Manan Love Story (Part: 110A The Cute Couple)

Manan were sitting on the bed and listening to the song of the album which was sung by rockstar Manik Malhotra and now she was going to work with him in this song video. The song name was Dil Ko karaar Aya. The lyrics of the song was also written by him only.

Jab saansein bharu main

Band aankhein karoon main

Nazar tu yaar aaya

The song was playing in the background and they were gazing into each other intensely. She got completely lost in the song, forgetting everything.

Dil ko karaar aaya

Tujhpe hai pyaar aaya

Pehli pehli baar aaya

O yaara…

He climbed down from the bed and held his hand out in front of her. She smiled brightly at him and placed her hand over him. As he held her hand, she stepped down from the bed. He strolled behind her and trailed his hand up her arms, caressing his cheek against her cheek gently and romantically, sending the shivers down her spine. She closed her eyes, enjoying his touch and the song. The song was making the atmosphere more romantic and full of love. He wrapped his arms around her chest from behind and yanked her closer to himself, holding her firmly in his arms. She kept her head over his chest, her eyes were closed.

Then they turned toward each other and listened to the whole song by touching their forehead together.

(I’m not explaining the scene of the complete song because I’ll explain the video of this song when their song will get shoot. This song is so soothing, I really always get lost in this song and I imagined them always. Finally, I’m gonna put my imagination into words soon.)

“Wow, Mr Perfect, the song is so soothing and beautiful. Your voice has some magic really. Your songs always touch my heart and I must appreciate the person who has written the lyrics of this beautiful song. It touched my heart. Overall best song.” Her eyes were shimmering with happiness when she was appreciating her husband proudly. He was just gazing her smilingly.

“I’m the songwriter of this song.” As he told her, she raised her brows in surprise.

“Wow, you’re singer, actor and songwriter. I must say that my husband is a Multi-talented.” She encircled her arms around him and both smiled at each other.

“You know, now I’m excited to work with you in this song.” She told him.

“That’s great. You know, we’re going to shoot this song in Mussoorie. You love mountains and that’s why I’ve chosen this location.” Her eyes glinted with happiness as he told her.

She jumped over him and gave him a tight hug. “You’re the best.” She broke the hug and kissed his cheek. “I love you so much.” She confessed cheerfully.

He was delighted to see her so happy because he had done all this for her happiness only. He wanted to fill her life with all the happiness of the world.

“You always think about me. I fall in love with you more every day.” He smiled happily after listening to her words.

“I want to fill your life with happiness.” They beamed at each other ear to ear, gazing in each other intensely.

“By the way, I’m so happy to work with you. Now I don’t have to go for the shoot without you. You’ll be there with me.” He squealed happily like a kid.

“I’m so happy too, but when will the shooting begin?” She asked, raising her brows.

“Tomorrow, we’ve to leave for Mussoorie tonight.”

“What? Isn’t it so soon? Now I’m so nervous. I don’t know if I will able to do it properly or not.” She spoke, playing with her fingers nervously.

He held her hands and looked at her. “Relax, I’m with you and I know, you’ll do best.” He encouraged her, rubbing her knuckles with his thumbs to relax her, and he was looking at her lovingly.

She smiled slightly. “I hope so.”

“By the way, after shooting we’ll spend a few days there. It will be like our second honeymoon.” He grabbed her waist and pulled her toward himself. “Do you remember our first honeymoon, how hot it was?” She blushed, recalling the memories of their honeymoon, it was indeed hot.

“Wow, I’m so excited for our second honeymoon at Mussoorie.” She shouted in excitement and he smiled, seeing her so excited.

“For how many days we’re going?” She asked.

“For a week or maybe more, It depends when our shooting ends and also when we get satisfy spending our alone time there without the interruption of Muskan at night and Cabir teasing.” He came closer to her face.

“Now let’s do the packing. It is December month, there will be so cold.”

“Let’s do it.” He held her hand and led her to the walk-in cupboard to do the packing. Both were getting excited like small kids to go on the trip. They were so adorable and perfect couple.

So, are you excited for their second honeymoon at Mussoorie?

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Hayee nandu tou manik se impress hou gaye aur kyu na hoge uska husband multi talented joh who can do everything….
    Nandu is damn excited to work with manik but when he told they are leaving tomorrow she got nervous but manik hai na he handled her perfectly…
    Now waiting to see there hot hot romance during second honeymoom…


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