(Part: 15) {Manan& Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

Part: 15 The Punishment Session

After leaving her in the room, I came downstairs. I strode towards the bar counter to drink alcohol. After drinking three glass of scotch, I went to the playroom. How could she put her life in danger? I’m just wondering this and my anger is rising.

I stepped into the playroom and found her kneeling unclothed on the floor, ready for me. She’s sitting facing her back to me. Her silky black hair is falling over her back. Her perfect round hips are incredible. She’s looking so sexy from behind. I strolled in front of her. Her hands are kept on her thighs and her eyes are staring down at the floor. Her twins are falling and rising as she’s panting.

She slowly moved her eyes up to look at me and my blazing eyes met her bewitching black eyes.

I shushed her by placing my finger over her lips as she opened her mouth to say something. “No, word, Princess. Just take your punishment silently today.” I said grimly.

“But I want to tell you,”

As she spoke, I snapped at her, cutting her words. “I said no word, Princess.” She instantly became quiet.

I continued with surly expression, pointing my finger at her. She made me so angry today. “I know what do you want to tell. I fucking don’t care whatever the reason was. The thing is that you put your life in danger by going out. Now I just want to make sure that you won’t repeat the same thing again in future after the punishment.”

“Okay, Master, I’m ready for the punishment.” As she uttered, I smiled mischievously.

Then I strolled towards the cupboard to bring a few things. I took out a red colour blindfold and a rope from the drawer. I ambled towards her. She first looked at things which are in my hands and then swept her eyes at me. She’s now gazing at me in anticipation.

She should be afraid, but she’s not because she knows I’ll never hurt her. But today I want to give her punishment which she doesn’t enjoy because today I really want to punish her for her mistake so that she will think twice before repeating the same mistake. I really don’t want to put her life in danger again.

“Hold it.” I gave her the rope. I stood behind her. I covered her eyes with the piece of red cloth and then tied it around her head.

I again came in front of her and knelt down before her. I took the rope from her hand. “Place your both hands in front and joined them,” I ordered and she complied.

“Aren’t you afraid of me?” I asked and tied her both the wrists together with the rope.

“No.” She shook her head.

“Why?” I know the reason, but I want to hear from her.

“Because I trust you, Master. I know you’ll never hurt me and I’ve always told you that with your love and care, I’m ready to take your anger too because the anger is also the part of you.” I felt like my all anger vanished away after listening to her words.

“I love you, Princess. You’re one in millions and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. I just don’t want to lose you.” I said, placing my hand on her face.

“I know and I’m sorry. I know I put my life at risk by going out, but” As she said, again my anger rose up after remembering what she has done today.

I glowered at her, cutting her words. “You did a big mistake and now you deserve punishment.”

She nodded her head. “On your elbows and knees, hips raised up and face touching to the floor,” I instructed the position to her. She came into that position. She’s now completely exposed to me. I admired the sexy view for a minute, strolling around her. I’m utterly aroused after seeing her in this position.

I again strolled towards the cupboard to bring the vibrator wand. I came back and knelt down behind her. I placed the vibrator on the floor and slightly hit her inner thigh and she jumped up in response.

You know, you’re looking so sexy at this moment, so irresistible.” I whispered huskily, massaging and squeezing her butts. I placed few soft kisses over her back and sent electricity down her spine.

I picked up the vibrator and turned it on. “Try to be in the same position, Princess,” I said before pressing it against her most sensitive spot between her thighs. She started moaning with pleasure. I’m rubbing it up and down, bringing her close to the edges. I’m utterly aroused. I grasped her waist and held her still. Her legs started shaking. But as she was about to release, I removed it. So this is her punishment, today I’ll bring her on the edges again and again, but I won’t let her cum. I smiled devilishly.

“Stay like this only because it is just the beginning, Princess,” I said, placing the vibrator on the floor. She’s panting and closed her legs. She’s pressing her throbbing inner thigh to ease the intense sensation.

I stood up and removed my all clothes one by one. I wore the condom and knelt down behind her. I positioned myself on her after grasping her waist. As I ramped into her deeply in one go, she screamed loudly in pleasure and arched her back. I started thrusting her harder and faster, groaning in pleasure and spanking her butts. I again picked up the vibrator and placed it over her most sensitive spot, giving her hard thrust. I exploded in her, moaning in pleasure and again came out of her after leaving her on the edge.

As I placed the vibrator again over her inner thigh, she cried out. “I can’t take it anymore, please stop it.” I instantly removed it and she lay down flat against the floor.

Oh shit, I think, I gave her a too hard punishment in my anger.

I made her sit down and there is pin-drop silence in between us. I removed the blindfold from her eyes and untied her wrist. She glanced at me in fury before standing up.

She gave me a our look. “I went to meet mom because she wasn’t well.” Her lips quivered with outrage when she told me the reason, scowling down at me. I felt a pain of guilt.

She stormed out of the room after last time glancing at me in anger.

Shit, Shit, Why I didn’t let her tell me the reason earlier? You always spoil everything because of your anger.

Mom is not well.

What happened to her suddenly?

First I’ve to talk to mom before pacifying my Princess.

So what do you think, now how he will pacify his angry Princess?

Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor nandu ketne strict punishment deye manik ne usko this is soo nt fair aab hou gaye mistake uske liye ase punishment pchh…
    Aab manik pachtayega bcoz aab nandu gussa hou gaye hai manik pai bcoz he didnt heard her reason and gave her punishment…
    Aab mission manoyo princess suru manik ka hehe…


  2. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏amazing waiting for the next part eagerly and congratulations for leading here


  3. I wish Nandini thoda bhaw khaye tab Maza aaega aur manik ki band baj Jaye usse mnane mein😏🤣❤️btw the punishment was too hottt🔥🤤😝


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