(Part: 9 GoodBye) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}

Their lips were just about to touch and create magic, but Sidharth pushed her away from himself as his eyes fell over her nuptial chain which she was wearing around her neck. Nuptial chain made him realise that she was not his. She belonged to somebody else. She was married to somebody else and that somebody else was his best friend. How could he come in between Shivansh and Shehnaaz? How could he snatch his wife from him? When did this happen? When did she start loving him? Why didn’t he realise? Why did this happen? He questioned himself and held his head with his hands.

“We need to go home, Shehnaaz.” He spoke and she was looking at him with a sad pout.

“Why she is so adorable and irresistible? Why she couldn’t be mine? Why things are so complicated?” He wondered, gazing at her.

“I don’t want to go.” She instantly denied, nodding her head like a cute baby. Sidharth felt like to pull her cheeks.

“I am enjoying it here a lot.” She twirled in front of him, opening her arms. Sidharth just gazed at her without blinking his eyes. She was looking more beautiful to him in the rain. She stopped and walked toward him.

“With you.” She whispered after holding the collars of his shirt and again stood on her toes. Both gazed into each other eyes intensely. He could feel her hot breath on his lips. Their proximity was driving him crazy. It was getting difficult for Sidharth to resist her. He wanted to claim her there only.

“We are going home.” He stated, holding her shoulders and pulled her away from himself.

She made a sad pout. Then he marched toward their car. Shehnaaz followed him, her lips were drawn down in sadness. He opened the door of the car for her. She gave him a angry glare and sat inside. He walked toward another side and sat inside, opening the door. Before starting the car, he glanced at her. She was sitting, crossing her arms around her chest and staring out of the window. He took a deep breath and started the car engine.

In no time, they reached Oberoi’s Mansion. It was still raining heavily. Shehnaaz stepped inside and he followed her. Shehnaaz was lumbering upstairs, holding the railing and her legs were trembling. Sidharth wanted to pick her up in his arms and take her upstairs. But he was controlling himself and walking upstairs beside her.

She suddenly tripped, but he caught her in his protective arms on the right time. She was scared. She gripped his shirt’s collars and shut her eyes tightly. Sidharth was gazing at her without blinking his eyes. She was looking more beautiful to him from so close. Their wet body came in contact and started burning with the desires. His eyes could only see her glossy lips. He was craving to taste them and mark her lips his forever and always.

“Just kiss me, Sidharth, please.” She opened her eyes and requested him, putting her hand on his face while through their eyes, they were already kissing each other souls. Listening to her words, he raised his brows in shock.

“I want to feel your lips on mine. Don’t think anything, just kiss me and end the cravings of my lips.” She whispered in husky tone, caressing his lower lips with her thumb. Her acts and their proximity was driving him crazy. He was forgetting that she was forbidden to him. At that time, only he wanted to kiss her lips and make her breathless.

He moved closer to her lips. Both of their breath became heavy. She closed her eyes and waited for his lips to meet her lips. They were completely out of their senses, and they even utterly forgot that what was right and what was wrong at that time. They were ready to cross every line. Their body shivered and electricity ran down their spine when their lips which were craving to feel each other, they finally met with each other. They felt like every cell of their body became alive with the touching of their lips. They felt like they touched each other souls when their lips touched. The feeling was heavenly incredible.

Sidharth came on the earth back as his phone rang up which was in his jeans pocket. He immediately moved away from her and made her stood straight. Shehnaaz cursed the person under her breath who had called him, sitting on the stairs. Sidharth turned toward another side, facing his back to Shehnaaz because he couldn’t resist her more. He sighed deeply and took out the phone from his pocket. Seeing the caller id, he felt more guilty for his acts. It was Shivansh’s call. After composing himself, he finally picked up the call and put the phone on his ear.

“Sidharth, I will be back home in an hour. What’s your status? Where is Shehnaaz? She is not picking up my calls. Is she fine ?” As Sidharth picked up the call, Shivansh threw up lots of questions on him. Sidharth could see how much he was concerned for Shehnaaz. He loved her a lot. What went wrong that Shehnaaz stopped loving Shivansh and started loving him? He wondered.

“Shivansh, she is drunk. She is not in her senses. You… ” Before Sidharth could complete his sentence, Shehnaaz snatched the phone from his hand, standing behind him. Sidharth turned toward her and in front of his eyes, she cut the phone and threw it down in anger. Sidharth glared at her in fury.

“No, Don’t dare to speak a single word now,” Sidharth warned her, putting his forefinger on her lips when she opened her mouth to speak something.

“You are coming upstairs with me. You will change your clothes and sleep.” Sidharth was giving her dangerous looks. He instructed her and she nodded her head meekly, getting scared from him.

He climbed upstairs and she followed him. He opened the door of her room for her. She looked at him like an innocent baby and he asked her to go inside in gesture. She walked inside sadly, bowing her head down. She looked up at him and she was about to speak something but before she could, he again shushed her, putting his finger on her lips. Both gazed into each other eyes intensely for a few seconds.

“Change your clothes and sleep.” He again instructed her and removed his finger from her lips. She nodded her head in yes, staring at him like an innocent kid. Then he left to his room which was adjacent to her room. When she heard the sound of the closing of the door of his room, she sadly closed the door of her room.


Sidharth was standing in the balcony, holding the railing. He was in blue denim shorts and a black vest. He was staring at the sky full of stars. His eyes were moist because of the guilt and pain of never getting what he wanted. After knowing that Shehnaaz loved him, he was feeling more guilty because he was thinking that he came in between Shehnaaz and Shivansh. He snatched his best friend’s wife. He ruined their happy married life. He shouldn’t have come there. The guilt was eating him from inside. He had never wanted to snatch Shivansh’s happiness from him.

He had happily accepted his one-sided love for Shehnaaz but he never thought that Shehnaaz also loved him. Knowing the fact that she also loved him, it would be more difficult for him to live with her, pretending that he didn’t love her and it would be more difficult for him to leave her even. Her confession made him confused that now what he should do. Should he leave her or should he stay with her?

“I will leave tomorrow. I can’t stay here any longer. I should have never stayed here. I spoiled everything. If Shehnaaz loves me then she has to forget me. I will never show my face to her after tomorrow. Maybe I am just her attraction. Everything will be fine like before after my disappear. Shehnaaz will love Shivansh like before.” He murmured to himself.

He came in his room and started putting his clothes into the bag. Sometimes you just need to accept that some people can only live your heart, not in your life. Sidharth had accepted this long back ago.


What do you think, he will leave her?

Love Mehak

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