(Part: 25 Nandita Is Back) Lost Love

“It means I’m Sidharth’s Nandita and I am his first and last love.” She murmured in disbelief, having a small smile on her face and her eyes were glowing with happiness.

“He belongs to me, he is mine.” She spoke cheerfully. She was going crazy with happiness because before she was dying a bit by bit thinking that Sid belonged to someone, he was not her, he loved someone else more than her. She was happy to know that whatever she was thinking that was wrong. She was smiling like a fool, and she wasn’t understanding how to express her happiness. She was thanking the god for the miracle. She wanted to dance crazily and wanted to tell the whole world that Sidharth belongs to her and only her.

“I need to tell Sidharth about this. Oh god, how will he react after knowing that I am his Nandita, his long lost love? He would become crazy like me.” She wondered and dashed to his room joyfully to tell him the big truth of their life which was going to bring a lot of happiness into their life.

“Now we can love each other without any fear. Now he will never push me away from himself. He can love me without any regret. We will live happily together.” She was going crazy with happiness and her excitement to him the truth was increasing.

“Sidharth…” she opened the door of his room but she pouted disappointedly because he was not in his room.

“I should call him and ask him to meet me now.” She took her phone out from her handbag happily. The smile was not going from her face.

“The number which you are calling is not reachable.” She called him so many times, but his number was coming not reachable.

“Oh god, Sidharth, where are you? I am dying to tell you the truth and losing my mind thinking about your reaction. Finally, everything will get fine and you will get all happiness of your life and I can love you how much I want you.” She put the phone inside her bag smilingly. The smile was not leaving her face today.

She stepped out of his room and went downstairs. Neyonika was surprised to find her so happy because a few minutes ago when she had seen her, she was very upset.

“Aunty, Aunty, I am so happy today.” She twirled Neyonika by holding her arms. Neyonika was surprised because she had never seen her so happy before.

“Are beta, batao toh shi kya bat hai? What happened?” Neyonika raised her eyebrows.

“No, first I will share this with Sidharth. He has the right to know this first.” She was about to tell her but stopped because she wanted to share this good news with her Sidharth, first.

“Aunty sorry, I can’t tell you now because I want to share this with him.” Neyonika smiled seeing her happiness.

“You don’t need to say sorry, Shehnaaz. I can understand and you know, I am so happy after seeing you happy. My blessings are always with you, always keep smiling like this.” Neyonika cupped her face and kissed her forehead, she closed her in response.

“So this was the reason, I used to feel a connection with this family because this family is my real family. Mom and dad never told me that I am not their real daughter. From the age of eleven when I had lost my memory, they told me that I am their daughter. In fact, they had shown me the photos of my birth with them even. I never thought about why I didn’t have any photo from the age of 4 to 11 because I never doubted them. They have always loved me like their own daughter. I need to talk to dad but before all this, I need to talk to Sidharth.” she was lost in her thoughts when she was stepping out from the Shukla Mansion.

“Sidharth had recognised me in the first meet only but I dined him because I never thought that Mom and dad were hiding such a big truth from me. Sidharth and I, we have suffered a lot, now it’s time to end all sufferings.” She reached toward her car. So many things were going in her mind but her smile was not fading away. She was happy because she could give him happiness and she could love him without any fear. She was happy after so many days.

She called Cabir to ask about Sidharth. “Hello, Cabir, do you know where is Sidharth? Actually, his number is coming switched off.”

“Shehnaaz, he has a concert in Delhi at night. He will be on the flight.” As Cabir told her, her lips drew down because she wanted to tell him about the good news that time only. Listening that he left for Delhi, she became upset.

“Do you have any idea that when he would come back?” She asked.

“It is a one week concert.” After knowing that he would come back after one week, she became sadder.

“What happened, Sidharth? Is everything fine? Why are you asking about Sidharth like this?” Cabir asked bemusedly.

