(Part: 9B) {Manan} Master And His Princess

We came to my farmhouse at night after spending the whole day with mom and dad. She went to take a shower while I talked to the Inspector Verma who is handling this case. I wore short and vest after talking to him and lay down on the bed, placing my arm on my forehead. I’m worried about her, because of me, her life is in danger. I can’t lose her. She’s my world.

After some time, I felt her arms around me. I was lost in my thoughts that I didn’t come to when she came and lay down beside me. I instantly removed my arm from the forehead and opened my eyes. She’s smiling at me, looking so fresh and beautiful as a flower after the shower. I’m feeling a bit better after seeing her smiling face. Her smile is my strength. She takes away my all stress with her one smile. Her wet hair is arousing my inner desire like always. She’s wearing my hoodie, lying on her one side, placing her arm around me and gazing at me intensely.

She moved closer to my face. “Last night you gave pleasure to me. Now it is my time to give pleasure to my Master.” She whispered against my lips before capturing them. She came over me, straddling me and kissed my lips hungrily and passionately, clutching my vest. I kissed her back, sliding my fingers through her hair. I grasped her hair slightly and pulling her closer to myself. I widened my eyes in amazement as she slid her hands into my short while kissing me. I bit her lower lip as she pressed my junior. She shook it and rubbed it up and down, driving me crazy. I’m groaning in her mouth, clenching her hair and kissing her deeply and more passionately. She’s giving me extreme pleasure with her hands. This is incredible.

She’s taking away my all stress, she knew very well that how to make me feel good. That’s why I love her so much. She takes care of me, pampers me, listens to me, understands me what I want by seeing my face only and she loves me a lot.

Now I just can’t wait anymore to be inside her.

I suddenly flipped our position by holding her arms, now she is lying under me, panting after the intense and passionate kiss. “You’re incredible, Princess,” I whispered before kissing her lips softly pouring my all love. I trailed my hand up her thigh into the hoodie and smiled after breaking the kiss because she wasn’t wearing the undies.

“Princess, you have impressed your master today by remembering the rule of not wearing the panty in this house. I’m highly impressed by you.” As I uttered, she blushed and hid her face in my chest after raising her head from the bed.

“Now it is time to give you some reward.” I pulled my shorts down my legs.

“What?” As she asked, I smirked.

“This,” I shoved into her deeply without any warning.

“Manik…” she screamed loudly, clutching the sheet. I pulled out of her and instantly pushed myself into her again, this time deeper. “And this.” I thrust deeper and deeper, giving her hard strokes.

I accelerated the speed of my thrust, we both are moaning in extreme pleasure. I feel so good to be inside her, I feel so complete, and I feel like we’re one soul and nobody can separate her from me. That’s why I love to be inside her. I thank almighty every second for giving her to me. She’s really the blessing of god to me.

After some time, we’re lying inside the comforter. We’re lying on our one side, facing each other, placing our one arm around each other and gazing in each other eyes intensely and deeply.

“I’m scared for you. I don’t-don’t want to lose you.” I shuttered.

“I can understand. I’m also afraid to lose you, but please don’t think about it now. Don’t spoil this moment by worrying about the future. I’m with you at this time, enjoy the moment. We don’t know about the future, anything could happen, we can’t change the future by worrying about it. Live in present and enjoy the moment.” She explained to me, caressing my hair gently with her one hand and stroking my cheek with her other hand, and she is gazing at me lovingly. I love this girl so much. She’s filled with positivity and gives peace to my soul. I fall in love with her a bit more every day. I feel so lucky to have her in my life.

“You’re right. I shouldn’t spoil this moment by worrying about the future which is unpredictable.” I pulled her into my strong arms. “I love you so much, Princess.” I hugged her tighter, rubbing my naked body against her bare body. Our chests are pressing against each other, giving another kind of pleasure to us which I’m loving it.

“I love you more, Manik.” She whispered against my shoulder and placed a few soft kisses there, sending the chills down my spine. I’ll not take stress by thinking about the future. My Princess is with me, in my arms at this moment, only this matters to me.

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Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Hayee manik and nandini both are enough for each other they know each other inside and out thats why just by seeing there faces they can say something is wrong or not…
    And nandu saw manik was worried for her so she thought to distract him by giving him pleasure which was successful in doing and that why manik loves her bcoz she tales away all his problems..
    And as nandu said not think and worry about future its better they live in present and enjoy…


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