(Part: 19C) {Manan} Master And His Princess

Part: 19C The Sweet Revenge

We reached Anushka’s house for lunch. Cabir hugged me. As Anu hugged Princess, I mischievously turned on the vibrator for a few seconds. She hugged Anu tightly and bit her lower lip in response, not leaving her. She broke the hug as I turned it off, and we exchanged the glances. She glared at me in anger, and I grinned evilly at her.

“I think, you missed me a lot, Nandu, therefore you hugged me so tightly.” As Anu uttered, I stifled the chuckled, rubbing my upper lips with the knuckle of my index finger. She again glared at me through the corner of her eyes, looking damn adorable.

“Yes, I really missed you,” As I turned it on again for a second only, she stopped and raised her eyebrows. Her mouth is open, words remained inside her only.

“Aww, I love you, Nandu.” Anu gave a quick hug to her. As I looked at her, this time she rolled her eyes and curled up her lips in fury.

“Now let’s head to the dining area because I’m hungry,” Cabir said, and we headed to the dining room.

Princess and I, we are strolling behind Cabir and Anushka.

“Master, please, show some mercy to your Princess.” She murmured, gazing at me with pleading eyes.

“The fun has just begun, Princess.” As I whispered, she scowled at me and I just smiled mischievously.

Then we all settled down at the dining table. Cabir and Anushka sat in front of us. We’re laughing and talking while having lunch. I have completely forgotten about the vibrator.

“Would you pass me the Salad, Princess.” After a few minutes, I intentionally and lovingly asked Princess to pass me the plate of salad which is kept a bit far away from her.

“Sure.” She smiled at me and stretched her arm to reach the plate, not knowing what is going in my mind.

As she held the plate and picked it up, I turned on the vibrator. She grasped the pate tighter, pursed her lips and clenched her dress with her other hand. She is trying hard to control her moans.

As Anu looked at her, I hastily turned it off. She closed her eyes and sighed deeply. “Are you alright, Nandu?” Anu asked from her.

“Yeh, I’m absolutely fine.” She passed a smile to her.

She gave the plate of salad to me, frowning in bad-tempered and averted her eyes to show me anger.

“Princess, behave well because today you’re in my control utterly,” I whispered in her ear, and she glared at me.

Now you see me, Princess.

I turned on the vibrator again. She squeezed her thighs together to ease the intense sensation of pleasure, and she pressed her lips to control her moans. She looked at me pleadingly, her eyes are begging me to turn it off.

“Are you both alright?” As I heard Cabir’s voice, I instantly turned it off. We both looked at him and smiled.

She suddenly stood up, and we all looked at her. “I need to go to the washroom.” She excused herself and rushed from there. Smart Move, Princess.

“Is everything alright between you both?” Anu asked warily.

“Everything is fine.” I passed a smile to her.

Then my phone beeped up, and I checked it. I received a message from my Princess.

My Princess: I’m removing the balls.

I frowned after reading her message.

Me: Don’t even think to do this. Come outside right now.

My Princess: No, I’m not coming out.

My Princess: I won’t come out until you promise me you won’t turn it on again because I’m aroused and I can’t control myself.

I think it is enough for today. Now I’ve to give what she wants.

Me: Okay. Stay inside, I’m coming there.

My Princess: I’m waiting for you Master.

“Actually Nandini is not well. I think I should go and check her.” I lied to them for going inside.

“What? She’s not well. Why didn’t you tell us before? Go and check her.” Anu freaked out.

I stood up. “I just come.” I left from there.

I stepped into the room. She’s sitting on the bed and waiting for me. Her eyes shimmered with the excitement as she saw me. I passed a broad smile to her before turning around and locking the door.

I strolled towards her and as she stood up, I turned on the vibrator. “Now you can moan as much as you want,” I whispered in her ear and accelerated the speed of vibrator to the maximum. She moaned loudly and uncontrollably, clutching my shirt.

“Oh God, this is, this is so intense…” she screamed with extreme pleasure, gazing at me. I’m just grinning at her and enjoying the different kind of pleasure by listening to her moans. She’s arousing me.

After a minute, I stopped it because now I need her badly and we don’t have much time. She is breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath back, her hands are placed on my shoulder.

“Now raised your dress because I want to take out the balls and come into you,” I whispered huskily, coming close to her lips.

“I also need you badly, Master.” She pulled her dress up her legs. I knelt down after giving her a quick kiss. I held the waistband of her undies and yanked it down till her knee, gazing at her intensely. I held the removal string of ball. She placed her hands over my shoulders to balance herself as I took out the balls slowly and steadily, my intense gaze is fixed at her. She parted her lips and let out a soft moan.

I pushed her down on the bed and came above her after pulling down my trouser and boxer. Thankfully I have the packet of condom in my pocket. After that, I made love with my Princess and gave her the most intense orgasm of her life. It was so intense because the vibrating balls had made her very sensitive. It was really incredible and satisfactory for both of us.

So did you guys enjoy the sweet revenge of Master?

Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor poor nandu manik ne ek chance nahi choda to tease and arose her poor soul didnt even knew how to react at times when she was caught off guard…
    Finally manik had mercy on her and removed the balls from inside her but just intense love to her to her pleasure after his intense punishment…


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