(Part: 7B) Lost Love

After reaching on the tenth floor, we stepped out from the lift.

“Shehnaaz, whatever you are doing for us, you don’t even know, how thankful I am. It really mean a lot to me.” Neyonika Aunty said when we were ambling toward the room where he was recording his song.

“Aunty,” I was about to say something but before I could, my eyes fell over the person my eyes were craving to see. That person was none other than Rockstar, Sidharth Shukla. He was looking at my face in surprise. His looks were enough to take my breath away from me, he was wearing blue jeans and a white shirt with a black leather jacket. Then his expression changed suddenly. He glared at me like he would eat me up in the next moment. I gulped the lump down my throat because his angry glares were scaring me.

“What are you doing in my Studio?” He snapped at me and reached toward me by taking long steps.

Before I and Aunty could say something, he grasped my arm tightly and dragged me towards the lift.

“Sid,” I heard Ishita Aunty’s voice from behind. He stood inside the lift with me, gripping my arm tightly and with his other hand, he pressed the button of the ground floor. The lift closed before they both could enter inside.

“I’m not understanding that what I should do so that he listens to me for once,” I wondering, staring at his pale face silently. He was staring straight in fury.

“Why so angry?” I wondered.

Then I looked into his eyes which were full of pain, the anger was just his way to take out his pain.

“Sidharth.” After taking a deep breath, I called him but before I could speak something, he pinned me against the door of the lift by grasping my both arms tightly. He gazed into my eyes dangerously. We were just a few inches apart, his warm breath was caressing my cheeks and sending the shiver down my spine.

He was staring at me in fury, but deep inside his eyes, I was finding only pain. He was digging his nails into my arms but I was not feeling any pain. My heart was aching after seeing extreme pain in his eyes.

“Don’t utter a single word.” He warned me, gripping my arms tighter when I was just busy looking in his eyes.

“I know you are following me, and I can kill you for this if you keep doing this. So I am warning you to stop here or else the consequences will be more worse.” He gave me deadly glares with the warning. He was trying to scare me with his words, but I knew that he would never kill me, I mean he would never kill anyone because he had a good heart who couldn’t kill anyone.

“I just want to say something,” as I dared to speak again after his warning, he gritted his teeth with outrage.

“I told you, I don’t want a single word from you,” he rebuked after placing his forefinger over my lips.

His expression changed instantly as he looked into my eyes. He was looking in my eyes helplessly as like he was asking for help from me. Slowly I lifted up my hand, gazing into his eyes deeply and placed on his face, he took a deep breath as like he finally got his breath back because my touch. He placed his hand over my hand, gazing in my eyes intensely. He slightly squeezed my hand and closed his eyes gently as like he got lost in my touch. I was feeling like the magic is happening in front of my eyes because the Sidharth Shukla who didn’t even want to see my face a few minutes ago, now he got lost in my touch. I was shocked and happy, both at the same time.

After a few seconds only, he pulled apart from me, leaving my hand and arm like he got a shock. He turned toward another side and stood holding his head.

Then suddenly lift shook like the earthquake occurred. Next moment, the light turned off and the lift also stopped shaking.

“Damn it.” I heard his shout and sound of kicking off his leg on the door.

“I don’t know, I should be thankful to god for trapping me with Monster inside the lift or I shouldn’t be thankful because I have Nyctophobia, I suffer from the fear of darkness. Darknesses suffocate me.” I wondered and already started sweating and breathing heavily.

In the next minute only, I slumped down on the floor holding my head, I was feeling dizzy, and my chest was becoming heavy because of pain. I found Sidharth was trying to call someone as he was using his phone.

I was trying to call him moving my hand towards him but nothing was coming out from my mouth. I was feeling so weak at that moment. “Sid,” I whispered, but he didn’t hear me.

“This is happening because of you, why you are following me? Don’t you have any other work to do? I understood what you are, you are a useless person who has no work except poking their nose in other people life.” I heard him shouting over me, his face was on the other side. I was constantly trying to call him but couldn’t. I was feeling like I am going to die.

He turned toward me, and as he found me sitting on the floor with the support of the wall, he asked angrily. “Why are you sitting on the floor?” I’m trying to catch my breath back.

Then he turned on the flashlight to look at me. He widened his eyes in shock to find me in my worst condition. I was sweating badly and breathing heavily.

He freaked out after seeing me in that condition. “Oh shit, what happened to you? Why didn’t you call me?” He knelt down and clasped my face with his both hands. As his hands touched my face, I felt a bit relief. He was looking at me anxiously which means he cared for me. I was shocked to find him worried for me.

“No, no, I don’t want to faint down.” My heart cried because I was feeling like I am going to faint down and I don’t want to faint down because for the first time I was seeing him worried for me. I wanted to stop the time here. If this was the dream, then I never wanted to wake up from my sleep.

But his next act shocked me more. He suddenly pulled me into his protective arms and embraced me tightly by wrapping his hands around me. I felt like the world stopped for a moment, I mean he hugged me. I hugged him back instantly by throwing my arms around, forgetting everything. I felt so peaceful in his arms. My fear of darkness was vanishing away in his warm arms. I was feeling relief in his arms. His arms were like heaven, I wanted him to store me in his arms forever and ever. I felt like I found my home in his arms. I didn’t want him to leave me ever, I wanted to stay in his arms forever.

“But he loves someone else.” Always my heart broke down into millions of pieces after thinking that he loved someone else.

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Love Mehak

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  1. Ohhhh god such a beautiful scene woww amazing ♥️♥️♥️the best feeling to be in ur lovers embrace 🌼🌼🌼🌼. U r suprb 🙌🙌🙌


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