(Part: 1B) Lost Love {Sidnaaz}

As Sidharth stepped into his house, Neyonika rushed toward him worriedly. “What happened Sid? Yeh chot kese lagi tujhe (How you got injured?)” She asked worriedly, cupping his face while he was giving her blank looks as like nothing had happened with him.

“It’s just a small scratch, mom, and you know that the physical pain is nothing in front the pain which I have been going through from so many years, this doesn’t hurt,” He said, looking at his mother having pain in his eyes.

Whenever she saw his son, her heart used to cry in extreme pain. Since his childhood, she had been seeing him in pain and trying her best to bring him out from the memories of his bad past and Nandita, but nothing was affecting him. His love for Nandita was something which couldn’t be described in words, his love for her was pure. His mother used to cry more than him seeing him in pain. His pain wasn’t decreasing with time, in fact, his pain was increasing with each passing year.

“Sid, please, for god sake, you need to understand, Nandita is never going to come back and you have a life ahead which you can’t spoil like this anymore,” She tried to explain him the same thing again, he still gave her blank looks. “Sid, I am dying every day seeing you in this condition, please, try to move on,” She begged, looking at him having pain in her eyes and her hands were caressing his dark stubble. She knew that her words would never affect him but being a mother, she couldn’t sit quiet and see him spoiling his life.

“Mom, how can I move on when my Nandita is suffering pain somewhere and waiting for me. You all have accepted that Nandita is never going to come back but I can’t because I have promised her that I would come back to take her, and I would set her free from that hell. Mom, I can hear her painful cries, they are breaking my Nandita, I can’t live happily after leaving her in pain, please, stop giving me more pain by saying me to move on. I will find her till my last breath. Never say that she will not come back. I’m living in hope that one day I’ll find her, don’t take that hope from me.”

His each and every word were filled with extreme pain. His words were clearly showing that what Nandita was for him and how much pain he was going through.

He left from there, leaving her mother in tears behind him. At the corner, another lady was also in tears after listening to Sidharth’s words. That lady was Ishita, Nandita’s mother who had accepted that her daughter was never going to come back, but when Sid used to say that Nandita was in pain, being a mother, her heart used to cry a lot thinking that if she would be alive, how much pain she must be going through.


“Sana, Is that person fine now who was hit by your car ?” Ram asked worriedly from her when she reached back home. His words brought back the whole incident in her mind, she recalled how badly he had behaved with her and broken her heart a few minutes ago.

“Dad, he is absolutely fine,” She gave a fake smile to him. She tried to hide her sadness from her father behind her fake smile and lumbered toward her room, avoiding his more questions. She shut the door close and took a deep breath.

“A shower will make me feel better.” She murmured to herself and took her cloth out from the cupboard. She went to take a shower.

After taking the shower, she came outside and lay down on the bed. She picked up her phone which was kept on the side table of bed. She gritted her teeth in fury, seeing his photo which was set as a wallpaper on her phone. She immediately changed her wallpaper and deleted his all songs from her playlist and then opening her Instagram account, she unfollowed all his Fan pages. After doing all this, she tossed the phone on the bed in anger.

“Why just I can’t take that monster out of my mind? I was just a fan of him and now I know his reality, then why just I can’t forget him? Why again and again, I am thinking about him? Why I am spoiling my mood for the person who is nothing for me?” She was going crazy because he was not leaving her mind. ” I hate him a lot.” She shouted, beating her hands on the pillow to take out her anger crazily.

“Maybe this is happening with me because I did nothing when he insulted me like a piece of trash. I should teach him a lesson so that from the next time, he will think twice before insulting anybody, especially their fans” a thought came into her mind and she decided to take revenge of her insult from him. “Now you will see, Mr Sidharth Shukla, What happened when you break the heart of your fan,” she murmured in attitude and started thinking about the plan.

She wasn’t aware that she was going to fall in love with him deeply in future.


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Love Mehak

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