(Part: 24 Miracle Happens) Lost Love

Shehnaaz came to meet Mukti after making Sidharth sleep. She needed someone, with whom she could share her feelings openly. They were sitting in the coffee shop. She told her everything about Sidharth and her condition.

“Mukti, what do you think, I should force Sidharth to love me forgetting Nandita? Am I doing wrong by supporting him ?” She asked confusingly because she had become doubtful after listening to Cabir’s words that she was giving false hope to Sidharth.

“Sana, whatever you are doing, it really needs guts. You are not doing anything wrong.”Mukti held her hands which she were kept on the table.

“Sana, I am proud of you for understanding your lover. He needs time, if he truly loves you then I am sure, one day, he will accept you and your love. You just do what you are doing, your rockstar needs happiness and peace, which you are giving him. You are doing a great job. Loving someone truly without any expectation, it’s…, I am speechless.” Shehnaaz felt better after listening to her words. Her words were like an encouragement to support Sidharth in finding his love. She stood up and ran to hug Mukti tightly who was sitting in front of her. She made her shocked by her sudden hug. Next moment Mukti smiled and hugged her back happily.

“Thank you so much, Mukti. I am glad, I got a friend like you who understands me and who supports me.” She uttered after breaking the hug.

“Shehnaaz, I just want to say that if he loves you truly then he will accept you, and if his love for you is not true then don’t be disheartened because I am sure that you will surely get your true love.” Mukti placed her hand on her face after getting up from chair and she just nodded her head.


After completing her all work in the office, she reached Sidharth’s home. She was smiling as she knew that her sadness would affect him and she didn’t want to make him upset at any cost. She smiled broadly when she found him playing the guitar, sitting on the floor with the support of the bed. He looked at her and gave her a small smile. She smiled back as he smiled. She strolled toward him.

“Sidharth, would you teach me, how to play the guitar?” She asked, sitting beside him.

“Of course, why not, Angel,” He agreed and gave her the guitar. She held it and started playing loudly. The sound which was coming out, it was irritating him. He closed his ear with his hands.

“Stop, Shehnaaz.” He shrieked and stopped her holding her hands. He sighed with relief as she


“I know, it was irritating. That’s why I am asking you to teach me.” She told him.


As he held her hand, electricity ran down her spines. She looked at him and found him already gazing at her without blinking his eyes as he got lost in her. Then he started placing her fingers on the guitar strings and she was just gazing at him fondly. He taught her and she again played crazily in the same way.

“Abhi bhi nhi aya.. (still I can’t play.)” She uttered cutely and he chuckled. Then they gazed into each other eyes deeply for a few minutes.

He sat behind her and moved closer to her. His warm was caressing her neck and driving her crazy. Her heartbeat quickened and breath became heavy as he placed his chin over her shoulder. Their cheeks pressed against each other, making them crazy. Controlling his desire, he placed her fingers on the strings. She was completely lost in his heavenly touch. His touch was making her crazy. The urge of feeling his lips on her skin was increasing with each passing second. He started playing the guitar with her finger. Both looked at each other having so much love in their eyes. He stopped playing the guitar and clasped her face, she turned her face toward him. As he placed his thumb over her lower lip, she closed her eyes in response. He brushed her lower lip, making her crazier. He moved closer to her lips, cupping her face.

Their lips were just about to meet each other by removing all the barriers but before their lips could meet, her phone rang up. Listening to this, she came back on the earth and pushed him immediately. She ran from there without looking at him while he was sitting there holding his head. He was trying hard to control his feelings but the more he was trying to control, the more it was increasing. He was not ready to accept that he had fallen in love with Shehnaaz madly and deeply.

Days started passing like this. They were coming closer and closer to each other. Their desires were increasing with each passing day. At night, they slept with each other and woke up in each other arms. Their bond was becoming stronger, and understanding between them was increasing.

Sidharth was still not ready to accept Shehnaaz’s love completely because of Nandita. He was dying from inside every day for not accepting her love. He wanted to spend his entire life with her, she was his peace and his happiness. She had become his life. Every time when he thought to confess about his feelings to Nandini that he wanted to be with her till his last breath but backed off wondering about Nandita. He was losing his mind. But the good thing was that he was living happily. He stopped hurting himself, he stopped crying and he stopped being angry. He changed completely and all this happened because of Shehnaaz’s true love.

On the other side, Shehnaaz was happy, seeing him happy but the fear of losing him in future was increasing. She was wishing that Nandita would never come back. But she was also thinking that by wishing this, she was becoming selfish. Every time when they controlled their desires, they wished Shehnaaz to be Nandita.

After two weeks

“Today, I will tell Shehnaaz that how much I love her and I want to spend my rest of life with her.” He walked out of his mansion to tell Shehnaaz about his feeling finally. She was standing opposite side of the road. Both smiled broadly looking at each other. They strolled towards each other, having smile on their faces. They were just a few inches apart but before they could touch and he could confess, a truck hit Shehnaaz in front of his eyes. His heart stopped beating at that time. The truck drove away and she was lying in the pool of blood on the middle of the road. He was not understanding what he should do. Everything became blank and his mind stopped working.

