(Part: 10) Lost Love

(phir shaam-e-tanhaai jaagi

phir yaad tum aa rahe ho

phir jaan nikalne lagi hai

phir mujhko tadpaa rahe ho

phir mujhko tadpaa rahe ho

tum bin jiya jaaye kaise

kaise jiya jaaye tum bin

sadiyon se lambi hain raatein

sadiyon se lambe hue din

aa jaao lauT kar tum, ye dil keh raha hai…)

When he felt like he was going crazy thinking about Nandita after seeing the album. He started singing dejectedly, staring at the wall. Nandita and his beautiful memories started playing on the wall like a movie. When he was singing, his voice was chocking as his heart was crying inside badly. Singing was the only thing which used to give him little relief and peace. This was his only way to take out his pain. He was saying that the night of loneliness is, here again, today once again he remembers her. Once again he is dying and once again, she is tormenting him. Without her, he is neither living nor dying. He is not understanding how to live without her. Without her, the nights are long like centuries and days are long like centuries too. His heart is craving for her and he wants her back.


Sana P.O.V.

After Sidharth asked me to go, I came back to my home. I didn’t go office because I was not in the condition to work after listening to his words.

“It is not only the pain which is killing me, it is something more than the pain which is killing me.No one can never understand my condition. The pain and the guilt which I am going through.” His words were echoing in my ears. I badly wanted to know about his pain.

“If Nandita is alive then where is she? Why Sidharth doesn’t want to come out of his pain? How they got separated?” I was sitting at the window and trying to find out the answers to my all questions which were going in my head. I was seriously going crazy. One side these questions were eating my mind and another side his pain was breaking my heart.

“I want to know all these answers, Anyhow. Maybe then it would become a bit easy for me to help him.” I murmured after getting up and wiped my tears which were continuously falling down my cheeks, thinking about his pain and his condition.

“You don’t know, Sidharth, how much I love you. Your words, your pain, your anger and your warnings, now nothing can stop me from bringing happiness in your life because I love you and my love is not a joke. I won’t stop until I take you out from pain. This is a promise to myself. If my love is true then I will surely get success in this.” I said each and every word confidently, having determination in my eyes. I was all ready to play with the fire and I knew that playing with the fire means I may get burn even but for my love, I was all ready to bear any pain.


I was sitting at the car backseat and going to Shukla Mansion because I couldn’t sit idle, it is better to do something rather than doing nothing. I was going there to get my all answers. I was going to meet Neyonika Aunty, not Sidharth because I knew he would not even talk me. In half an hour I reached there.

I walked into the house and found Neyonika Aunty, she was already waiting for me, sitting at the hall because I messaged her about my arrival before leaving my house. I greeted her and she made me sit beside her then she asked a butler to bring snacks and juice for me.

“Aunty, I want to know about Nandita. If she is alive then where she is? I really want to help Sidharth, but for this, I should know about Nandita, then only I can able to do anything.” I said directly what I wanted to know and she looked down sadly while playing with her hands.

“Aunty, I know you are badly hurt. Believe me, I am ready to do anything to help him out” I assured her, holding her hand and she moved her eyes at me, having hope in her eyes. “But for that, I want to know everything about Sidharth and Nandita. When they got separated and why they got separated?”

“Shehnaaz, you know Sidharth and Nandita came in this world together. I and Ishita gave birth to our babies together. We were the happiest soul. Humhne toh decide kar liya tha, humre bachai badhai hokar ek dushre se hi shaddhi karenge but destiny was planning something else. I always loved Sidharth and Nandita equally. You won’t believe, they were so deep in love with each other that they used to do everything together, like everything. Voh Ek dushre ke bina khana bhi nhi khate thai. Voh ek dushre ke best friends thai aur itne possessive thai ek dushre ke liye ki ek dushre ko kiski aur se bat bhi nhi karne dete thai isliye unka ka koe friend tha hi nhi” Aunty started sharing some beautiful moments of their true childhood love.


Nandita was peacefully sleeping hugging her mother and her father was sleeping beside her.

“Mumma, wake up, Mumma.” Nandita woke up in the middle of the night and started waking up her mother.

“What happened Nandu ?” Her mother asked in sleepy tone, looking at her.

“Mumma, I’m missing, Sidu. Please make me meet him or else I wouldn’t able to sleep.” She rubbed her eyes with her tiny hands.

“Nandu, he would be sleeping. You also sleep.” Ishita tried to make her sleep, hiding her in her arms.

“Mumma, please.” She requested after coming out of her arms.

“Nandu, you are so stubborn” Ishita scolded her while picking her in her arms and Nandu was smiling cheerfully because she was going to meet her Sidu.

Ishita knocked on the door of Shukla’s house at 2 am. They were their neighbours. The door was opened after 15 minutes by Mr and Mrs Shuka.

“Ishita, is everything fine?” Neyonika asked worriedly while Raj also looking at them anxiously.

“Mummy, I want to meet, Sidu because I’m missing him a lot. Can I meet him?” Nandu asked cutely from Neyonika, she used to call Neyonika mummy. All three of them looked at each other in utter disbelief after seeing her craziness for Sidharth.

They all strolled into Sidharth’s room. He was sleeping peacefully, hugging Nandita’s photo. She walked toward him carefully without making any sound because she didn’t want to disturb her Sidu’s peaceful sleep. For a few minutes, she stared at him while they all were staring at her standing at the doorstep.

“Nandu, you sleep with him today.” Neyonika said looking at her lovingly. Listening to her words, she smiled joyfully, showing her all teeth and they smiled, seeing her happiness.

