Ahana (Part: 11B Revelation)

We reached her room and saw her staring blankly at the ceiling of the room. I couldn’t see her in this condition, it was hurting me a lot. Doctor strolled towards him while I kept standing on the door only.

“Hello, Mrs Anaya.” As Doctor greeted her, she looked at him.

“Who Anaya?” She asked like she didn’t even remember her own name. She forgot her memory.

“Do you know your name?” He asked her.

She nodded her head in yes. “I’m Ahana.” I widened my eyes in shock when she called herself Ahana.

“Your parents’ name?” He asked the next question.

“My parents are no more.” My mind was blasting after listening to her answer.

“Okay, you take some rest. I’ll come to check you after some time.” The doctor walked towards me after saying this to her.

“What happened to her? Why she’s calling herself Ahana.” I asked him, getting anxious as we stepped outside of the room.

“She has forgotten her memory. Even I can’t understand why she’s calling herself Ahana. You should concern psychiatrist for this. I can’t help you with this. I just hope your wife gets fine soon.” He left from there after saying this. I was just shedding silent tears. I was feeling so helpless and not understanding what I should do. My life changed drastically that day. On that only I lost my wife, Anaya.

I told them my half story. They all are looking at me shockingly and unbelievably.

“Did you come to know that why she started calling herself Ahana?” Riyan asked.

“Yes,” I said and told them what happened next.

After a few days, I consulted psychiatrist, he was also confused with Anaya’s case. Anaya’s condition was worsening with each passing day. She used to cry and shriek in pain while sleeping and started forming her own story that I beat her.

But One day, everything became clear when Anaya’s best friend, Shruti Khanna came to meet Anaya.

“Oh God, how can this be possible.” She murmured when I told about Anaya’s condition to her. I looked at her bemusedly.

“What happened?” I asked suspiciously.

“Sameer, I know why this is happening with Anaya, but I’m shocked.”

“Tell me, please.” I requested.

“A month ago, I visited Anaya when you had gone out for one week. She told me about the book ‘Ahana’ in which her husband tortured her. She started crying while telling me about that book. I tried a lot to make her understand that it was only a book and she shouldn’t overthink about it, but she was just talking about that book to me. Sameer, I think she got so much attached with that book.” I was utterly shocked. This was unbelievable, but I understood why she was behaving so different when I came back home. When our accident occurred, at that time also she was lost in the thoughts of that book only. Why Anaya, why you didn’t tell me that the book was making you feel depressed? If you had told me about that book, I would have distracted your mind.

Then I visited her psychiatrist and told her about the book Ahana. She told me. “Sameer, she forgot everything in a car’s accident except the book. After losing her memory also her mind remembered about that book because she got so much attached to that book. That’s why after waking up, she started calling herself Ahana and when you told her that you’re her husband, she started thinking that you torture her as Ahana’s husband tortured her in the book.”

I was just blank after knowing this. All this was unpredictable for me. I hadn’t imagined anything like this? How could anybody get so lost in the book?

“Will-will she gets fine?” I asked.

“Chances are very less. If you try to tell her everything at one time, she will become crazier. I will suggest you to first make her believe that you will not hurt her and when she starts trusting you, then you can tell her the whole truth.” I just stared at the doctor blankly. My mind stopped working at that moment. I just wanted my Anaya back in my life at any cost.

Finally, the reason revealed that why Anaya because Ahana.

Unexpected right?

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