(Part: 54B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage

After completing the shoot, they reached back to their hotel. They had dinner and then they were enjoying the view of the mountain from the balcony. She was sitting in between his legs on the floor, resting her head against his shoulder. She was in his white shirt, looking sexy. He was sitting behind her, holding her closer to his heart. They were having hot coffee from one cup and exchanging the breath by kissing each other lips. The cold breeze was caressing their faces and sending the chills down their spine. It was cold at night, but they were feeling warm in each other arms.

He sipped the coffee and asked concernedly. “Why so silent? Are you thinking something, Angel?” He gave the mug of coffee to her.

“I am wondering if I am really taking advantage, the advantage of being your wife,” she mused, sounding upset and he frowned.

“You’re thinking all these because of those girls, right?” He uttered in outrage, losing control over himself.

She placed the mug on the floor and turned her face towards him. She asked doubting herself and ignoring his question. “Am I capable of working with you? Do I really deserve it?”

He closed his eyes to compose himself. “Yes, you deserve it, Angel. Stop doubting yourself. You’re giving your best. Everyone is impressed with you at the shoot. Those girls are just jealous of you and nothing else. You really deserve to work with me because you’re best, I’m not saying because you’re my wife, I’m saying after seeing your performance.” He explained to her and reassured her that she deserved it.

“You had only asked me to not think about those girl’s words in the morning and now you yourself thinking about their words.” He added, caressing her cheeks with his thumbs.

“I’m just not feeling good right now. Just hug me tightly and I’ll be fine.” She turned towards him and placed her head on his chest and encircled her arms and legs around him firmly.

He hugged her tightly, he wanted to give relief to her soul with this hug. “You’re best, Angel and you deserve everything that life is giving to you. Just embrace everything wholeheartedly and please, never doubt your capability.” He was kissing her head and constantly assuring her. He just wanted to take all the useless things out of her mind which she was thinking and feeling depressed. She became fine instantly as soon as he held her tightly in his arms.

She broke the hug after a few minutes. “I’m feeling better now. Your arms are the medicine of my every pain. They are my healer. I really feel so blessed to have you in my life, Mr Perfect.” He sighed after listening to her words.

“Thank god, you’re fine now, Angel. I’m going fire those two girls tomorrow for making my Angel upset.” He said angrily.

“Now please leave all this.” She requested, moving closer to his lips. She placed a lingering kiss over his lips and pulled away, breathing heavily. They were gazing into each other eyes intensely.

“I love you,” both whispered together, looking at each other lovingly and their eyes were shimmering with the happiness of being with each other. They smiled contentedly after touching their forehead. They were feeling so incredible now, just being with each other. Feeling each other breath on their faces, listening to each other heartbeats, being in each other arms was more than enough for them. They didn’t need anything else. They were more than enough for each other. Their stories had merged with each other like the water of two rivers. They were like eyelids and eyelashes which always stay together.

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Love Mehak


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