dream. Our love for each other was growing with each passing day. We were planning to have a baby after two years to complete our family, but God was planning something else for us. Something which was utterly unpredictable. I couldn’t even in my dream think that one day she would hate me.

We were lying naked in each other arms, our bodies were partially covered with the white duvet. I was kissing her soft hands. Her head was kept on my chest and she loved to lie in this position because she loved to hear my heartbeat.

She raised her head from my chest and uttered, looking at me sadly. “I’ll miss you so much in this one week.” She was a bit upset because I was going out of Mumbai for some important work.

I caressed her cheeks with my thumbs. “Anaya, my baby, it is just a matter of a few days.” She pouted sadly, looking so adorable. I pecked her lips and she smiled slightly.

“I want you to be with me every second. I want to lie like this in your warm arms and listen to you soothing heartbeat twenty-four hours.” She rested her head again on my chest. I embraced her in my arms firmly.

“I love you so much, Sameer. You’re my everything and I can’t bear the separation of us for even a single second.” She murmured against my chest and placed few tender kisses there. I closed my eyes. I loved the touch of her lips on my skin.

“I love you more, Anaya.” I hugged her tighter, pulling her closer to myself and kissed her hair.

Next day I left for the business tour. At that time I didn’t know that I would regret leaving her alone for one week. One week passed away, we talked every day and missed each other a lot. Everything seemed fine to me in this one week.

I came back home without informing her because I wanted to surprise her. I stepped into the room and saw her combing her hair, standing in front of the mirror. I strolled toward her, smiling broadly. She looked at me through the mirror but didn’t react, I narrowed my brows in confusion. I thought that she would start jumping with the happiness.

I held her shoulder from behind and leaned down to whisper in her ear. “I’m back, my love.” I placed a kiss on her cheek from behind. She swiftly turned towards me and hugged me, nearly crushing my bones and she started crying loudly like a baby. I was shocked, I hadn’t expected this reaction of her. Why she was crying like this?

I broke the hug and clasped her face. Tears were trickling down her cheeks and my heart was aching painfully. “What happened, baby? Why are you crying? Is everything okay?” I asked, gently wiping her tears with my thumbs.

She sobbed, gazing at me, there was a pain in her eyes. “I just,” she hiccuped. “ I just missed you a lot.” She again started crying, resting her head on my chest. I hugged her tightly, pulling her closer to myself. I became upset, seeing her condition.

“Aww baby, now I’m back. I’m with you. Please, stop crying because it is hurting me. Please for me, stop crying.” I requested, stroking her hair because she was crying continuously and my heart was sinking.

“Is she really crying because she missed me or there is something else?” I wondered.

She finally stopped crying after a few minutes and I sighed deeply.

“Why everybody is not like you?” She asked dejectedly as we broke the hug. She wasn’t looking fine to me, there was something wrong with her, I assumed.

“Is everything alright, Anaya?” I cupped her face and asked concernedly, gazing in her grey eyes which weren’t sparkling like before. The shine was missing from her bewitching eyes.

“Everything is fine, Sameer. I just missed you a lot and that’s why I became emotional when I saw you after one week.” She smiled, but her smile didn’t reach her eyes. I was worried because I was feeling like she was hiding something from me. Something which was hurting her from inside.

“If something is bothering you, you can tell me, Anaya.” I was stroking her cheeks with my thumbs, gazing at her concernedly.

She encircled her arms around me. “I’m fine now because you’re with me.” She came closer to my lips and murmured before taking my lips in her mouth. She kissed me softly, I kissed her back with equal flavour, driving my hands into her soft and silky hair. I grasped her hair and pulled her closer to myself. I missed a lot these tasty lips of her. Her lips were like heaven on the earth. We were now kissing each other passionately, my hands roaming all over the body. The kiss made us forgot about the whole world. I pressed my chest with her and ground my crotch against her, making her moan in my mouth. I missed her so much.

We were panting, gazing in each other eyes deeply after the kiss.

“I missed you a lot, baby,” I whispered as we broke the kiss.

“I missed you more.” She breathed against my lips.

I pulled her into my strong arms. “I love you so much. I’m sorry that I went leaving you alone and made you cry.”

We broke the hug. “Now I won’t let you go anywhere.” She grabbed my collars and uttered.

“From now, I will take you with myself wherever I go.” I placed a soft kiss on her forehead, promising her that I would not let her cry again.

“Now you get fresh, I’m arranging the dinner.” I nodded my head and she walked out from the room after last time smiling at me, something was missing from her face.

“I just hope that I’m overthinking and everything is fine, and she is not hiding anything from me.” I murmured to myself and went to the bathroom to get fresh.

So Sameer is not the villain of story.

What do you think, what happened to Anaya in the one week.

Love Mehak


  1. Still am not convinced with Sameer’s talk … I think ye reverse hua hoga … May not b. Sameer sahi b hosakta hai .. nation wants to know aisa one week me kya hua Jo Anaya change higayi 🤪🤪


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