(Part: 57) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage

Part: 57 Happiness

Sidharth placed her down on the floor after twirling her around and asked. “When did you come to know that you’re pregnant?”

“I purchased the pregnancy kit in the Mussoorie and do test at night. I didn’t tell you last night because I wanted to tell you in a different style.” She told him cheerily.

“Now I’m understanding why you were so happy last night.” He clasped her face and looked deeply into her eyes. “You know, I can’t even tell you how much happy I’m.” His eyes were shining with happiness.

“Thank you so much, Angel.” He sucked her lips lovingly.

Then he placed his both hands on her belly and moved his eyes down. “Our baby is growing inside you.” He smiled at her with contentment.

“Yes, our baby, Sidharth.” She smiled at him blissfully and placed her hands over his hands. They both gazed at each other intensely, their eyes were filled with immense happiness and their lips were drawn up to a contented smile.

Then they went downstairs to have their breakfast and decided to tell the good news to everybody there only.

“Sidharth and I, we want to tell you something.” She uttered when everybody settled down at the dining table for the breakfast. They all looked at them anxiously.

She looked at Sidharth before announcing the good news. “We’re going to become parents.” She squealed joyfully, her eyes were sparkling. Sidnaaz gazed at each other, smiling broadly. Everybody’s eyes glinted with happiness and lips drew up in a broad smile.

“Wow, I’m going to become a grandmother again.” Neyonika stood up and whooped like a kid with excitement. She rushed to hug Shehnaaz.

“Congratulation, Sana.” Neyonika hugged her tightly. She hugged her back, smiling wholeheartedly. Everybody started congratulating them cheerfully.

“Wow, one more romance breaker is going to join my and Musu’s team.” As Cabir uttered, everybody laughed their heart aloud.

“Ale bai koe mujhe bhi bataega ki ka ho lha hai yaha? Aap log sabh itna kush ku hai? Musu ko kuch samjh ni aala hai.” (Will somebody tell me, what’s going on here? Why you all are so happy? Musu is not understanding anything.)” Suddenly Musu shrieked in irritation and caught everybody’s attention. She was sitting in her Mumma’s lap beside Shehnaaz.

“You’re going to become a big sister, Musu. Your brother or sister is going to come soon.” As Mahi told her, she raised her brows in surprise.

“What? Really? Mela bhai, behen ane wala hai. (Really my brother and sister are going to coming?)” She asked cheerfully and her eyes shimmered with the excitement. Mahi smiled and nodded her head.

“Lekin kab, Mumma? Aul kya aap aul daddy mela bhai lekal aoge? (But when, Mumma? Will you and papa bring my bother?)” She asked innocently.

“No, your chachi and chachu will bring.” As Mahi told her, she turned her face towards her chachi.

“Chachi, Musu wants brother and sister, so you bring both of them, please.” She requested cutely and everybody laughed. Shehnaaz just smiled at her.

“Musu, it is in god’s hand, you can pray to God to give you brother and sister both,” Mahi explained her.

“Aisa Kalo aap bhai le aao mele liye aur chachi sister le aegi. (You bring brother for me and Chachi will bring sister for me.)” As she blabbered innocently, Jai and Mahi passed a smile to each other.

“When are you both planning for the second child?” As expected, Neyonika asked this question from them.

“After one or two years, we’ll think about it, Mom.” She replied to her. Muskan was busy playing with her chachi. Shehnaaz was tickling her tummy and she was laughing loudly.

“I’ve fixed the appointment with the doctor and I want you to come with you. Are you free in the evening?” Shehnaaz asked him when they stepped into the room.

“I’m always free for you, Angel and also for our baby.” He smiled at her and placed his hand over her belly.

She smiled at him widely and hugged him. “I’m so happy. I’m feeling like I’m on the top of the world.”

He hugged her back and smiled contentedly. “Same here, Angel. You know I love kids and now our baby gonna come, I’m feeling a completely different kind of happiness inside me.” He uttered cheerfully as they broke the hug. They smiled at each other merrily. They were overwhelmed with contentment.

Then two month passed away with the blink of their eyes. Now Shehnaaz was three months pregnant. Sidnaaz were desperately waiting for the arrival of their baby. Their excitement was increasing with each passing day. They had already designed the room for their baby and purchased so many clothes, toys and lots of things. Sid was now taking extra care of his Angel because she was carrying their baby. Every night, he talked to his baby by placing his ear on her belly and she talked to her baby every second. In three months only, she had become habitual of talking to her baby. She was getting attached to her baby more with each passing day and her moods swings were at peak. She became emotional and started crying like kids on small things and became excited the next minute. She woke him up in the middle of night daily for the ice cream or something to eat and also made him cook for herself and their baby. He never denied her because he loved to fulfil his Angel and his baby wish. She felt so blessed to have a husband like him in her life. He was the best husband for her, and she was sure that he was going to be the best father in future.

They were lying in each other arms at night and she was sharing her feelings with him.

“You know, I just can’t believe that another life is growing inside me. I feel so blessed to experience this special feeling. I’m so thankful to God for blessing me with this happiness. I really just can’t wait to hold our baby in my hand.” A lone tear of happiness trickled down her cheek. He wiped her tear, smiling at her.

“Mumma loves you so much, baby, and she can’t wait for your arrival.” She placed her hand on the belly and said happily, gazing down. He was just smiling at her blissfully, feeling equally special and happy.

He pulled up her top from the tummy and leaned down. “Dad also loves you a lot, baby.” He whispered against her tummy and placed a soft there. She closed her eyes and smiled blissfully.

“Let’s decide the name for our kids!” She exclaimed with excitement.

“But we don’t know whether the baby is a boy or girl.”

“We’ll decide two names.” She grinned at him merrily, her eyes were shimmering with the excitement.

“Okay, so tell me, what’s in your mind?” He asked.

“If the baby is girl, we will call her Suhani, means Pleasant, Pleasurable, Satisfying, Cheerful because our baby will be our biggest happiness.” She told him joyfully.

“Wow, Great. Suhani.” He murmured, having a smile on his face.

“I’ve also one name in my mind for girl.”

“What?” She asked excitedly.

“Arthana, Arth of Sidharth and Ana of Sana and we will call her Ana.”

“Wow, it is so amazing. Our baby is union of us and now her name will be union of our names. Do you like it, baby.” She asked from baby, placing her hand on her belly. He just smiled at her.

After some time, they fell asleep while discussing the name of their baby. He was sleeping peacefully, placing his hand over her belly. They both were unaware of the storm which was going to come in their life very soon and going to destroy everything.

So what do you think, what is going to happen next?

Love Mehak


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