(Part: 12 Kiss?) Lost Love

Next day

Sana’s P.O.V.

I came out of the bathroom after taking shower in the morning. Nothing had been helping me out since Sidharth had come to meet me. My heart was aching constantly, thinking about him and moreover the mysterious Nandita.

“If Sidharth knows about Nandita then why can’t he go and bring her?” I wondered, baffled.

I decided to get my answers. I wouldn’t stop until making everything fine in his life because I loved him truly. I was ready to do anything for him and for his happiness, but not even for once I thought about myself, maybe that’s called selfless love. I had never thought that one day I would love someone like this. After getting insulted in Shukla Mansion, I was again going to get my answers so that I could help him in finding his Nandita who was the only key to unlock the door of his heart which he had closed so many years ago.

I stopped the car in front of Shukla mansion and after coming out of my car, I walked toward the door. At the doorstep, I bumped with a person.

“I am sorry, I was in a hurry.” He apologised while I was trying to recognise him because I was feeling like I have seen him somewhere.

“Hey, I am Cabir Dhawan, Sidharth’s friend. Remember we met at the club.” He held out his hand in front of me and came to know who is he.

“Oh,” I shook my hand with him.

“Shehnaaz, I am getting late, we’ll talk some other day.” He dashed out of the house.

“The way he explained to me about Sidharth’s condition at the club, he seems a close friend of Sidharth. Maybe he can help me in telling me about Nandita.” I thought and wandered into the house. I directly went to Sidharth’s room. Luckily the door wasn’t locked. I pushed the door open and stepped inside, but I made a sad pout after not finding him in his room. His room was dark like always so I thought to switch on the lights.

But I stopped as I heard the sound of water from the balcony. I turned to walk toward the balcony and my heart stopped beating for a moment as my eyes fell over him. He was swimming in the big swimming poll. I almost gawked at him. I couldn’t even describe in words that what his hotness was doing one me. He was the first and last person who made me crazy with his hotness. I ambled toward the pool, lost in admiring him like an idiot. My heart is pounding and my mind was busy thinking about his hotness.

“Ahaha,” I slipped and directly fell into the water while shouting. I didn’t know how to swim, I was drowning. I tried to come out of water by moving my hands and legs. I was feeling like I am going to die but then only two hands held my shoulder firmly and made me stand straight.

I was frightened and shocked at that moment, therefore, I didn’t think anything and just hugged him tightly by throwing my arms around him. I buried my face in his shoulder. I was trembling and breathing heavily in his arms. Everything stopped and my heart skipped for a second as he wrapped his hands around me. I stopped shivering as I felt immense peace in his arms. His arms were like my real heaven. I wanted him to store me in his arms forever and ever. The peace, the comfort I was getting in his arms, I couldn’t even describe in words. Just I could say, I found the real heaven on the earth at that moment.

For a few minutes, I got lost in my heaven, but as the reality hit my mind, I hastily broke the hug because this heaven was not mine, this heaven belonged to someone else. My heart ached, thinking that this heaven can never be mine. Few tears automatically rushed down my cheeks.

I gazed at with my sorrowful eyes which were brimmed with tears. I looked into his eyes and for the first time, I found some other emotions in his eyes. I had always seen the pain in his eyes, but this time, it was something else which my mind was not able to recognise. I was lost in his eyes and suddenly a shiver slid down my spine as his both hands touched my face. He gazed at me intensely and tucked a few wet strands of hair behind my ears which were stuck on my face. He shivered as I placed my hands over his bare chest.

He was coming closer to my lips, cupping my face. My breath was becoming heavier and my heartbeat was accelerating. His warm breath was caressing my lips and sending the chills down my spine. His intense look was making me weak on my knees. I was feeling like butterflies are flying inside my stomach because he was going to kiss me. The person whom I loved so much, he was going to kiss me. I was craving to feel his lips over mine. I just can’t wait for the kiss. My heart is thumping with the excitement. I closed my eyes and waited for him to kiss me.

Oh God, I just can’t believe he is going to kiss me.

So what do you think, they will kiss each other.

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Love Mehak

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