Love Story (Part: 121 Realisation)

Three days had been passed in pain. Manan’s condition was worsening, but Nandini wasn’t ready to forgive her husband. He had come to meet her two times, but she had locked herself in the room and didn’t meet him. She was just saying, “I can’t forgive the murderer of my baby.”

He needed her. He wanted to heal her and wanted to be healed by her. He was also devastated after losing his baby and she was hurting him and herself even more by living away from away.

She wasn’t sleeping and eating properly. Even she wasn’t talking to anybody now. She had become silent. She was going into depression.

Next day, Ram came to check her and got to know that she had a high fever. He called the doctor at his home immediately.

She was sitting on the bed and staring straight silently and blankly like a lifeless soul. She was physically present there but her mind was somewhere else. She had been only thinking about her baby for three days. She was losing her mind thinking all this. Ram was sitting in front of her and looking at her helplessly. He wasn’t understanding that what he should do to make her understand that what Manik did was right. He had also lost her mother when she was born and he still missed her. It was really difficult for him to raise her alone.

“Why are you doing this with yourself, Nandini?” He asked her daughter, placing his hand on her face. She gave him black look.

“There’s nothing left. It’s all over.” She murmured these words over and over again like a crazy person. Ram closed his eyes dejectedly after seeing her condition.

Next moment, the doorbell rang. He took a deep breath and went to open the door. He called the same Doctor who had asked her to abort the baby. Ram told her about her condition too.

“Don’t worry, Mr Kapoor. I’ll make your daughter understand.” She reassured him before stepping into the room.

“Hello, Nandini.” She greeted her after stepping into the room. She gave her a blank look.

“You’re not looking fine to me.” She strolled toward her.

“What are you doing with yourself, Nandini? Why are you living without your husband? At this time, you both should be together. Why are you blaming your husband for your lost, Nandini? He had also lost his baby. You know, when I had given her those abortion pills, he had cried a lot in front of my eyes. He gave you the pills by putting stone over his heart because he had no other option to save you. You will become pregnant again in future. Stop spoiling your life and your husband’s life. Why can’t you see that your husband killed his baby to save you? Why can’t you see his love? You’re so lucky to have him in your life.” She was trying her best to explain her.

From Nandini’s eyes, fresh tears were trickling down. “I’m lucky to have a husband like Manik, but how can I forgive him for killing my baby. He did terribly wrong with our baby. I wanted to bring our baby into this world.”

“Your baby will come into this world in future. Your husband loves you a lot and he needs you. He too had lost his baby. Why are you not thinking about him? I’ve seen his love for you. Don’t punish him like this. He needs you. You tell me if you were at your husband place, would you let him die? Wouldn’t you do anything to save him?” After listening to the doctor’s words, she finally started thinking about Manik.

She suddenly realised that she was doing so wrong with her husband. If she was at his place, she would have also done the same to save him. After this realisation, she experienced a sharp pang of guilt. She was only thinking about her baby. She wasn’t thinking about her husband who supported her always, who loved her a lot and who killed his baby to save her. He could bear any pain to protect her. She was finally thinking about him and feeling so guilty for blaming him and hurting him more when he needed her support.

“I don’t know why I wasn’t thinking about him. I was just thinking about our baby. It would be so difficult for him to take this decision because he was also the father of the baby. I was hurting him more and more by calling him a murderer and blaming him. How could I do this with him? He has always supported me and understood me, and I, I hurt him more. I’m not a good wife. I don’t deserve him.” She squeezed her eyes shut and cried in guilt now, clutching the comforter.

“It’s okay, Nandini. Now don’t blame yourself, you weren’t in the right state of mind. Now you should go to him.” She placed her hand over her shoulder.

“Thank you so much for making me realise my mistake. You know, I was dying without him. I wanted to go to him but stopping myself because I was just seeing him as the culprit of my baby. Now I’ve to go to him.” She removed the comforter and climbed down from the bed. Her eyes were shimmering with happiness. Happiness to meet her husband after three long days.

“I’ll tell him that he’s not a murderer, he’s a gem and I’m so lucky to have him.” She uttered with the smile and dashed out of the room.

“Where are you going?” Ram asked her concernedly when he saw her opening the main door of the house.

“Dad, I’m going back home. I’ve realised that I was thinking so wrong. I don’t know why I wasn’t seeing his love and pain. I was only thinking about our baby.” She turned toward him and told him.

Ram’s eyes glinted with the happiness after knowing this and a smile flashed on his face. Now he knew that Manik would heal her daughter and she would heal him.

“Dad, I’ll meet you there only. I can’t wait anymore. I’ve already wasted my three days by living without him, I just can’t wait anymore.” She hastily opened the door and walked out after last time glancing at him.

“Take care and drive safe.” He shouted, smilingly.

“Thank you so much, doctor, for making my daughter understand.” Ram thanked the doctor as she stepped out of the room.

“I just did my work, Mr Kapoor.” She gave him a warm smile.

So, finally she realised that she was thinking wrong and now they’re going to meet, excited?

Or any twist will come?

Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Finally someone made nandu understand that her thoughts where killing her from inside what she was thinking was harming her more and making her go in depression…
    The doctor so carefully made her understand that what manik did was bcoz he loves her so much and cant live without her and if she was his place she would do the same to save his life…
    Finally she realised her mistake and is going back to manik who she had missed like hell in 3 days…
    But i know kuch ma kuch twist tou jarur hoga there meet will not be so simple…


  2. Finally she understood manik was also a father and he will also be in pain🥺❤️. Just don’t let any accident or mishappening they have suffered a lot. Let them heal each other now❤️❤️✨☺️


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