(Part: 27 Happiness) Lost Love

Sidnaaz were still standing on the bridge. It was sunset time, but from their life, the darkness was going away. She was standing facing the railing and he was standing behind her. His both hands were wrapped around her waist and his chin was rested over her shoulder. Her one hand was on his hands and her other hand was on his face. Their lips were curved in a blissful and contented smile. After so many years, he was smiling wholeheartedly because he got his world back. His life was in his arms. Finally, God had listened to his prayers and blessed him with the happiness of his life.

“I still just can’t believe that you are my Nandita. I mean, I was praying for this for so many days, but never thought that God would listen to my prayers one day. I want to know how do you come to know that you are Nandita ?” He asked confusingly, turning her toward himself by holding her both arms. Then she told him how she had seen Nandita childhood photos and got to know that she was his Nandita, his one and only love. Both were smiling, gazing into each other eyes. They were silent and their eyes were talking to each other souls.

“Now I can love you, how much I want,” He tucked her hair strand behind her ear. She smiled, her eyelashes moved down. She smiled at him, moving her eyes back at him.

“Now I can hold you from wherever I want.” He pulled her toward himself by grasping her waist. She kept her hands over his chest, having a big smile on her face.

“Now I can kiss you wherever I want.” He whispered, nuzzling her hair. He was brushing his lips against her ear, he came to her cheeks. Then kissed her cheeks. She felt so good when his lips touched her skin. It was like rain falls in the desert. Her skin was like the desert and his touch was like rain. Her skin was craving for his touch. At last, she got his touch which was like heaven for her.

“I still can’t believe that my dreams came true. I got you. You are peace of my life, Shehnaaz. You know, how much happy I am, seeing you fine in front of my eyes. From childhood, I had been dying a bit by bit, thinking about your condition. We suffered because I left you alone that day.” His lips drew down in sadness as he remembered about those days. Seeing him sad, she pouted sadly.

“Sidharth, it was past. It will be good if you don’t think about it. Now we are together. You should be happy now. Please don’t spoil your mood by thinking about those days. I really want to see you happy. Seeing you sad and in pain, it breaks my heart into millions of pieces. I am with you and now nothing will go wrong. I really love you, for me please, don’t think about your past.” She requested, cupping his face. He nodded his head, looking at her with a small smile. Then he kissed her forehead.

“I think, we should go to the hotel now or else you will catch a cold. Remember last time when you got drenched in rain.” He said, making her remember about the time which they had spent together at her beach house. It was most special for her. It was the first time, he had shown to her that he cared for her.

“How could I forget about that day? You took care of me in the fever. You know I thanked God for making me ill that day. I was happy to get ill and wanted to get ill again so that I could again see that how much you care for me. The moment which we had spent there, they were the best. It was our first step towards love.” She was now sharing everything with him, smiling blissfully at him. Now he was smiling, remembering about that day. This made him remind of the next morning. That how he had seen her only in a towel and couldn’t resist her hotness.

“Let’s go to the Hotel and complete the work which we had left unfinished before.” He smirked at her as he was talking about their make out. As he winked at her, she blushed and her eyelashes moved down. He picked her in his arms, gazing at her intensely and strolled toward his car. She was laughing wholeheartedly. She was beyond happy. She was feeling like she got some hidden treasure. Sidharth’s love for her was not less than any hidden treasure. In fact, it was more than a hidden treasure for her. She was feeling like she was dreaming with the open eyes.

Sidnaaz were lying naked on the bed in each other arms after spending the most beautiful time of their life. The blissful smile on their faces was showing that how much happy they were, at that time. They were feeling completed. She was happy because he belonged to her only. Before she used to think that he belonged to Nandita, therefore she was pushing him away from her because she didn’t want to take anyone’s right. Same Sidharth used to think that he belonged to Nandita and he didn’t want to give her right to anyone. But now they didn’t need to push each other away because Nandita and Shehnaaz were the same. The thing which was stopping them from coming close to each other, it was no more. That’s why they mad love freely. While making love, they felt like they were in heaven. They were feeling blessed to have each other.

“Shehnaaz, but why your dad had kept the truth hidden from you? Why they never told you that you are not his child ? ” he asked in confusion, looking at her.

“Sidharth, I really don’t have answer of your these questions. Only dad can give the answer to our questions. You know, with them, I never felt like I am not their real daughter. I never doubted them. They always love me like their own daughter. But I am angry also because by doing this, they had kept me hidden from my real family and especially from you. Indirectly you all had suffered because of them.” She uttered sadly because her parents had kept the truth hidden from her childhood. He squeezed his arm around her firmly, assuring her that he is with her.

“But I don’t agree with you. In fact, I want to thank them for taking care of you. Giving you all the happiness which you deserve. They had saved you from those animals, Shehnaaz. You should also thankful to them. Nothing went wrong because you were with them.” He said, behaving so matured. She smiled wholeheartedly, seeing the real him which was coming out.

“I love you so much, Sidharth.” She confessed, gazing into his eyes deeply after pecking his lips. He chuckled and sucked her lips.

“I think, we should go for one round before sleeping,” She suggested, having a smile on her face because she still didn’t get satisfied. She needed more. Same was with Sidharth. He came above her without saying anything and pinned her hands against the matters, he pushed into her, stretching her, feeling her. She screamed in extreme pleasure and they made love again. His lips were kissing every inch of her body and his hand were rubbing her every part of her body which was making her feel incredible. Her nails were giving him marks on his shoulder and back which was leaving the marks of their wild night.


