(Part: 3A) Lost Love

“Shocked that why he didn’t react?” After listening to Cabir’s words, she came out from her thoughts and looked at him confusingly.

“If I am not wrong, you are the girl who saved Sidharth yesterday?” As he asked another question, she nodded her head positively.

“Whatever he did with you and said to you, for that, I am saying sorry. But one thing I want to say, please don’t hate him. He doesn’t deserve anybody hatred. Sometimes, he lost his mind. To take his pain out, he shouts on anybody, anywhere. I request you to please just don’t hate him because already he is suffering a lot and I don’t want anybody should curse him.” His words made Shehnaaz shocked and speechless, she was not understanding, what she should say to him at that moment.

Cabir walked from there after last time glancing at her and on the other side, Mukti wasn’t understanding, what just happened.

“What I have done? I shouldn’t have done this. I was just thinking about his behaviour, not even for once I thought that why he was shouting on me for saving him, why I didn’t understand that he was in pain and wanted to die. Maybe the pain of losing his childhood love, Nandita or something else. I don’t know why I am thinking about all this.” She got lost in thoughts. She became utterly confused after the second meet with Sidharth.

“Sana, what’s the matter ?”As Mukti asked in confusion, placing her hand over her shoulder from behind, she came out of her thoughts.

“Mukti, now I just need to go home, will tell you everything tomorrow, I am sorry, I have to go now,” Nandini said to her.

“Stupid girl, why are you saying sorry? It’s okay, you can share with me all this tomorrow and just remember that I am always there for you,” Mukti clasped her face and she smiled slightly after listening to her words. Mukti took her in her arms for a hug.

“This is what I need the most at this time, thank you,” she uttered after breaking the hug. She felt little better after the hug and Mukti smiled.


Sidharth was walking on the road lifelessly, and he was lost in the thoughts. For the first time, he wasn’t thinking about Nandita, he was thinking about someone else.

“Why? Why I am thinking about her? Why she attracted me? In sixteen years, no girl had attracted me. I was never interested in anyone, then why she attracted me? I felt like a magnetic force was attracting me toward her. She made me forget about everything, even I also forgot my pain after seeing her for a moment. It was like, she did magic on me.” He was confused because, for the first time in sixteen years, his heart had beat again. Nothing was helping him in all these sixteen years, but she had made him forget his pain for a moment, she did this magic.

Flashback (a few minutes ago)

Sidharth was standing, leaning against the bar counter and drinking, lost in his pain. Suddenly his eyes fell over the girl who was dancing crazily in black midi, the girl was non-other Shehnaaz. As he saw her, he forgot about everything, even his pain, he got lost in her for a moment and that one moment only, he felt like his heart started beating again. But keeping his all the thoughts on the side, he again started thinking about Nandita and scolded himself for looking at another girl.

Then only Shehnaaz came and threw the wine on him. He just went from there without saying anything because she was attracting him and he was thinking that it was wrong.

Flashback over

“Is she my Nandita? because how can the other girl attract me?” He asked this question from himself. He was utterly bemused.

“But how can this be possible that she is Nandita because Nandita toh,” he was so confused because for the first this was happening with him in sixteen years. He was thinking that how could a random girl makes him forget the girl, whom he had been loving since his childhood.

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