Manan Love Story (Part: 120 Pain)

“I’ll bring her back.” He stood up and wiped his tears in determination.

Neyonika also got up. “Manik, I think you should give her some time. You should wait for her. She will understand you with time and come back.” She placed her hand over his arm and explained.

“But Mom, how can I leave her alone in this condition? She needs me.” He was still thinking about her.

“I’ve called Ram uncle. He is coming. He’ll try to make Nandini understand.” As Adi uttered, he looked at him dejectedly.

“Everything will be fine, Manik. She’s shocked and hurt. Give her some time, she will understand you.” He assured her, placing his hand over his shoulder.

“Why are you doing this with us, Angel? We both need each other at this time and you left me.” He thought, staring straight sorrowfully and a fresh tear trickled down his cheek.

Neyonika clasped his face. “Everything will be fine, Manik.” She reassured him and placed a soothing kiss on his orehead.

Nandini came to the house where she used to live with her father before marriage. She was crying in grief, hugging her stomach on the bed. “Baby, I’m sorry, I couldn’t save you. I tried a lot, but I didn’t know that your father will do something like this with you. I never wanted to abort you. I’m sorry, I couldn’t protect you, baby. Mumma is missing you a lot, baby. Please, come back, I want to feel you again.” She was constantly apologising from her gone baby, distressed. She was in extreme pain.

For now, she wasn’t in the right state of mind to understand Manik. She was just seeing him as the culprit who had snatched her baby from her. “I’ll never forgive you, Manik.” She was constantly saying this to herself in her mind. She wasn’t seeing his love that he killed their baby to save her. Her grief at her abortion was terrible.

Time would heal her and make her realise that this was written in her destiny and it was needed for her safety. She would also realise that if she were at her husband place, she would have also done this to save him. It just that she wasn’t in the right condition to understand all this. She couldn’t see anything else beyond her baby for now.

She was utterly shattered. She needed Manik to overcome this pain. She wanted his assurance that their baby would come back to them very soon. She needed him, but she wasn’t ready to forgive him. She was badly hurt by his betrayal.

“Please, come to your Mumma, baby. Please. I miss you.” She was crying and crying in anguish.


“Dad, please, don’t tell Nandini that you knew about our plan of abortion. Otherwise, she will hate you too and she won’t let you stay with her. We can’t leave her alone in this condition because it is dangerous for her. Please, Dad. Don’t tell her the truth that you know about this.” Manik was trying to convince Ram to lie. He was still crying.

“Okay. I think you’re right. But don’t worry, Manik. She will understand you and come back to you.” He reassured him.

“I don’t know.” He murmured and shook his head, dejected. “She said she hates me and she will not forgive me.” He gave him helpless look.

“She said in anger, Manik. I can understand your condition, but just be strong and trust me she will come back to you. Give her some time to gather herself. I’ll make understand.” He placed his hand over his shoulder and squeezed slightly.

He just stared at him with his sorrowful eyes and nodded his head.

“Dad, now you should go to Nandini and don’t forget to inform me about her condition.”

As Ram left, he trudged up the stairs, shedding silent tears of agony.

He lumbered into his baby’s room. He closed the door, tears were constantly rolling down his cheeks. They had decorated this room for their baby with so much love. He was crying sorrowfully, staring all around the room. A small smile flashed on his face when he was recalling how he had decorated this room with his Angel for their upcoming baby. They had seen lots of dream which got shattered now.

He plodded over the crib which was kept in the middle of the room. He pursed his lips and sobbed after seeing the empty crib.

“I’m sorry, baby that I killed you in the womb of your Mumma only. I had to do this to save your Mumma, otherwise, if something happens to your mother, I will never accept you properly. I know, I did terribly wrong with you, baby, but I really love your Mumma. I can’t lose her. You don’t hate your dad, right? You understand that it was so difficult for me to do this. Why she is not understanding that I’ve also lost you? It is hurting a lot. I did this for her and she left me.” He was crying badly, clutching the crib and talking to his gone baby.

“You make her understand, your mom will definitely listen to you. Please, ask her to come back to me, I really need her. If she comes back, then only in future we’ll able to bring you back in our life. Baby, you will come back to us, right?” He leaned down over the crib and cried sorrowfully, resting his head on the railing of the crib. He was crying his heart aloud.

On the other hand, his Angel was crying in her father’s arms. “It is hurting a lot, the person whom I love so much, he killed my baby. My heart is aching terribly. My baby, I want my baby back. I couldn’t protect him from his father.”

Ram forcibly break the hug and clasped her face. “Your baby will come back to you, Nandini. Manik did this for you. It was right for you. Your baby can come back, but not you.” He tried to make her understand, tucking her hair strands behind her ears.

“Who goes away never come back. My baby will never come back because he killed my baby. I’ll never forgive him dad. He killed our baby.” She cried, resting her head over his chest. She wasn’t ready to understand that he did this for her.

Will she understand him?

Don’t hate her, she is not in a right state of mind.

Love Mehak


  1. I think from the starting point of there journey there is always manik who put efforts in the relationship nandini is always busy in her pain the so called I can’t forget my first love was always on her lips she’s like a pampered child always emotional nevere think logically bloody emotional fool I feel bad for manik he deserve better nandini version😁😞


  2. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor manik usne joh bhi keya apne pyaar ke liye keya he just wanted to save nandu so that in future they can have a baby again but not at the cost of her life…
    Nandu bhi tou pain mai hai she also lost the baby and she is just begging god to give her child back who was forcefully taken away from her…
    As manik said he wouldnt have accepted the baby whole heartily if some thing would have happened to nandu…
    Hope dono yeh pain se jaldi baher aaye taki ek dusre ko sambhal sake…


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