(Part: 1A) Lost Love {Sidnaaz}

Before the story starts, there is a quick introduction to the characters.

Sidharth Shukla

•Age: 26


•Finding his lost love, from whom he got separated in childhood because of one tragic incident.

•Rude, Arrogant

•He only loves his parents and Nandita’s parent and a friend. Expect them, he sees everybody like they are his enemies.

Nandita Singh

•Sid’s childhood lost love.

Shehnaaz Gill

•Age: 25

•Helping her dad in his business

•She is cute and happy go girl who loves her father a lot.

•Fan of Sidharth Shukla

Cabir Dhawan

•Sidharth’s one and only friend

•A Drummer

•He is helping Sidharth in finding Nandita for him but didn’t have any hope to get her back.

Neyonika Shukla

•Sid’s Mother


•Her son is her life, she can do anything to bring his happiness back.

Raj Shukla

•Sidharth’s father

•A Rich Business Man.

•Love his son a lot

•Trying hard to find Nandita from 16 years because Nandita was like his daughter only.

Ishita Singh

•Nandita’s Mother


•Lives with Shukla family

•She has lost all hope of getting her daughter back.

•Sidharth is like her son.

Raman Singh

•Nandita’s Father

•Business partner of Raj Malhotra

•Still having a hope to get his daughter back one day.

•Sidharth is like his son.

Ram Gill

•Sana’s Father

•Business Man

•His daughter is everything for him

•Lost his wife in a car accident

So let’s begin the story.

It was raining heavily at night and Sana was enjoying the rain sitting at the backseat of the car. She was wearing a simple blue full-length dress, she was looking naturally beautiful without any makeup. She was looking outside from the window of the car and humming the song which was playing inside the car, her lips were curved up in a bright smile. It was the song of his favourite singer Sidharth Shukla. She was a crazy fan of him. Suddenly driver applied the brakes and she moved forward, she held the front seat immediately to balance herself.

“Kaka, what Happened ?” She asked from the Driver worriedly after catching her breath back.

“Madam, Galti hogye, koe humhri gadhi ke aage aakar takra gya (I did a mistake, somebody came in front of the car and got hit)”Driver

told her in terrified tone, trying to look at the person whom he had hit from the front mirror. She opened her eyes wide in shock.

“What? Kaka, meine apko kitni bar kha hai gadhi aram se chalaya kare. Ab kuch hogya toh inhai ( how many times, I have told you to drive the car carefully, what we will do, if something happens to him)” She scolded the Driver and got hell worried. “Now we should take him to the hospital fast, now please help me,” She climbed out of the car.

She worriedly strolled toward the person who was hit by her car. His face was not visible because it was on the other side. She bent down and after turning the person on her side, she got the biggest shock of her life because the person was non-other than her favourite singer, Sidharth Shukla. Her dream was to meet him one day and she had never imagined that one day she would meet with him like this. It said true life is unpredictable.

“Kaka, will you please now help me?” she asked from Driver in anger after composing herself. She was angrier now because the person whom her driver had hit, he was her Rockstar, Man of her dreams. Then the driver and Sana put him inside the car. She sat behind, putting his head on her lap and stared at him worriedly. She touched his bleeding forehead, her hand was shaking. The driver started the car.

“Nandita” In whole way Sidharth was taking one name that was Nandita. Sana was shocked to find that the story which she was thinking that it was a lie, it was true. Her Rockstar was really having a girl in his life, to whom he used to dedicate all his songs. She always used to find pain in his voice but she used to think that she is overthinking. The way he was taking Nandita’s name in his unconscious state, she got sure now that the story of his lost childhood was not a story, it was the sad reality of his life.


Sana was sitting outside of wardroom anxiously and inside Doctor was treating him. The doctor had informed that it was just a small injury, there was nothing serious but still, she was upset because he really loved a girl madly and deeply and there was no chance of her. ” Seriously, Sana, you are crazy, why are you so sad? you should be happy that he is absolutely fine.” saying this to herself, she got up. She decided that she would leave the hospital after saying sorry to him as he was hit by her car. She looked at him through the glass door sadly.


She fell asleep at night, sitting on a chair which was kept outside of his room and the next morning, she woke up stretching her arms. Then she realised that she was not at her home, she immediately got up to check Sidharth. Opening the door, she found him still unconscious. She closed the door disappointedly and again sat back. After something she felt thirsty and went to drink water. “How I should inform his family, even his phone is missing? They must be worried for him” she thought worriedly while drinking the water.

She went back and hastily stepped into the room opening the door as she listened to a few voices from inside.

“Who saved me ?” When she entered inside, she found Sid standing in front of the nurse and asking from the nurse in a loud voice that who saved him. His eyes were spitting fire, it was clearly visible that he was angry. She became shocked for a moment seeing his anger. She was not ready to face the anger of his Rockstar who was the dream man of her life.

“I-I saved you,” She shuttered while strolling toward him, looking at him, having fear in her eyes. Her words caught the attention of Nurse and Sidharth. There was a silence for a moment when they both looked at each other. Sana was walking toward him taking slow steps, she didn’t know why her heart was beating so fast. She was feeling like her heart would explode the next moment. The nurse immediately left from there, leaving Sana alone with Angry hulk.

He reached up to her within a second, taking long steps. “Who the hell are you?” He asked in fury, grasping her arms tightly. She was not expecting this kind of behaviour from him. She was not ready for this, she was blank, she was not understanding what to say because his behaviour was breaking her heart because earlier her heart had formed another image of her Rockstar.

“Are you deaf ?” not getting her reply, he again stormed at her, holding her arms more tightly, she nodded her head negatively, still she was numb because of his behaviour. “Then speak up, why the hell did you save me ?” He asked in same angry tone while his eyes were spitting fire. She shivered more hearing to his words.

“I took you here because you got hit by my car, I just wanted to help you, why are you getting so angry, I,” she finally spoke up, putting her fear behind but again he gave a shock to her. Before she could speak more, he harshly pushed her down with the so much force that she fell down on the floor. She got shocked for a moment, she couldn’t believe that he pushed her. Her head started spinning, she was going crazy seeing his behaviour.

“Help, oh really, please next time if I come in front of your car, please help me by not taking me here. It will be a great help for me if you leave me there dying next time.” He bawled at her like she did any crime to save him. His words were confusing, but she was not in a condition to think that what he said because his behaviour did enough to break her. Tears started trickling down her cheeks mechanically because her heart was crying.

When Sid spoke last words, she didn’t look at him, she was looking down in shame because she was calling herself an idiot for being a crazy fan of this type of person who had no manners to talk. She was feeling like her life was shattering down in front of her eyes because the image which her heart had formed was totally opposite. She already heard that he was rude, aggressive but she used to think that those were rumours, but today she came to know, those weren’t rumours, everything was true about him. Last time yelling on her, he stormed out. She flinched as he slammed the door.

“How could he behave like this, what was my mistake ?” she asked from herself this question while crying badly. “You were a fool Shehnaaz who was loving this rockstar blindly without knowing him. Seeing dreams with him, thinking wrong about him, you were really a big fool” she scolded herself while wiping her tears. “I am ashamed that I was his crazy fan and ready to do anything for him, I hate him, I hate him, I hate you, Sidharth Shukla.” She shouted in fury and cried sitting there. She was shattered after seeing his behaviour.


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