“Everything is great, there is nothing to be worried about.” She cut the call after saying this.

“I shouldn’t spoil my mood, God has given me such good news. God has heard our prayers. I will tell Sidharth about this today only at any cost.” She murmured to herself with determination and sat into the car. She started checking Mumbai to Delhi flight.  There was a flight after 3 hours, she immediately booked the tickets online.

“Today no one can stop me from meeting us and becoming one forever. The story which was left incomplete before 16 years, it will be completed today.” She murmured, holding the steering, having determination in her eyes.


On the other hand, Sidharth who was still unaware about the big truth that Shehnaaz was his Nandita, he was sitting sadly in the green room and thinking about his life which was only filled with pain and only pain. Shehnaaz was the person who had given her peace but he was not ready to accept her because he was thinking about Nandita. He was confused that how could he loved two people at the same time. He was craving to accept Shehnaaz’s love and he was also craving to bring Nandita back in his life. He was going crazy thinking all this, but he had no idea that both person whom he loved, they were same.

Shehnaaz reached the concert place happily but became disheartened when somebody told her that he left. A broad smile flashed on her face when she saw him, sitting in the car on the opposite side of the room.

“Sidharth…” She shouted and rushed toward the car, but before she could reach, the car drove off. She ran behind the car, screaming.

“Why this is happening? Why now God is not letting me meet him ?” She wondered, pouting sadly.

She took a deep breath after closing her eyes and then took out his phone. She called him and waited for him to pick up her call.

“Hello.” Her lips drew up as she heard his pleasant voice. Now she was not understanding how to express her happiness.

“Hello, Shehnaaz, are you alright? What happened?”He asked worriedly after not getting her reply.

“Sidharth,” she called him happily with the big smile, holding the phone with her both hands, having happy tears in her eyes.

But the next moment, the call disconnected because her phone got switched off. “Hello, Sidharth.” She checked her phone and she saw the screen of her phone.

“Damn it, is ko bhi Abhi switched off hona tha.” She shouted in frustration and felt like to throw her phone.

“Oh god, please let me meet him. I can’t wait anymore.” She prayed, joining her hands and closed her eyes. Her heart was dying to tell him the truth.

As soon as she opened her eyes, her eyes fell over the telephone booth.

“Thank you so much, god.” She happily ran toward the booth. She placed the phone over her ear, smiling broadly and her eyes shimmering with the happiness.

“Hello,” this time the phone was picked up by someone else.

“This is Sidharth Shukla’s number, right? Could I talk to him?”

“Sir is in the washroom, I am his P.A. You can leave a message.” He replied back. She smiled as an idea came into her mind.

“Tell him, Nandita called him and asked him to meet at the same place where he had his concert today. Please don’t forget to tell him, my name is Nandita.” She disconnected the call, having a big smile on her face.

“Your Shehnaaz, no your Nandita. Your love is waiting for you, Sidharth, come fast.” She said happily stepping out from the telephone booth.

On the other hand, Sidharth came out of the washroom.

“Sir, a girl called you and asked you to meet him at the concert place.” His P.A. informed him, giving him the phone. He ignored his words and put the phone in his pocket. He turned to leave.

“Her name was Nandita.” He stopped on the doorstep instantly.

“What was her name ?”He turned back and asked to confirm because it was not easy for him to believe that Nandita could call him.

“Nandita.” He stared at him in disbelief. His P.A. walked out of the room, leaving a shocked Sidharth behind him. After sixteen years, he got the news of his Nandita, it was not small news. She herself called him, it was unbelievable for him to digest the truth.

“Na, Nandita called me.” He murmured in disbelief, having a huge smile on his face. Few tears of happiness trickled down his cheeks. He felt like he would die with happiness. His mind and heart stopped working for a moment after knowing that Nandita called him.


So finally, it is officially revealed that Shehnaaz is Sidhath’s long lost love.

So How do find the update?

Love Mehak

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