(Part: 9A) {Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

Part: 9 Taking Away His Stress

We are going to her home from college. I’m driving the car and she’s sitting beside me. I’m really anxious about her. I called the commissioner and asked him to find the person who has hit my Princess. I won’t leave him.

“Princess, I want you to stay with me at my house until we find the person who wants to separate you from me. My house is fully secured, so for a few days, could you stay there?” I asked after stopping the car in front of her house.

“I don’t have any problem to stay with you, Sidharth.” She answered and placed a kiss on my cheek.

I smiled at her. “And don’t worry, we’ll find that person soon.” She stroked my stubble gently with her thumbs. I just gazed at her smilingly, and we kissed each other lips softy and smoothly.

We’re now standing in front of her house. I said before pressing the button of bell. “Now I’ve to take permission from mom and dad.”

“They won’t say anything.” She blinked her eyes and I rang the bell.

As Mom opened the door, she freaked out after seeing the wound on her forehead. “How did this happen, Sana? It must be paining?”

“Mom, chill. I’m fine.” She reassured mom, holding her shoulders.

“But how did this happen?” As she asked concernedly, we glanced at each other worriedly thinking that we should tell her or not.

“Is dad at home? We need to talk about something to both of you.” I asked from her, she nodded her.

Then we all strolled into the house, Mom went to the room to call dad and we wandered to the drawing-room.

“I think, we shouldn’t tell them, they will get worried.” She said as we both settled down on the sofa.

“They deserve to know everything and I also want them to be more careful from now. I also want to secure your house. I can’t take any risk by not telling them.” When I told her, she nodded her head, understanding me.

“Hello, my Kids.” Dad greeted us cheerfully while settling down in front of us. He remains happy all the time after getting mom back. I can clearly see happiness in his eyes. He really loves mom like I love Sana. I can’t even imagine what he would have gone through when Mom was not well.

“Hello, Dad.” We smiled and together greeted him back.

Mom sat down beside him after bringing snacks and water for us.

I take the sip of water and said. “Mom someone is behind Sana and she wants to harm her. Somebody threw the stone on her.” They raised their brows in shock after knowing this.

“But who?” Mom asked instantly, her eyes glinted with concern.

“We don’t know, but we’re finding,” I told them, they became worried.

“I’m not understanding that why anybody wants to harm my daughter.” Dad murmured in disbelief.

Sana stood up and strolled towards them. She knelt down in front of them. “Mom, Dad, don’t worry. We’ll find out about that person very soon.” She assured them placing her hands on their lap. They smiled slightly, putting their hands on her face.

“I want her to stay with me until we find the person because my house is fully secured if you both don’t have any problem.” I stood up and said.

“We don’t have any problem, Sidharth, we want our daughter safety and we trust you. We know you won’t let anything happen to her.” As Mom said, I smiled broadly and happily after seeing how much they trust me.

Then I looked at Dad. “Yes, we know that you will keep her safe. You can take her with you and find about that person very soon.”

Sana and I glanced at each other and smiled. I looked back at them. “I promise you both that I’ll not let anything happen to her, and I’ll find about that person very soon,” I promised them, gazing at them in determination.

“We trust you, Sidharth.” I smiled contentedly as Dad said.

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