(Part: 6B) Lost Love

Neyonika walked into the house with Shehnaaz. Ishita was waiting for them desperately sitting in the hall. As she saw them entering inside, she rushed towards them merrily because seeing Shehnaaz, she understood, she became ready to help them.

“Thank you so much,” Ishita hugged Shehnaaz tightly and happily. Shehnaaz was shocked for a moment, then she also hugged her back, she felt peace in her arms.

“Shehnaaz, she is Ishita, Nandita’s mother, she lives with us.” Neyonika introduced Ishita to her.

“Hello, Aunty.” She greeted her politely.

“Hello, beta, why are you standing here, come inside?” Ishita led her toward the hall.  Then they settled down there.

“Aaj Nandita hoti toh voh bhi bilkul tumhri jitni hoti,” Ishita said, looking at her and a tear trickled down her cheeks. Neyonika and Sana looked at her dejectedly.

“Aunty, I can understand your pain because I have also lost someone who was so close to me. I lost my mom a few years back in a car accident but mein unhai kabhi bhi ro kar yaad nhi karti hoon, humsha unhai kush ho kar yaad karti hoon because I know she would be happy seeing me happy.” Neyonika and Ishita, they were utterly impressed with her.

“Abhi tak toh mujhe thodha sa doubt tha ki tum Sid ko thik kar paogi ya nhi but ab mere sare doubts clear hogye hai, now I am sure, you can really help him. Tum zindagi ko bhut achai se smajhti hoon.” Ishita smiled and placed her hand on her face. Shehnaaz gave her light smile and her mind started thinking about Sidharth.

“Aunty, where is Sidharth?” Shehnaaz asked because her heart was dying to meet him, but her mind was stopping her because he had warned her to not show her face to him.

“He is upstairs, Shehnaaz meet him and try to be his friend first,” Ishita told her. Shehnaaz nodded her head before standing up. She started going toward stairs, taking slow steps. Her heart was thumping with nervousness.

“I really hope, she could help him in coming out of his pain,” Neyonika wished, looking at Ishita.

“We can just pray,” Ishita spoke, staring at Shehnaaz when she was climbing up the stairs.

Her heartbeat was accelerating when she was strolling closer his room. With each step she was taking toward his room, her fear was increasing, but now she had made up her mind to help him out. She was thinking that maybe she would get relief after seeing him happy because from the moment, she had seen his condition, her heart was crying, she couldn’t able to forget his condition. She really wanted to see him fine and happy.

“Good luck, Shehnaaz.” She wished herself, holding the knob of the door. She took a deep breath and finally pushed the door open slowly. She found him sitting on the floor and playing the guitar fully lost in his own world.

She was walking toward him taking slow steps and as his eyes fell over her, he stopped playing the guitar. For a moment, he got lost in her forgetting about everything.

“Sidharth, you can’t get distracted by this girl and why she is coming in front of you again and again.” He thought and glared at her in anger.

He stood up and strode towards her. “What are you doing here?” He asked angrily, holding her arms tightly and yanked her toward himself. She was not understanding from where she should start and what to do.

“Answer me,” she flinched as he shirked loudly on her after not getting her reply.

“Shehnaaz, you need to be strong if you really want to help him. It is not easy, but you can at least try,” she encouraged herself in mind, closing her eyes while he was glaring at in anger.

“I came here because I want an autograph from you.” She opened her eyes and finally spoke whatever came into her mind at that time. Sid looked at her bemusedly.

“I am a very big fan of your songs, couldn’t I get an autograph from you, please?” As she requested, he left her hands.

“You are my fan, that’s why I am leaving you.” He uttered curtly, and she nodded her head innocently.

She gave him the pen and paper after taking it out from her handbag. She started admiring him when he was giving her autograph. She first looked at his jet black hair and then swept her eyes to his beautiful face. She looked into his eyes which were full of pain. She was relieved because after knowing that she is his fan, he didn’t shout on her, he treated her nicely. From this, she came to know one thing that he had a good heart.

“Thank you,” she smiled at him while taking pen and paper from his hands. After caressing his autograph lovingly, she kept the pen and paper in the bag. Then she moved her eyes at him and got shocked to find him gazing at her intensely.

“Sidharth, I want to say something.” Listening to her words, he came out of his thoughts and looked at her like a fool.

“What she is doing to me? what is happening to me? I have never felt this type of attraction toward anybody before, why this is happening?” He thought confusingly in his mind.

“You got the autograph, now you can leave.” He rudely said, turning his face toward another side because he didn’t want to see her because she was doing magic on him, the magic of love which he wanted to avoid as she was becoming a distraction for him.

“But, I want to say something to you being a fan of yours” She tried to talk to him, but he still asked her to go.

“I don’t want to listen anything, now you just leave.” He uttered without looking at her.

“But,” before she could say something, he seized her wrist and dragged her toward the door without looking at her. He shut the door close on her face and she stood there sadly for a moment, staring at the door.

“Kash ek din yeh darwaja tum khudh kholo mere liye,” she murmured, touching the door, having tears in her eyes. Here she wasn’t talking about the door of the room, she was talking about the door of his heart. She was saying that hope one day he would himself open the door of his heart for her.

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Love Mehak

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