(Part: 4A) Lost Love

Next day

Shehnaaz’s P. O. V.

The whole night, I couldn’t able to sleep. I am not understanding what is happening to me? Why I am thinking about him? Why did his touch affect me. He shouted on me without any mistake, instead of getting angry, I am thinking about the reason for his behaviour and about his pain which I saw in his eyes. Why did he think that I am Nandita? Is he really attracting towards me? Omg, there is so much confusion. Hope my confusions get cleared soon or else I will die in this confusion.

P.O.V. Ends

“Manu, I can’t leave here anymore, Mujhe bilkul acha nhi lgta yha, please kuch karo,” Nandita’s words were echoing in Sidharth’s ear. He was lying on the floor in the dark room like always, his eyes were closed, he was lost in the deep memories of his past.

“Sidharth,” As he heard Cabir’s voice, he opened his eyes and found him standing beside him.

“Today is your concert, will you able to sing?” Cabir like always came to confirm from his friend before the concert because he didn’t want him to sing if he is not in a condition to sing. He cared for Sidharth a lot and always support him like his brother. He was so lucky to have him in his life.

“I will sing, no need to cancel the concert, singing is the only thing which gives me little peace sometimes,” he answered him and Cabir walked out of the room, leaving him alone again.

He closed his eyes back and as Shehnaaz’s face came into his mind, he instantly opened his eyes in shock and sat on the floor. He was not understanding what was happening to him, why he was thinking about the other girl rather than Nandita.

“Sid,” he heard Nandita’s voice and looked at the direction from where the voice came and he found his Nandita standing near to the door.

“Please, find me, I am in so much pain, I am waiting for you, why are taking so much time? Did you forget me? Do you not love me anymore?” Nandita cried, ambling towards him and he nodded his head negatively when she asked him that do you not love me anymore.

“I love you, Nandita. I am finding you, I will get you back in my life at any cost, I will fight from the god and bring you back, I really love you.” he strolled towards Nandita and as he lifted his up and tried to touch her, she disappeared. He became upset and a tear fell rushed down his cheek. “I really need you Nandita, I am missing you a lot,” more tears trickled down from his eyes.


Shehnaaz was going to meet Mukti in the car. She stopped the car as her eyes fell over the lady who was sweating badly, standing outside of her car, holding her head and one man was checking the car’s engine, the hood of car was open. She stopped the car and strode toward the lady because she was not looking well to her. The lady was Neyonika.

“Aunty, do you need any help?” Neyonika looked at her as she asked politely.

“Actually my car broke down, and now I am waiting for the cab from 15 minutes, pata nhi kha regya.” Neyonika told about her problem.

“You tell me your address, I will drop you and please don’t say no, I will be glad if I help you.” She tried to convince her because she was like this, she couldn’t see anyone in any problem, she was kind and very helpful towards other people. She used to get immense happiness by helping others.

“But beta, there is no need.” Neyonika tried to deny.

“Aunty, please, let me help you,” she cut Neyonika’s words. Neyonika agreed to go with her seeing her requesting like this.

“Badhi hi pyaari ladhki ho tum, naam kya hai tumhra?” Neyonika asked, putting a hand on her face smilingly.

“Shehnaaz,” she told her name to Neyonika with a smile.

Then they both strolled toward the car. She opened the car door for her and Neyonika was so impressed with her. Then she also settled down and started the car.

“Kash Sid ki jindgi main Shehnaaz jesi koe ladhki aajae aur mere khoe hue bete ko vapis le ae” Neyonika wished, looking at her.

“Are you single ?” As Suddenly Neyonika asked this question from her, Sana looked at her in confusion with her this sudden question.

“I am glad that I am single.” She replied while again concentrating on driving. Neyonika got little happy to know this. Soon they reached Shukla’s Mansion, talking to each other. She told her about business on the way.

“Please come for coffee inside, now I don’t want to listen no” Neyonika warned her strictly, pointing her finger at her.

“But,” before she could say something, Neyonika gave her cute fake angry glares, and then she agreed.

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