Then She lay down beside him and closed her eyes, holding his hand. They all left after closing the door not before covering them both properly with the comforter. And from that night, they started sleeping together.


One day Nandita was missing Sidharth a lot because he had gone to his granny house for a few days. She requested her parents a lot to take her there but they didn’t agree. Then in her small mind, an idea came.

She took the phone from her mother and called Neyonika.

“Hello, Nandu, tu kesi hai? (How’re you?)” The call was answered by Sidharth. A broad smile flashed on her face after listening to his voice.

“Sidu, mein bilkul thik nhi hoon, tumhre jate hi mujhe high fever hogya, mannu please aajo, your nandu needs you.” As She lied, he became worried.

“I am sorry for lying par mein kya karu mujhe bsh tum chayie kese bhi.” she thought after lying.

“Nandu, tu chinta mat kar, mein abhi aa rha hoon tere pass bsh tu apna khayal rakh.” He cut the call.

“Yeh mera Sidu aa rha hai, I am so happy.” She started jumping on the bed joyfully, clapping her hands.

In a few hours only, Sid reached home with his mother. Ishita was watching tv sitting in the hall. “Ishita, how is Nandu and why didn’t you inform about her fever?” Neyonika asked worriedly from Ishita while Sidu directly rushed Nandu’s room.

“What fever ?”Ishita asked confusingly.

“Nandu called Sidharth and informed about her fever.” As Neyonika told her, Ishita understood the whole matter and explained Neyonika.

“Seriously they both are crazy for each other. From now I will take Nandu with me everywhere.” Neyoinka shook her head in disbelief and they both laughed.

On the other side, Sidwalked into Nandu’s room and found her playing games on her mother phone. He rushed to her.

“Nandu tu thik hai na.” He asked worriedly.

“Sidu, mein bilkul thik hoon, meine toh tumhai yha bulne ke liye chotu sa juth bola.” She told him, hugging him and laughed.

“Nandu, juth bolna galat bat hoti hai, teacher humhai kya sikhati hai, honesty is the best policy. Aur vese tujhe pata hai mein kita worried hogya tere liye.” He broke the hug and explained her. She made a sad pout.

“Sorry, Sidu.” she cutely apologised holding her ears.

“Vese tune mujhe yha bhulakar bilkul thik Kiya, main bhi tujhe bhut miss kar rha tha.” Both giggled. Both were equally crazy for each other. No one was less.

Flashback Over

“They were like inseparable soul and we had also seen so many dreams for them. But khi na khi meri vajhse, mere bacho ne suffer kiya. I never said this but I think it was my fault. Nandita went away from us because of me” Aunty blamed herself and I was looking at her, having tears in my eyes too. Her words made me more confused and sad. Seriously Sidharth and Nandita were so deep in love with each other. I felt even more bad for Sidharth after listening about their true and pure love. Why always god separates two lovers?

“Aunty, I don’t know why are you blaming yourself but I just want to say, we should never ever blame anyone and even ourselves for anything because jo bhi hota hai sabh bagwan ki marzi se hota hai aur hum sabh toh sirf ek medium hote hai. So please stop blaming yourself.” I tried my best to make her understand because I was feeling so depressed after seeing tears in her eyes. It hurt a lot when I saw tears in anybody’s eyes. She was looking at me dejectedly and I wiped her tears with my hands. She gave me small smile, looking at me lovingly and I smiled back.

“Aunty if you are comfortable then can you tell me. Where Nandita went?” I asked again because really this question was eating up my mind. Aunty was just about to tell me but before she could, we both heard a loud shout.

“What the hell, you are again here.” I flinched as I heard a loud shout of Sidharth.

Neyonika Aunty turned to look at him but I was sitting there like a statue. He came in front of me, my eyes were looking at his legs because I didn’t have courage to look at him. My heartbeat accelerated and my breath became heavy like always.

“Sidharth, I called her here.” I moved my eyes at Aunty as she spoke. Then finally I looked at him and found him glaring at me in fury as like from his eyes only he would kill me.

“I didn’t come here to meet you, Mr Shukla. I came here to meet Aunty.” I took deep breath and finally spoke after putting my all fear on the side.

He clenched his fist tried to control his anger, glaring at me angrily. “Will you please now leave us alone?”I turned to look at Aunty who was sadly looking at him. I was so proud of myself for facing the monster.

“Out, right now from my house” he grasped my arms and suddenly shouted by picking me from the sofa. He pushed me toward the door. I balanced myself and I was not at all shocked with his behaviour because it wasn’t the first time he was behaving like this with me. I looked at him and found him still looking at me, having anger in his eyes.

Then Aunty slapped him, making me hell shocked. She was staring at him, her eyes are full of pain and anger.

“Sidharth, it’s enough. I can understand your condition. I am your mother and I can feel your pain.” She said, having tears in her eyes. He was standing, looking down putting a hand on his cheeks.

“You have no right to behave like this with anyone. Please, stop hurting others and yourself or else I would die.” Aunty cried badly. He just nodded his head, looking at her with his sorrowful eyes. Tears were trickling down my cheeks mechanically.

“I am sorry, Maa.” He first held her face with his hands and then he left the house after saying this.

Neyonika Aunty also strolled towards her room after glancing at me sorrowfully. I was standing numb there, having tears in my eyes. My heart was aching badly. I was not understanding what should I do make everything all right. I just couldn’t see them in pain especially Sidharth. I also left the house, leaving everything in god’s hand like always.

Next part is going to be the turning point of the story.

Love Mehak

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