(Part: 3B) Lost Love

When he was lost in his thoughts, a car got stopped in front of him.

“Not again, God. What’s your problem, why are you making me meet him again and again? Yes, I know, since the day I had become his fan, I was asking you to make me meet him. But I never wished this to happen like this, he is so weird.” Shehnaaz thought, sitting in the car as Sidharth again came in front of her car.

She couldn’t control herself. She removed the seat belt and stepped outside after opening the door.

The whole world stopped for a moment as their eyes met. Both got lost in each other eyes, she was now seeing the extreme pain in his bewitching black eyes.

As the rain cascaded down their bodies, they both came out of their world. He was strolling towards her and his heartbeat was accelerating. He was gazing at her intensely and her heart was pounding. He got fully lost in her, forgetting about the whole world.

He clasped her soft face with his both hands. She felt like electricity rushed down her spine as his hands touched her face, she closed her eyes in response.

“Nandita,” as he called her Nandita, she instantly opened her eyes. She found him gazing at her, having so many emotions in his eyes. She was confused that why he called her Nandita.

“I know that you are my Nandita, your lips, “he whispered, brushing her lips with his thumb and she closed her eyes in response. He was making her crazy with his touch and she wasn’t understanding what was happening to her.

“Your nose,” now he was caressing her cute tiny nose like a baby.

“Your eyes,” he murmured huskily, staring at her eyes.

He stated confidently. “Every feature of your body is telling me that, you are my Nandita.” He was looking at her from so close, her her face was reminding him about Nandita.

“I am Shehnaaz, not Nandita,” She composed herself and spoke, jerking his hand away. She took few steps backwards, he stared at her in shock.

“Then why are you attracting me so much ?” He stormed towards her and asked with rage after yanking her toward himself by grasping her arms tightly.

“I don’t know,” She replied and tried to come out of the grip of his hands, but he was gripping her arms tighter and tighter, glaring at her in anger. He was angry from himself that why he was attracting toward her if she wasn’t his Nandita.

“Please, leave me, you are hurting me,” she cried out in pain as he dug his nails in her arms, taking his anger out on the poor soul. He was angry from himself and taking out his anger on her.

“Stay away from me, next time if you come in front of my eyes, I am warning you, I won’t leave you,” he warned her and pushed her away from himself. She stared at him in utter shock. She wasn’t understanding why he was taking out his anger on her.

He went from there, leaving a shocked Shehnaaz behind him. She stood there, staring at him in shock when he was going away from her.

“He is crazy, but what was happening to me when he was touching me? why I was feeling good?” She wondered bemusedly. Then she also left from there after sitting into her car.


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Love Mehak

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