(Part: 21B) {Manan& Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

Part: 21B The Dice Game

Now it is my turn to roll the dice. Before rolling the dice on the table, I glanced at my Princess who is standing beside me, gazing at me with excitement. I smirked after seeing the next position on the dice.

“Now you will explain to me the position.” As she spoke, I smiled at her after picking up the dice.

I moved closer to her face and whispered huskily. “No, Princess. I’ll directly show you.” I’m caressing her soft cheek with my thumb.

She complained. “That’s not a fair game, Master. If I explained the position, so you should also explain. Rules should be the same.”

I grinned mischievously. “Why do you always forget that who is Master here.”

She rolled her eyes. “You always take the advantage of it.”

“And why shouldn’t I take advantage of it?” I raised my brows, she just shook her head.

“Now, sit on the bed,” I ordered sternly and pointed at the bed, turning on my Master mode.

She strolled over the bed, and I gazed at her exquisite and captivating bare body. She sat on her knees on the bed.

I stood in front of her. “Now hold your knees near to your chest.” She compiled my order like always and I grinned. I went to bring ropes after smiling at her.

I sat in front of her, gazing at her intensely and she is gazing at me in anticipation.

“You know, I feel so lucky to have you in my life, Princess. You’re fulfilling my all desire. I never thought that you would agree for all this. Thank you so much.” I’m caressing her cheeks gently with my thumbs, gazing at her lovingly.

“I’m not doing this for you. I mean I’m liking it and that’s why I’m doing this. I love to experience new things in my life and I’m enjoying this.” She placed her hand on my face and we smiled at each other.

I kissed her forehead. After that, I held her one hand and placed it against the outer side of her ankle. I tied her wrist with ankle, gazing at her. She’s sitting, placing her knees against her chest. I did the same with her other hand. Now her both hands are tied with the ankles. Her inner thigh is hidden behind her closed legs.

“What type of position is this?” She is gazing at me bemusedly.

“You’ll come to know,” I smirked before lying her down on the bed. Now her inner thigh is utterly exposed to me, her knees are pressed against her twins and her legs are in the air tied to her hands. She can’t move and put her legs down on the bed in this position. She is completely exposed to me. I gave her a salacious smile. She’s breathing heavily and gazing at me in anticipation.

“I just come.” I climbed down from the bed and went to bring a vibrator wand.

I’m strolling over her and her eyes shimmered with excitement after seeing the magic wand in my hand. I grinned.

“You like Vibrator, Princess?” I asked after sitting in front of her.

“Yes…” she moaned and shut her eyes as I turned on the vibrator and placed it over her clit directly.

“What yes, Princess?” I asked after removing it and smiled devilishly at her.

She opened her eyes and answered. “I like it, Master…” she moaned again with pleasure as I again placed it over her clit.

Without any warning, I pushed my two fingers into her and pressed the vibrator against her clit. I’m thrusting my finger in and out faster and deeper, and I’m vigorously rubbing the vibrator against her clit. She is just shrieking and moaning with extreme pleasure. I’m loving her sweet moans, they are giving some kind of different pleasure to me like always. I’m becoming hard again, for my Princess.

As her legs started shaking, I took both fingers out of her and turned off the vibrator before she could release. I’m delaying her orgasm so that she will get extreme pleasure in the end. I’m hundred percent sure that she will thank me at the end of our this session for giving the intense orgasm of her life.

“Now it’s time for the third and the last position.” I’m opening the ropes, gazing at her fondly and she is breathing heavily at me, her twins rising up and falling down. This time she didn’t complain of not giving her orgasm because she knows, I’m going to satisfy her in the end by giving her immense pleasure. She knows what I do, I do for her pleasure. My Princess’s pleasure matters to me more than my pleasure.

As she put her legs down on bed comfortably, I came over her smilingly. “I hope you’re enjoying this dice game, Princess,” I whispered against her lips.

She beamed at me. “I’m loving it, Master.” I grinned before kissing her lips passionately, pinning her hands against the mattress.

After a minute, I gave her dice and she rolled it on the bed.

“Explain the position, Princess,” I asked as she turned her face towards me. I’m still lying above her.

“A girl is lying in X position over her front, and her wrists and ankles are bonded with the bedposts.” As she explained me, I grinned. I like this type of position when she lies on her front because I love to squeeze, spank or just caress her round butts while kissing all over her back.

“Are you ready for the last round, Princess?” I asked.

“I have been waiting for the last round since starting of the game.” We beamed at each other. I gave her a quick kiss on her lips before climbing down from the bed.

“Lie down on your front,” I ordered, standing in front of her.

“Okay, Master.” She smiled at me before lying down on her front. I kissed her hands before tying her wrists with the restraints which are attached to the bedposts. I’m not typing her ankles because I’m planning something else in my mind. She opened her legs, thinking that I’m going to tie her ankles.

I trailed few soft kisses down her back, stroking her butts before commanding her. “Lie down on your knees and raised your butts.”

She complied by raising her hips in the air, her back sloping down. She’s looking damn attractive in this position. I’m utterly aroused after seeing her in this position and just can’t wait to come inside her.

I grasped her waist and positioned myself from behind her after wearing the condom. As I shoved into her, she screamed, clenching her fist and stretching her arms. We always feel so complete after joining like this. I slid into her deeper by coming over her from behind, pressing my front body with her back. “I love you, Princess,” I whispered in the ear before thrusting her hard and fast in the same position. We’re moaning and groaning with extreme pleasure. Oh God, I never get enough of her. In the end, we exploded together, screaming loudly.

Don’t forget to leave your Precious comments. I’ll focus on this story after completing the love story. So I’m putting it on a hold for a week. After a week, I’ll focus only on this for a few days before starting any new story.

Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Whole update was filled with hotness and intense game…
    The second position must have been exotic bt manik didnt get to feel her on him in that position poor him…
    Nandu trust manik so much she is ready to do anything for him and he always keeps her before himself which is lovely…


  2. Gosh!! I waited so long for it🤧. Finally this exotic and super hot update 🥵🤤😈. I must say you are researching so well for every single update🤪😎. Will be waiting for the next update🤗🥰.
    Love you to Mehak. Keep writing and keep shining Always ☺️🌟✨❤️


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