(Part: 9) Lost Love

“How can any other girl attract me when Nandita is waiting for me? I had promised her that I would come. How can I think about the other girl? Why my love for Nandita is becoming weak in front of an unknown girl.” As he pushed her out of his room, he started shouting and breaking the things in the room. He was going crazy because for the first time a girl was attracting him, giving him peace which he thought he would only get in Nandita’s arms. He was angry from himself for attracting towards her.

“How can I think about another girl?” He cried in agony and slumped down on the floor, having tears in his eyes. He cried, covering his face with his hands but his pain was not going away because he was not letting his pain go. He himself didn’t want to come out of his pain.

“Nandita, I really love you. Please don’t think that I will move on in my life without you. How can I smile when you are sad there? How can I live happily when you are living in pain? How can I move on when you are waiting for me?” He uttered dejectedly after removing his hands from his face and stared straight, having pain his eyes. He was sobbing badly like a small baby who was craving for love.

Then he stood up while wiping his tears and rushed toward his cupboard. He took out the album of his and Nandita’s childhood. He stared at the album and tears fell down from his eyes because the album reminded him of the day when they had together put the photos in the album. The scene of that day started playing on the cover of album like a movie was playing in front of his eyes.

“Nandita, I miss you a lot,” he cried, hugging the album near to his chest. For a few minutes, he stood there only hugging the Album and tears were constantly falling down his cheeks.

Then he sat on the floor, resting her back against the bed. He opened the album, his hands were shaking. The first photo in the album was taken after their birth. They were sleeping in a different cradle, he had worn blue lower and Nandita was in pink lower. This was their first photo.  A small smile spread across his face after seeing this photo of her, but his eyes were looking at the photo, having tears of pain in them.

He was seeing the album having tears in his eyes and a small on his face. He was missing those moments a lot, he wanted to live those moments again. The photos in the album were clearly showing how much they used to love each other. Each and every picture of them were cute and beautiful.

He caressed her beautiful single picture with his hand lovingly, having so much pain in his eyes. He leaned down and kissed her photo as like he was kissing her in reality.

“Meri nandu itni badhi hogye hogi ab tak, voh kitni beautiful dekhti hogi. (Now my Nandu must have grown and she will be so beautiful.)” He wondered, constantly staring and caressing her photo with his hand, having tears in his eyes. He was missing her badly, Nandita remained always in his mind and heart. He loved Nandita truly, that’s why not even for once he thought to move on after she got separated from him. He decided to find her till his last breath. After sometime putting the album on the side, he lay down on the floor and got lost in the beautiful and precious memories of Nandita.


A 10-year boy entered into the room, he smiled seeing his beautiful doll who was sitting on the bed and playing with her dolls.

“Sidu,” that 10-year-old girl who was Sidharth’s Nandita jumped down from the bed and rushed toward him, calling his nickname which was only given by her. She hugged him tightly and he hugged her back having a big smile on his face. Both were seeing each other after one day. For them one day was also like one year.

“Sidu, meine tumhai itna sara miss kiya, (I missed you a lot, Sidu.)” She broke the hug and looked at him sadly, with her hands she cutely showed him that how much she missed him.

“Meine bhi apni nandu ko bhut miss kiya. (I missed my Nandu too.” He pulled her chubby cheeks which he loved the most.

“Acha nandu, Tu yeh bta ki tujhe tere birthday par mein kya gift doon. (Okay, you tell me what gift do you want on your birthday?)” He asked, strolling towards the sofa and she was walking behind him. She was small in height, they were of the same age but she looked younger than him. He sat on the sofa and she thought about the gift putting finger on her chin cutely.

“Sidu, mujhe koe gift nhi chayie. (I don’t want any gift.)” After thinking for few minutes, she replied back looking at him. He narrowed his brows in confusion.

“Kyu nhi chayie. (Why you don’t want?)” He asked instantly and she giggled, placing her hand on her mouth.

“Kyuki, Sidu.(Because, Manu.)” She sat on his lap and wrapped her hands around his neck “Mujhe toys se jada tum achai lagte ho, mujhe tumhre sath khelna acha lagta. Isliye mujhe toh tum chayie bsh. (Because I like you more than toys. I love to play with you and I want you only.)” She said cutely, looking at him.

“Are baba mein toh tere sath humsha hoon, tu yeh bata gift mein kya chayie tujhe. (I’m with you always, you just what gift do you want.)” As he again asked, she made a confused pout because she wasn’t understanding what she wanted.

“Sidu, Mujhe kuch nhi chayie, mujhe sirf tum chayie bsh, humhra har birthday par hum humsha ek sath ho. Haan agar dena hai toh mujhe dher sari chocolate dena, you know I love chocolate a lot. (I don’t want anything, I just only want you. I want you to be with me on my every birthday. If you want to give anything, give me lots of chocolate because you that I love chocolates.)” She licked her lower lips with her tongue.

“Are tu kitni cute hai, Nandu. Tu sahi ke rhi hai vese mujhe bhi tere alwa kisi toy ke sath khelna acha nhi lagta. Chal ab hide and seek khelte hai.(you’re so cute, Nandu. You’re saying right, even I don’t like play with anything except you. Now let’s play hide and seek.)”

She nodded her head happily. “Hide and seek, my favourite game.” she jumped out of his lap and squealed while clapping her hands and jumping cutely. He laughed, seeing his cute Nandu.

Flashback Over

“Hum dono humsha ek sath rehna chate thai par humhai kya pata tha ki voh humhra last birthday hoga ek sath. (We wanted to live together always, but we didn’t know that our that birthday would be our last birthday together.)” He remembered about those beautiful moments when they were happy together and always wanted to live with each other. They never wished for anything just they wished to live together forever but god didn’t fulfil their that single wish even.

“Chot mujhe lagti thi dard use hota tha, mujhe aaj tak voh din yaad hai. Jab voh mere chut lagne par mujhe jada roe thi. (I still remember that day when she had cried so much after seeing me in pain.)” He again got lost in the memories of Nandita.


“Sidu, tumhai kitna dard ho rha hoga na. (It must be paining a lot, Sidu?)” She had been crying since three hours after seeing the fracture on his leg. Everyone was trying to make her quiet, but she was crying badly.

“Nandu, it’s not paining now, stop crying, please.” He implored.

“Sidu, mein kya karu, tumhre chut ko dekh kar mere tears rukh hi nhi rhai hai. (My tears are not stopping after seeing you hurt, What I should do?” She asked cutely, wiping her tears with her tiny hands. Then looked at him making a sad face.

“Par mujhe toh pata hai ki tumhai kese chup karwana hai. (But I know how to make you stop crying.)” He smiled and she looked at him confusingly.

“How?” She hiccuped.

“Like this.” He pulled her into his arms and within a few seconds she stopped crying.

Flashback Over

He was crying badly remembering about Nandita. He was missing her a lot.

He always wondered. ” If Nandita was with me now, our life would be so perfect. She was so cute and beautiful. Her smile was so beautiful and perfect.” His heart was breaking down into million pieces, thinking about her condition. He was scared and worried for her.

“Please make me meet her, please.” He started crying in distress and howled in extreme pain. He was dying each and every second without her, but what the thing which was killing him the most that was her condition. Whenever he thought to live happily, he stopped always after thinking about her condition.

What do you think that how Nandita got separated from him?

Love Mehak

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