Next day by an early morning flight, they reached back Mumbai. First, they went to get their answers from Ram Gill. They stepped into Gill Mansion hand in hand. Ram was sitting in the hall and having his morning tea. He looked at them when they were strolling toward him. He smiled, seeing Shehnaaz. Then his eyes fell over him and then his moved down at their hands which were entwined with each other firmly.

He looked at his daughter with excitement because she had never dated anyone before. Whenever he had asked her about marriage plan, she had always denier for marriage. Seeing her with him, he became happy. As finally, her daughter was dating someone.

“Shehnaaz, is he your boyfriend? Are you going to marry him ?” Ram asked excitedly, not knowing that his secrets had been come out in front of her daughter.

“Dad, first I want to ask something.” She said in a serious tone, walking closer to his father after leaving Sidharth’s hand. He got up, staring at her confusingly. Sidharth was standing behind her silently, looking at them.

“Who I am?” She asked with grim expression. She indirectly wanted to tell him that she knew everything. His father looked at her, widening his eyes.

“What do you mean, Shehnaaz?” He asked in shock.

“Just tell me.” She asked again in a calm tone but her eyes were filled with anger. She was angry because he never told her the truth. He had kept her in darkness from childhood. She never doubted him because she used to trust him blindly.

“You, you are my daughter, Shehnaaz.” He stammered because inside he was feeling like she had got to know the truth. He was staring at her, having fear in his eyes. He was afraid to lose her.

“Why dad? Why you never told me that I am not your real daughter? Why you never tried to find my real parent? Didn’t you think for once even about the parents who had lost their daughter? I am not questioning your love, I am not saying that you snatched my happiness. I am just upset because you are culprit, dad. You are the culprit of the suffering of my real family. Just tell me why you did this to my family ?” She asked in a crying tone, looking at her father.

Sidharth placed her hand over her shoulder to give her support. Her father was gazing at her, having guilt in his eyes. He was silent because he was wrong and he was not understanding how to explain her why he did this crime.

“Shehnaaz,” as he lifted his hand to touch her face, she took few steps back and her back collided with Sidhath. He held her shoulders to give her support as she was about to lose her balance. A lone tear fell down from her eyes. She was hurt because she loved him. He would always remain her father but she was hurt because his father was the culprit for a big crime. Because of him, so many people had suffered. Seeing tears in his daughter’s eyes, he felt hurt. He was more hurt because he was the reason for her tears.

“Shehnaaz, when I and your mother found you. That day only, we had lost our real daughter. She was suffering from Cancer. Her name was also Shehnaaz. You came in front of our car. You were already badly injured. We immediately took you to hospital and there we came to know that you lost your memory. Finding you.. was like we got a gift from god. We thought that God had blessed us by sending you to us. You became the reason for our happiness. You came like a light into our dark world. We never tried to find your real family because we were scared to lose you. I know, we did this because we were selfish. But we were in immense pain, Shehnaaz. We needed someone. We were not in a condition to lose you after our real daughter. We thought to inform police a lot of time but we couldn’t gather the courage to send you away from us. I am not asking you to forgive me, Shehnaaz, but please don’t hate us. Especially don’t hate your mother. She used to cry a lot thinking about your real parents. We knew the pain of losing a daughter.” His father tried to justify himself. But nothing proved that he was innocent and he was not a culprit. Listening to his story, Sidnaaz felt bad.

“I can never hate you, dad. And also I am not the one to forgive you. You are the culprit of my real parents and especially of this person who is standing behind me.” She turned her face toward him and pointed at him. They looked at each other. Ram was just looking down, having guilt in his eyes.

“The day when he had lost me, from that day, he didn’t live a single day happily. He forgot to smile even. He had become like a dead body. I have seen his condition.” She told him, having tears in her eyes. He wiped her tears, shaking his head. She cried even more remembering how he used to torture himself.

“If you had seen his condition, you could never forgive yourself for keeping me away from him. You did wrong, dad. I can understand that you were in pain, but you did wrong.” She cried, looking at Ram. Then she rushed outside, covering her mouth.  Ram started crying after slumping down on the floor. He sadly looked down at him and then he also ran outside behind Shehnaaz.

He came outside and found her crying badly. He strode toward her. It was his time to console her. As she saw him, she just hugged him tightly. She buried her face in his chest and her hand clutched his shirt. He just wrapped her in his protective arms. Her condition was giving him pain. After crying for a few minutes, she herself broke the hug.

“Feeling better now ?” He asked, looking at her. She nodded her head at him. He kissed her forehead, cupping her face.

“I can understand that you are hurt but please be happy. We got our happiness back after so many years. Please don’t spoil this. For me, please try to forgive him. You only said that I am the only one who has the right to forgive him. So I am forgiving him.” He told her decision.

“I need time.” As she uttered, he smiled slightly in response.

“Now let’s go home. Everyone will be so happy after knowing the truth. I just can’t wait to see real happiness on their faces after meeting their Nandita.” He squealed joyfully with excitement, looking at her. Now she smiled in response. Then they both strolled toward their car and went to Shukla Mansion.


There is one more Part which I’ll post after few hours.

So, excited to see their family reaction?

Love Mehak

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