Ahana (Part: 11A Revelation)

Part: 11 Revelation

Anaya was sitting lost when we were having dinner. Her strange behaviour was really making me worried and giving me negative vibes. I didn’t know why she was not sharing with me what was going inside her mind. I’m extremely anxious about her.

I thought to take her outside and said to her. “Let’s go to eat Ice Cream outside.”

She looked at me and nodded her head, smiling slightly. “Okay.” I was shocked because she didn’t get excited like before to go out. Now I became sure that there was something wrong.

“Anaya, I know something is bothering you. Please, share it with me. I’m worried. What is bothering you?” I asked concernedly as we settled down inside the car.

She placed her hand on my face. “Sameer, nothing is bothering me. I’m fine, really.” She reassured me.

“Don’t overthink and I love you a lot.” As she kissed my forehead, I smiled. We gazed at each other for some time and then I started the car.

“Anaya,” After a few minutes, I called her while driving the car, my eyes were on the road. I turned my face to her because she didn’t respond. She was staring out sadly, lost in her own thoughts. I again because sad after seeing her like this.

“Anaya,” I called her again and as I turned my face toward the road, I widened my eyes in shock, seeing the truck approaching towards our car in full speed. I hurriedly turned the car on the other side, and it crashed with the tree. Then everything became black.

After that, I woke up on the hospital bed, holding my head, it was throbbing with pain. “Anaya…” As I murmured, a nurse who was present in the room, she rushed to me.

“Anaya, my wife, Is she fine?” I asked her.

“She is still unconscious, but out of danger.” I sighed with relief after knowing this as she told me about Anaya.

“I want to meet her,” I said and as I tried to get up, Nurse stopped me.

“You should take some rest, Sir. When your wife gets conscious, I’ll tell you.” She asked me to take rest, but I denied it because I wanted to meet her.

I shook my head. “No, I want to meet her now.” I removed all the wires which were attached to my hand and climbed out of the hospital bed by putting my all strength.

“Take me to her,” I said to Nurse and she took me to her room.

She left me in her room. I sat on the stool beside unconscious Anaya. I gently and lovingly caressed her hair and clasped her one hand, gazing at her fondly. I was really worried about her because she had been behaving so different since I had come back.

After some time, she slowly opened her eyes and stared at me like she didn’t know who I was, and she was trying to recognise me. Her expression made me anxious.

“Are you fine?” I asked concernedly.

“Who are you?” As she asked, I raised my brows in utter shock and my heart skipped beating. Did she forget me?

But this was just the beginning, there were lot more shocks awaiting for me.

“I’m your husband, Anaya.” Her eyes glinted with fear as I told her this. She started shivering. I was horrified to see her condition.

“You will beat me…” she murmured, moving away from me, scaring from me.

But, Why?

I was bewildered after listening to her words.

I shook my head. “No, why would I beat you? Why are you thinking like this?” As I tried to touch her face, she moved away from her face.

I closed my eyes and composed myself, clenching my fist. As I opened my eyes, my heart ached painfully because she was crying.

“You will hurt me, you’re bad.” She was shrinking in fear again and again. Tears started trickling down my cheeks mechanically. I was not understanding why she was behaving like this. I was utterly shocked.

I rushed outside to call Doctor.

I dashed into the doctor’s cabin, opening the door. “Doctor, I don’t know what happened to my wife. Please, check her.”

He stood up from his chair and strode towards me. “Relax, Mr Raichand.” He placed his hand on my shoulder, I was breathing heavily.

“Please, come with me.” I requested, crying. He nodded his head.

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