(Part: 52B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage

At lunch time, Sidharth told everybody that Shehnaaz would work with him in his next song. Everybody got super happy to know this and wished her all the best.

When they were leaving at night, Neyonika came with sugar and curd. “ All the best, Sana.” Neyonika fed her spoonful of it because she was going for a crucial work and she wanted to wish her good luck.

“Thank you, Mumma.” She hugged Neyonika tightly. Sidharth was just smiling, seeing the bond of her wife and her mother, nobody could say that she was her daughter. She loved Shehnaaz like her own daughter. He admired their pure bond.

They were sitting in the plane. They were going to Mussoorie through their private jet. She was sitting nervously beside him. She was twirling her hair with her finger in nervousness, thinking about tomorrow that she would able to it properly or not because it was her first time.

“Mr Perfect, I’m getting nervous. What if i can’t do it properly? I don’t want you to be got insulated in front of everybody because of me tomorrow.” She shared with him whatever was going in her mind.

He placed his hands on her face and stroked her cheeks with his thumbs. “Angel, if you can’t to it properly, then also it is completely fine because it is your first time. You don’t have to think anything, you just have to give your best and be relax. Just say to yourself again and again that I’ll do my best. Try not to think that you won’t able to do this.” He tried his best to explain her.

“I can do this and I’ll give my best.” She said to herself in determination. She got encouraged by him.

He smiled and kissed her forehead, cupping her face. “I’m sure, we gonna rock it together and our song will be a big hit, and it will break all the records.” She smiled, seeing his confidence.

Within two hours, they reached Mussoorie and now they were going to hotel by car. They were sitting on the backseat of the car.

“You know everybody are so excited to see us together in the song. Many were requesting me to work with you. It is time to give them good news.” He slid his hand into the pocket and took out his phone.

He clicked their perfect selfie. In the selfie, he was kissing her cheek. He excitedly uploaded it on the Instagram with the caption ‘A song coming soon with my gorgeous wife. I’m so excited to work with her. Shooting starts tomorrow.’ He never used to leave any chance to make his fan happy.

“Now let’s take one more selfie in my phone, I’ll also upload on my Instagram account.” She said, opening the phone camera. He chuckled.

He wrapped his arms around her neck from behind and placed his cheek against her. She made a adorable pout and clicked their cutest selfie. He pulled her cheeks and she laughed, clicking their one more cute selfie. In one selfie, they gave the pose by taking their tongue out like two adorable kids. In another, she kissed his cheek, in next one, he kissed her neck and in last she hugged him and took a selfie.

Now they were laughing, seeing their all cute and funny selfies. “Wow, these are so cute, we look so adorable together. I’m becoming the biggest fan of both of us.” She laughed after saying this. He was just smiling, looking at her.

She was swiping the photos again and again, and now she wasn’t understanding which she should upload. She asked her Mr perfect to help her. “Now help me in selecting the best one.”

“All are best. Upload all the photos.” He suggested.

“This is best idea.” She excitedly opened the instagram to upload the photos.

She posted all the photos with the caption ‘Going to start a new journey of my life with my beloved husband. I’m a bit nervous and excited too, but so happy because I’m going to shoot my first song with my Mr Perfect.’

As she rolled down the glass, the cold breeze caressed her cheeks. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, taking the fresh air into her. The wind was blowing fast and swaying her air. She was feeling so fresh. He was now just admiring his Angel, having a blissful smile on his face.

She pressed the button and the glass moved up. She turned her face towards him, having a pretty smile on her face and her eyes were shining like stars in the darkness. “Mountain are best, I feel so fresh here. It gives me positive vibes. You have chosen a best place.” She uttered merrily.

He was tucking her hair properly behind her ears after entangling them. “If you want we can shift here forever.” As he said, she raised her brows in amazement and her eyes shone with the excitement.

“Really?” She asked.

“Whatever you want.” He placed a kiss on her forehead.

“But this is not possible. Dad’s and everybody’s business is in Mumbai and how can we settle down here without them.” She pouted sadly.

He pulled her cheeks. “Cutie pie.” He caressed his nose against her.

She yawned, placing her hand on her mouth. She was feeling sleepy. She rested her head on his chest and he embraced her firmly. “When we get old, then we’ll spend our remaining life together here. You know from childhood I had dream to have a house in between the mountains.” She fell asleep in his arms while telling him about her dream. He placed kissed on her head.

(My dream is also to have a house in the Mountain🤭. Really I feel so fresh and amazing whenever I visit any hill station. I love mountains.)

Don’t forget to tell that are guys enjoying this story.

Love Mehak


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