(Part: 50B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage

Sidharth was sitting on the bench outside of the hospital, holding his head. He was thinking that his Angel would leave him because she still loved Arjun. He was utterly shattered because he couldn’t imagine his life without her. She was his everything and he loved her a lot. He couldn’t even force her to stay with him because he wanted her happiness. He was shedding silent tears, he was dejected and hurt. All the beautiful dreams which he had seen with his angel were shattering and his heart was aching painfully.

Sana came outside of the hospital, her eyes were desperately searching for her husband. He raised her brows in shock when she saw him crying. She instantly rushed towards him without thinking anything.

“Sidharth, what happened?” As she asked, placing her hand over his shoulder, he looked up at her with sorrowful eyes.

“You will leave me,” he uttered in dejected tone and his eyes were filled with innocence and pain.

She instantly shook her head. “No, never.” She clasped his face and asked. “Why are you thinking like this?”

He sobbed like a baby and shuttered. “You said-you said, you still love Arjun. Now you will go back to him.”

She again shook her head and explained him. “Sidharth, you’re thinking wrong. I love Arjun, but not in that way I used to love him in past, and I can never love him as I love you.” He was staring at her in disbelief.

“You’re saying this because you don’t want to hurt me, right?” She raised her brows in shock after listening to his words. He was thinking wrong.

She leaned down and captured his lips after clasping his face. She was kissing him deeply and passionately, telling him how much she loved him. She just wanted to show him through her this kiss that how much she loved him. She wanted to make him believe that she only loved him in this way and she would never leave him. Arjun was her past, he was her present and future.

Her kiss relived his restless mind and soul. With her this kiss, he understood that he was thinking wrong that she would leave him.

After the intense kiss which was filled with immense love, she rested her head over him and they were breathing heavily. Their warm breath was caressing each other face. He was sitting on the bench and she was standing in front of him.

“You’re my life, Sidharth. Now I can’t even imagine my life without you. Arjun was my past, you’re my present and future. I want to live rest of my life with you and if there is life after this, there also I want to live with you. You’ve given me the new identity after pulling me out of the darkness. You gave me the reason to live and smile. The Shehnaaz who is standing before you today, she is your Angel. I’m yours utterly. I can never think to leave you. I really love you, Sidharth Shukla. I love you so much and I feel so lucky to have you in my life. I’ll never leave you, and I’ll give you all my love.” She placed a kiss on his forehead, he gently closed his eyes in response and smiled contentedly.

“I love you more, Angel. I’m sorry that I misunderstood you.” He apologised while she settled down beside him.

“It’s okay.” She placed a kiss on his cheek and rested her head on his shoulder, smiling brightly and blissfully.

“You know, I’m feeling like today I finally get free from my past completely.” She looked at him and uttered merrily, her eyes were shimmering.

He smiled at her happily and placed a kiss on her forehead. He was delighted to see his Angel happy. Her happiness was his happiness.

“I’m happy for you, Angel.” He tucked her few hair-strands behind her ears and they both gazed into each other eyes deeply and happily.

“Thank you,” as she suddenly thanked him, he narrowed his brows bemusedly.

“What for?” He asked.

“For always supporting me. Today When I breakdown, you gave me strength and encouraged me to face the truth. I really love the way you always support me and give me strength. Thank you so much for everything and for standing beside me like my support system.” She moved closer to his face and sucked his lips softly.

Now She loves Arjun like a friend, not like a lover. Hope you understand this by reading this part.

So don’t forget to leave your precious comments.

Do you like the way she consoled her husband and make him believe that how much she loves him.

And I Hope you get my message through this part.

Love Mehak


  1. Haye 😂😂😂 soooo beautiful😍😍😍😍😍✨✨✨❤❤❤ I really love the way she makes him understand that she’s only his 🥰🥰🥰 and he’s her strength 💪, her love ❤ her everything💖 Wonderful✨😍✨😍✨😍✨😍 I loved it


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