(Part: 28 Happy Ending) Lost Love

When Sidnaaz reached Shukla Mansion, Luckily all of them were having breakfast in the garden Area, even Cabir was also present there. They walked toward them, having a broad and blissful smile on their faces. They all smiled, seeing Sidharth happy.

Shehnaaz greeted everyone and then Neyonika asked them to have breakfast with them. “Shehnaaz, Sidharth, come, have breakfast with us.”

“Mom, before breakfast, we both want to introduce someone very special to all of you.” As he uttered, they all looked at him in confusion. He glanced at Shehnaaz and smiled.

“So meet, Nandita Singh.” He introduced cheerfully, pointing at Shehnaaz but his eyes were at them. As he wanted to see their expressions. All of them stood up, leaving their chair in shock. They were beyond shocked. They were staring at Shehnaaz in utter disbelief. Sidnaaz glanced at each other and smiled broadly.

“What are you saying, Sidharth? She is Shehnaaz Gill, right ?” Neyonika asked to confirm, walking toward him while all of them were not in a condition to react even.

“Auntie, I am Nandita. This is the truth. I got to know this when you showed me the Album.” She told him merrily, her eyes shining with happiness. Neyonika was still looking at her incredulously. Neyonika hugged her tightly. She hugged her back smilingly and looked at the people who were staring at her, stunned. They were looking at her, having love in their eyes. Especially her mother, Ishita.

Her father, Raman reached toward her, taking slow steps. He had lost all the hope of meeting her. Seeing her, standing in front of his eyes was not less than any dream. He touched her face with his shaking hands and gazed at her, having so much love in his eyes. She was looking at him, having a smile on her face.

“Papa.” As she called him ‘Papa’, happy tears trickled down from his eyes and a blissful smile flashed on his face. A father’s ears were craving to hear this one word. Therefore this brought tears in his eyes instantly. She wiped his tears with her hands, nodding her head. He hid her in his protective arms. Now he wanted to keep her safe in his arms forever. All were just smiling with immense happiness, seeing the meet of father and daughter after so many years. They were overwhelmed with contentment.

Cabir strolled toward his friend and having a smile on his face, he hugged him. He was happy, seeing his friend happy after so many years.

“Mumma” Breaking the hug, he walked toward Ishita, calling her ‘Mumma’. She was crying happily, looking at her. She had been praying to god for so many years to give her daughter back. Finally, god listened to her. Listening to the word Mumma made her emotional.

“You were with us only and I couldn’t recognise you. I am so happy to get you back, Mera bacha.” Ishita clasped her face and started kissing her face. Few tear rolled her cheeks too after getting a mother love again. The smile was not leaving her face for even a single second. Everyone was happy there. Nobody had thought that they would ever able to see Nandita. The more shocking thing was that the girl who had been visiting their house from so many Days, she was only their Nandita.

After the meet of Nandita with everyone when they all settled down. Sidnaaz told them how Ram and his wife meet Sana and why they didn’t inform the police. Like Sidharth, they all forgave Ram immediately. They were thankful to god for giving their daughter back, the happiness of the house back. She was really the happiness of the house. Everyone was spending time with her. All were happy. Seeing them happy after so many years, he was happy too. He was tired of seeing their fake happiness. He knew that they only used to live happily for him but from inside they were in pain. Especially he was happy seeing his lost love who was with him now.


After one year

Shehnaaz was having breakfast with her three fathers, two mothers, one husband and her baby who was growing in her tummy. Yes, she was pregnant and Sidnaaz were now husband and wife. She forgave Ram, and everyone wholeheartedly welcomed Ram into their family. Ram started living in Shukla’s mansion with them. So which means, she was the luckiest girl in the world who was getting the love of three fathers and two mothers. They all used to pamper her a lot like a small kid. She felt blessed to have all of them in her life. Each and every second, she used to thank god for giving her all the happiness of world. She also prayed to keep her family happy and together like this only. Same was with Sidhath.

(But there were also disadvantages of having three father. Which you will come to know how🤪)

“Sana, please eat one more chapati for your baby,” Ram said, putting the chapati in her plate.

“And who will eat these extra vegetables for the baby ?” Raman placed the vegetable in her plate.

“And also this juice.” Now her 3rd father ‘Raj’ said giving her juice. She made a sad pout, looking at her husband. In gesture, she asked him to help her from escaping this food session which was always a toughest challenge for her. He just smiled, looking at her.

She got up from her chair while coughing badly and ran inside the room, covering her mouth. Everyone got tensed and called her but she didn’t listen to anyone. Sidhath was standing relax because he knew her very well. She had done the drama to save herself from eating the food.

“Don’t worry. I am going to check her. ” Sidharth said to everyone and then went to their room. He walked into the washroom after not finding her in the room. She was standing in front of the mirror. He wrapped his hand around her waist and nuzzled her hair from behind.

“Sid, please do something. I can’t eat so much of food every day.” She turned towards him and complained like a cute baby. He just smiled at her.

“Sweetheart, you need to eat for our baby.” He said, placing his hand on her tummy.

“But they are making me eat three times extra food. It should be doubled, right?” She asked and he chuckled seeing her condition. She was behaving like a small kid and looking so adorable.

“My baby, this is the disadvantage of having three fathers.” He chuckled and his words made her laugh too.

“Now leave all this. I will handle this problem. And now let me eat my food, first” He whispered after coming close to her lips.

“You will get the food after solving my problem.” She pushed him and ran toward the door while saying this.

“This is not fair sweetheart,” he complained like a small baby walking outside of the room.

He saw her sitting on the couch, she was reading books.

“I know the ways to take my delicious food in my style.” Saying this, he strolled toward her. He leaned down and she gazed at him. He caged her in between his arms by placing his both hands around her on the couch. Then he moved closer to her lips. Soon their lips met and they started kissing each other crazily like they were hungry for this kiss from ages. With every kiss, their cravings were increasing. They never got satisfied with each other. Every time when they made love, they felt it was the first time and their desire increased more and more. With their desire, their love was growing and becoming stronger and stronger. They were spending a happy life with each other which was filled with love and happiness.

Don’t forget to tell me how do you find their journey. Show your love for this story for the last time and tell me.

I’m going to start a new emotional story from tomorrow, Love Or Sin, stay tuned.

Love Mehak

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  1. I don’t understand one thing why heroine’s parents (Raj) not informed police or try to find her real parents/ informed heroine that they are not her real parents?

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