“Shehnaaz…” he screamed loudly, running toward her. The girl he loves will leave him. Was this only written in his destiny?

“Shehnaaz…” he woke up from his sleep in the morning. He was sweating badly and breathing heavily. He was shocked to not find Shehnaaz beside him. He thought his nightmare was real. He stood up and rushed to check her in washroom, balcony and everywhere in the house crazily, and he was asking about Shehnaaz from everyone but nobody knew about her. He called her, but she was not even picking up his calls. He went to her home and she wasn’t there too. Then he went to her office to check her. He was going crazy thinking about her. He just wanted to see her fine in front of his eyes. The dream had terrified him to the extreme level.

Somebody informed him that she was in a meeting. He rushed toward the conference room like he was running to save her life. He opened the door and took relief after seeing her fine. She was standing and speaking something but stopped to see him. She was shocked to find him and everybody were also looking at him in shock. He was looking at her having a relieved smile on his face and tears in his eyes. He just ran toward her and hugged her tightly, wrapping his hands around her neck. He didn’t care about the people who were looking at them. He just cared about her. He just wanted to feel her in his arms. She hugged him back and in a gesture, she asked his P.A. to send everyone outside.  He was hugging her tighter like he wanted to keep her safe in his arms forever. He had lost Nandita, he couldn’t afford to lose her. She immediately sensed something wrong.

“Sidharth, what happened?” She clasped his face after breaking the hug, looking into his eyes having so much love in her eyes. He was gazing at her, having a smile on his face.

“Thank god, you are fine.” He murmured and started kissing every inch of her face. She was getting worried seeing his condition. His behaviour was giving her negative vibes because he was behaving like a mad person.

She cupped his face and asked. “Sidharth, please tell me, what happened to you?”

“I thought,” he paused for a moment as again that dream came in front his eyes. “I thought, I lost you like I had lost Nandita.” He completed his words and again pulled her in his arms, she hugged him back and understood that he had seen a bad dream. For a few minutes, they both got lost in each other arms, forgetting everything.

He broke the hug saying “No.” He was looking at her in shock. She didn’t understand that what happened to him suddenly.

“Sidharth, what happened?” She asked confusingly and about to hold his face, but he shocked her by jerking her hands and didn’t let her touch him.

“Sidharth.” She looked at him in disbelief. A tear ran down from her eyes.

“I can’t love you,” he took few steps backward and she was looking at him, having tears in her eyes.

“I can’t love anyone. Love is not in my destiny. The person whom I love, I lose her. I am unlucky for you, Nandini. I can’t let anything happen to you. Nandita suffered because of me, now I can’t let the same thing happened with you.” He was not in the right state of mind and started taking everything in the wrong way. The nightmare badly affected him.

“Sidharth, it was a bad dream. I am fine now.” She moved toward him but before she could complete her words or she could reach toward him, he stopped her by showing his hand.

“Please, don’t make the things more difficult for me, Shehnaaz.” He cried and she was looking at him pleadingly. She was pleading him through her eyes to listen to her for once.

“Sidharth, please stop.” She screamed loudly but he left from there, ignoring her pleads. She slumped down on floor and cried mechanically. She was standing at the same place, from where she was in the beginning when she had met him. She was crying on her destiny.

“No, I have to prove him, he is not unlucky. For this, I have to find Nandita.” She stood up and wiped her tears, having determination in her eyes.

She reached Shukla Mansion to know about Nandita so that she could find her.

“Shehnaaz, what happened? Is everything fine?” As Shehnaaz walked into Neyonika’s room, she asked worriedly, seeing her condition because her eyes were filled with tears.

“Aunty, I am fine.” She sat with him on the bed. “I just want to know about Nandita. Could you show me her photos and tell me about her?” She asked.

“Wait, let me bring the album.” Neyonika got up and went to bring album.

“I just hope, I could find you, Nandita. Only you can make him completely fine.” She murmured sadly while playing with her fingers. Her heart was aching badly.

Neyonika gave the Album to her and sat with her. Before Nandini could open the album, she stopped as they heard knock on the door. Neyonika went to check that who was on the door and Shehnaaz was staring the album dejectedly.

“Shehnaaz, you see the album. I just come.” Neyonika closed the door and left. She finally opened the album and a smile flashed on her face, seeing Sidharth and Nandita first photo.

They both were of a few months. As she turned the page and she widened her eyes in shock. She felt like her heart skipped beating and her mind stopped working for a moment after seeing the photo. She was just staring at the photo in utter disbelief because she also looked same in her childhood. She started turning the pages crazily. She palmed her mouth in the shock, leaving the album. “How can this be possible?” She murmured, incredulously staring at the album


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