Manan Love Story (Part: 111B First Day Of Shoot)

Then they both stepped out of the Vanity Van hand in hand. They strolled towards the shooting place and she again became nervous, seeing lots of people. He noticed this and squeezed her hand, telling her that he is with her. She turned her face towards him, he gave a winsome smile to give her strength. She smiled slightly in response.

Everybody was praising their Jodi on the set while the director was explaining them the first scene. “First you both have to look into each other eyes, then when he will kiss you on your cheek, you have to chuckle.” He explained the full scene to them.

Now they were standing on the edge of the mountain to shoot the first scene. He was standing holding her waist. She was looking around nervously and he was noticing this. She was getting nervous to act in front of the camera because it was her first time.

“Just look into my eyes.” As he said, she timidly looked at him. He continued. “Forget that people are looking at us, you just have to think that we’re alone here. Act freely like nobody is watching you.” He tried to remove her nervousness with his words. She smiled and really got lost in his deep black eyes, forgetting everyone.

“Roll, Camera and Action,” Director shouted, they both really got lost in each other eyes, forgetting that how many eyes were at them. Then he placed a gentle kiss on her cheek and she chuckled adorably as directed. Then they passed a winning smile to each other. He caressed his nose with her. They were looking so adorable at that moment.

“Cut,” Director said and everybody gave a big round of applause for their mind-blowing performance.

“It was so simple.” She uttered smilingly.

“I told you, Angel.” He smiled back.

“Thank you for encouraging me. Oh my God, I just can’t believe that I did it.” She squealed with happiness. He was just admiring his Angel.

Then the director came towards them and explained them their second scene. She wasn’t nervous anymore, in fact, she was excited now.

In the second scene, he sat on the grass and she lay down, placing her head on his lap. He was stroking her soft cheeks gently, gazing in her eyes deeply. They both were smiling at each other. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, she closed her eyes and smiled contentedly.

In the next scene, they lay down, holding each other hand. She was gazing at the beautiful blue sky and he was gazing at his Angel. He moved closer to her face and placed a kiss on her temple.

They completed all the scenes of that location within a few hours in one take. Everybody was amazed and impressed by their performance. Nandini was extremely happy. They stepped into the Vanity Van smilingly.

As he turned around after locking the door, she jumped over him and hugged him tightly, throwing her arms around his neck. “I love you so much, Mr Perfect. You know, today you’ve fulfilled my dream of childhood. You always support me and encourage me to fight back with my fear.”

She broke the hug and placed a tight kiss on his cheek. “I love you so much, Mr Perfect.”

“I love you more, Angel.” He pecked her lips. “I just want to see you happy like this always.” He tucked a hair strand behind her ear and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Now its time to complete the work which remained incomplete.” He smirked, taking his hand at her back. She smiled broadly and gazed at him in anticipation.

“I’m utterly ready for it.” As she whispered huskily, gazing at him intensely, he pulled down the zipper of her dress and it slid down her body. She stepped out from the dress, now she was only in inner wears. He was gazing at her heavenly beautiful body intensely. She encircled her arms around him and captured his lips. He unhooked her bra before massaging her twins while kissing her passionately and hungrily. He picked her up and made her sit on the dressing table. They chuckled, looking at each other when a few things fell down from the dressing table. Then they had a quick and wild make out session in the Vanity Van.

The twist will come soon until then enjoy a few beautiful parts.

Love Mehak


  1. Awesome mindblowing update…
    Manan are perfect for each other…
    Nandu ketna nervous the for the shoot but manik ke kuch words he sab kuch thik kar deya he gave her the encouragement she need to give the shots and with his help and encouragement they did all the shots within few hours and there chemistry impressed everyone over there…
    Hayee hot hot romance in the vanity van sirf manan he kar sakte hai hehe…


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