(Part: 4A Turning Point) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}

After two weeks

These two weeks were very difficult for Sidharth. He was trying his best to maintain distance with Shehnaaz. He was coming home late at night and leaving early in the morning. His attraction toward Shehnaaz was increasing with each passing day. He tried to keep himself busy in work but still, he couldn’t take her out from his head. His heart always wanted to see her in front of his eyes but his mind stopped him always. He didn’t want to think about it but still, he couldn’t stop himself from thinking what if she was single. He was feeling like she was controlling his heart and mind. He had never felt so weak and helpless before, but this attraction was making him weak and helpless.

Even he started ignoring Shivansh because whatever was going in his mind after that he was not able to face him. He was trying his best to end this here. He was scared about the thought that what if his attraction toward Shehnaaz would change into something stronger than just attraction. That’s why he wanted this to get end here only, but nothing was left in his control. It was getting difficult for him to control the things. He was not the same person what he was become after meeting Shehnaaz. He was becoming short-tempered. He was angry with himself. He shouted and scolded himself in alone for thinking about Shehnaaz. He started smoking and drinking a lot these days. These feelings were becoming dangerous for him and killing him from inside.

“What happened to you, Sidharth? You are not picking up anybody’s calls.”As Mukti stormed into Sidharth’s Cabin, shouting on him, Sidharth moved his eyes from the laptop to her.

“You know Shivansh called me and he was so upset and angry with you. He told me that daily you are coming late at night. Even you didn’t go home last night.” Mukti was scolding him and he was listening to her silently, sitting on the chair and his hands were kept on the table.

Mukti walked over him and stood beside him. “Sidharth, Is everything fine? If something is bothering you, you can share with us. We are there for you.” She composed herself and asked concernedly, placing her hand over his shoulder. Sidharth closed his eyes disappointedly because he couldn’t share this thing with anybody.

“Mukti. It’s just that I have a lot of work that’s why I remain busy. It doesn’t mean that I am ignoring you guys intentionally. You all are my friends, my family. Why would I ignore you guys ?” Sidharth took a deep breath and said looking at Mukti who was gazing at him, having concerns in her eyes for him.

“Really there is nothing serious?” Mukti asked to confirm and Sidharth nodded his head in yes. Next second, he got up from the chair and hugged her. He wanted someone to hold him very badly, therefore without thinking anything, he just hugged her. Few tears trickled down his cheeks, and he wiped them off with his hand instantly. Mukti wrapped her arms around him confusingly. She was sensing that something was really wrong with him.

“Sidharth, you need to give time to yourself too.” Mukti advised him as they broke the hug after a minute. He just nodded his head slightly in response.

“Go home and talk to Shivansh,” Mukti added before walking out of Cabin. Sidharth was standing there, having sadness on his face. The saddest thing was that he was drifting apart from his friends because of the feelings which were developing inside him for Shehnaaz.

Sidharth reached home to talk with Shivansh. Mukti’s words made him realise that he was doing wrong with his friends. Ignoring them was not right. What was their fault? He was just about to pass by Shivansh’s room but stopped on the door, listening to his words.

“Shehnaaz, seriously, I am feeling like there is something wrong with Sidharth. He never did like this to me before. He was not like this before. He always used to pick up my calls, no matter how much busy he was. I am worried about him.” Shivansh uttered with a gloomy expression, looking at Shehnaaz who was listening to him patiently, standing in front of him. Sidharth felt more guilty after listening to his words. He had never wished this to happen.

“Shivansh, you are overthinking. He must be busy at work. If you really think that, that he is hiding something from you. Then talk to him. He is your friend, he will surely share with you. Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” Shehnaaz clasped his hand with her both hands and reassured him. Shivansh was just gazing down, distressed. Shehnaaz hugged him to make him feel better. He hugged her tightly, encircling his arms around her. Sidharth lumbered from there, his face was grim.

“Thank you so much, Shehnaaz. You always take away all my tension and stress within a second like magic. I always feel blessed to have a person like you in my life.” Shivansh clasped her face and kissed her forehead after breaking the hug. Shehnaaz smiled at him.

“Shivansh, you don’t need to say thank to me. I am your wife and it’s my duty to keep my husband stress and tension free. Hope you understand Mr Oberoi.” As she said, he grinned at her.

“You know, giving a kiss to husband, this is also a wife’s duty.” He said naughtily, coming close to her face.

“Shivansh you are getting late for the meeting. And being your wife, it is my duty to take care that my husband should reach on time everywhere.” She stopped him from coming close to her, placing her hands on his chest. Shivansh made a sad pout and she winked at him.

“Now go.” She said, pushing him and laughed. Shivansh pecked her cheeks and went.

On the other side, Sidharth stepped into his room, taking slow steps. He closed the door. He was angry and upset with himself. After seeing how much he was hurting his friend, he was still getting jealous of Shehnaaz and Shivansh closeness. When Shehnaaz hugged him, at that moment he felt a sharp pain in his heart. Deep inside he wanted her to hug him like this. He hates this feeling where he couldn’t do anything. He was feeling helpless. He didn’t want to hurt anybody but intentionally everyone was getting hurt because of him.

Sidharth was drinking one after another glass of scotch, sitting at the bar counter of a famous pub. He wanted to take Shehnaaz out of his mind but, she wasn’t going out of his mind for even a single second. Whenever he closed his eyes, he was seeing her smiling face. He wasn’t understanding what was happening to him. He was not understanding why he was attracting like this toward her after knowing that she was Shivansh’s wife. He took another glass of scotch and stared at it, having pain, anger and guilt in his eyes. His eyes became red because of sleepless nights. He drank the scotch from the glass in a one go and put it back on the counter and the bartender filled it again. Getting drunk at night was becoming his daily routine.

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