Manan Love Story (Part: 123 Together Forever)

“Just go from here, Nandini.” He stood, facing his back to her. She shut her eyes and cried hysterically as he called her Nandini, not Angel.

She buried her face in his back and wrapped her arms around him. She cried in guilt, clutching his shirt. “I’m sorry. I just lost my mind after knowing that you had given me the abortion pills. I know I hurt you and I’m really sorry. I was just thinking about my baby. I’m sorry that I wasn’t thinking about you. I don’t know why I wasn’t thinking that how much you love me and you can’t put my life at risk. Therefore, you took this big step for me.”

She was explaining him and he was trying to remove her hands in anger because he was hurt. But She wasn’t ready to leave him, her grip was becoming tighter and she was pulling him closer to herself. She was crying in agony and guilt.

“I’m sorry for blaming you. Please, forgive me. I really need you.” She cried and cried.

“Still you’re only thinking about yourself. You came here because you need me, right? You never thought about me.” The grip of her hands loosened as she heard his words. She was shocked because, for the first time, he was talking like this with her. Was he the same Manik? She wondered.

He removed her hands and turned towards her. “I needed you badly at that time, but you just left me without thinking about me even for once. I had also lost my baby that day.” His eyes were filled with anger. He was badly hurt.

“You’re thinking wrong.” She sobbed.

“No, now I’m thinking right. Until today I was thinking about you only,” he pointed his finger at her. “Now I’ll think about myself.” He moved his finger at himself.

She was shocked to see his behaviour. He was behaving so different. She felt more guilty because she was the reason of his changed behaviour.

“I’m sorry. Please, forgive me.” He rolled his eyes as she apologised again. She bit her lower lip and cried. For the first time, she was seeing his anger. Her behaviour was hurting her.

“I know I hurt you and didn’t think about your pain. I,” she sobbed.

He looked at her and his heart ached after seeing tears in his Angel’s eyes. He wanted to hug her and tell her that he will always think about her because he loved her a lot. But he couldn’t because he was feeling like she was taking him for granted, means she thought he will always be available and stay the same. It was a high time to make her realise that he also needed her love. He also wanted her to think about her. He didn’t want her to again leave him like this when he needed her the most.

He yanked her toward himself by grasping her arms. “Your anger was justified, but you shouldn’t have left me like this. You have no idea how much I’ve suffered in these three days without you.” She closed her eyes dejectedly and cried.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking about that time. I promise I’ll never leave you again. No matter what I’ll stay with you always. Please, give me a last chance. I don’t want to lose you. I love you a lot and I’m guilty of leaving you.” She cried and promised him to never leave him again. She finally melted his heart.

“If you again think to leave me, I swear I’ll cage you in my house.” He warned her, clutching her arms.

“I’m ready to be caged with you, Mr Perfect.” She whispered after coming closer to his face.

“Which means you will again leave me?” He frowned and asked.

She instantly nodded her head. “No, I didn’t mean this,” before she could complete her words, he took her lips in his warm mouth. She widened her eyes in shock with his sudden kiss. He left her upper lips and sucked her lower lip, she sucked his upper lip in response. Their lips started moving in rhythm. They felt like they got their breath back with this kiss after three long days. They were kissing each other passionately and lovingly. He was moving his hands all over her body and she was running her fingers through his hair. Their all pain was vanishing with this magical kiss. The kiss was healing them. They were the healer of each other.

“I missed you so much, Angel. Never go leaving me like this again.” He breathed, pressing his forehead against her as they broke the kiss.

She was panting, her eyes were close. She was just enjoying his presence. She whispered after a few minutes of silence. “I’ll always stay with you, I promise.”

Both gazed into each other eyes deeply, their eyes were filled with immense love.

He broke the silence. “I want to sleep now because I haven’t slept for three days.”

“I also want to sleep in your arms, forgetting everything.” She whispered.

He lifted her in his protective arms and strolled towards the bed which was kept on the terrace. They were gazing at each other deeply. He placed her down on the bed, and as he lay down beside her, she instantly came into his arms. He smiled contentedly and held her in his warm arms. They finally came back to their real home where there was only peace.

“I love you.” She murmured and kissed his chest.

“I love you more.” He kissed her hair.

Within a few minutes, they both slept peacefully after three days under the sky full of stars. They were looking so beautiful in the moonlight. They had a contented smile on their face. They were together again after three days.

I’m thinking to end this story soon and start a new one after sometime. I don’t want to stretch it more.

Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Manik is also hurt and he wants nandu to understand she cant take him for granted always so was teaching her a lesson by behaving rude with her…
    And nandu she was feeling so much guilty for hurting him and leaving him alone for 3 days when he needed her most…
    But now all is well as they solved there problems and slept in each others arm…


  2. Loved the update ❤️❤️❤️glad you didn’t bought anyother twist to separate them😁😁…. please update master and his Princess too… missing that one very much and it’s a long time too😬🤭🤭☺️


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